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He's so Beautiful 😍 I love him so much. I tried to capture his essence on paper. Hope you guys like it! ❤

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Nature is eternal beauty ,embrace it 😉

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Today's appreciation post is for Leesaw, aka @youaintbadd . Lemme say one thing first: I AM SO FUCKING GRATEFUL YOU ENDED UP ON MY LIVE THAT DAY IN AUGUST ISTG. Who knew that the sweet girl that kept a two hour conversation with me through a camera would become one of my best and closest friends; not only that, but that she'll end up wounding us girls in a gorgeously messed up family/group, Dr.Black. Lisa, you are too pure for this world. Too good, too kind, too giving, too compassionate, too funny, too talented, and too understanding. The number of times I ran to you when I was in deep shit just for you to calm me the fuck down--uncountable. You bless me every day by simply existing in my life, and I can't ever imagine how my life would've been like without someone as genuine and true as you. We share the same passions, the same logic, the same love and goddammit woman I fucking adore you. You're a sweet angel that deserves the world and more. And have I mentioned that you're absolutely gorgeous to me? Because hell fucking yeah, you are. Both inside and definitely outside. I love you big sissy♥️♥️

Marijuana and Michael Jackson hell ya! #420 #lense #mjart #potleaf #cannabis

As I've promised before, here's another appreciation post! This time, it's for my wifey, AKA @he.is.invincible . Jesus Christ Beky, idek what to say to you, or even ABOUT you. I mean, it's not even possible to do you justice simply by describing how much I absolutely adore you to bits, and how fucking much you mean to me. The thing is, you've been there for me since last July. You've stuck by my side, dried my tears, loved me despite my many flaws, boosted my confidence in a way even I was never aware of, and gave me a warmer heart to love with. Hell; we love each other so much that I had dozens of people in my DMs asking if we were a couple (sorry folks, we're both heterosexuals, sorry the ship didn't sail). Oh my fucking God Beky, I love you to an endless point. How can I speak of your caring nature? Or how creepily alike we are in everything? Or how absolutely stunning you are (your eyes alone are like precious diamonds istg)? Or how fucking talented you are? Beky, you're my best friend and I hope you know that thousands of miles away from your house, you have a home. And that home is me. Girl, I love you to bits, and I'll pick all the pieces back up and glue them together with love. Mwah ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Georgian Bay
24" X 36" Oil on Canvas
By Martin Arnétt
Loon Lake Reserve, Muskoka, Ont. Canada
#MJArt 🎨

His heartbeat was another universe. Steady and strong, it held me captive in his web of love. Passion pounded through his veins as I rested a hand on his strong chest, the caramel skin underneath warm and soft. His breathing kissed my face as he edged impossibly close, to the extent that I could count the hairs in his eyebrows if I wanted to. "I just wanna lay next to you for a while," his serene, quiet voice blessed my ears. My small frame tired, I just looked up at him with curious eyes, a genuine smile on my face nonetheless. His eyes were a deep chocolate shade of brown, ethereal in their beauty, shining brighter than a thousand suns, and they held the intensity of a thousand years of love. The beautiful 28 year-old in front of me tenderly stroked my cheek with the back of his hand, caressing my soul with him, mumbling, "You look so beautiful tonight." Shyly glancing down, I brought the covers up to our chins in modesty and shyness. Feeling my cheeks heat up, two slender fingers lifted my chin up. "Your eyes are so lovely," he cooed, brushing his fingers against the sides of them, peering and gazing deep into my very soul. Sighing happily, he softly kissed my lips with such frail and sweet love that seemed eternal, just like the beginning of our night. "Your mouth is so sweet," he mumbled as his warm breath tickled my nose. He let his hands wander down my bare side, the skin tingling after, warming me up as he confessed in a small voice, almost sad, "A lot of people misunderstand me. That's cause they don't know me at all." I preferred to stay silent and just listen to the words lingering in the atmosphere. "I just wanna touch you," he breathed out, his fingers coming in contact with my bare stomach, "And hold you," his voice got quieter as he slid his other arm to embrace me from my lower back. His eyes were so powerful when he looked up, his emotions an underlying whirlpool, "I need you," he seemed to beg in a whisper, "God, I need you," his whisper was now thick with utter desperation, as his caresses and touches grew smoother, his lips faintly touching my skin here and there. "I love you so much," his whisper cried out, as I was stunned.

Coopers-hawk closeup
Nikon D750, Nikon AF300mm
Loon Lake Reserve, Muskoka, Ontario.
Martin Arnètt

The icy cold snow against my boots crunched audibly, and I felt every footstep swallow down the sound of my silent tears.

Water vapor swirled like a bittersweet memory in the still night air. It was colder, however, than any other day of the year. "Ain't no sunshine when he's gone." Fumbling with the gate keys, my hands were shaking like a fragile leaf--and the weather was nowhere near the reason.

Tasting metallic liquid on my lip from biting it too hard, I pushed open the squeaky iron gate, feeling a small part of my soul crumble.
Like I did every year since 2009, I dropped my supplies quite near the entrance.

Falling to my knees, I began to sob as my fingers reached out, trembling hither dither.

The tips barely touched the gravestone before I felt my heart crack and fall into the abyss of my crumbling soul. "I tried so hard but all the pain gets in the way." The tears stinging my cheeks as pain burrowed through my heart, I began digging through the dirt with my very own hands. "I wanna fall with you again." Gentle sighs. Sweet lips. Soft caresses. Irrevocable bonds. Tender touches. Heavenly smiles. Shared laughs. Tearful evenings. Passionate nights. Loving eyes. Swollen hearts. Irreplaceable emotions.

But when he fell, he fell all alone. "And maybe the walls will tumble." I i began to tear at the weeds surrounding the humble grave.
He had given me his all, and I in return gave him my everything. And he stood there, like a wall that would forever encase me in an endearing embrace. But forever never lasted long enough. "Here one day, gone one night." I gently laid down the new flowers in bed. In the blink of an eye, It all had come crashing down. I began to live a life without love, as the children had grown up and began to thrive on their own. I was all alone, trying to abide by life's necessities. But wasn't love the greatest need of all? "If the angels took me from this earth, I would tell them bring me back to her." And that's the only time Michael ever did lie to me, "I'll never leave you alone," he'd laugh, "I won't let the angels take me." Little did he know that he'd become an angel himself. "Cause I just can't stop loving you."

Sharp-shinned atop my feeder
Nikon D750, Nikon AF300MM
Loon Lake Reserve, Muskoka, Ont. Canada

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