{ MIZPAH } “The Lord watch between thee and me when we are absent one from another “ || Genesis 31:49
MIZPAH is looked upon as that which will give good fortune ... A safe return for those who are apart... Popular during World War 1 ...
In hope it would bring their soldiers, their boys home
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Шотландские украшения!! Как же они прекрасны! Завтра я отправляюсь в Шотландию, Эдинбург! Буду любоваться красотами! Радовать Вас своими луками и видами! ☺️

This fabulous 105 year old Sweetheart Brooch is a Mizpah piece; the word Mizpah, meaning 'watchtower', appears in the book of Genesis, ‘And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another’. Mizpah therefore symbolises the wish that two people who have been separated from one another will remain safe and well while they are apart, and therefore also the hope that that they will be reunited.
The brooch would most likely have been given as a symbol of hope and sentimental token of affection for separated sweethearts.🌹
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Mizpah от Miracle. Винтажная английская брошь оберег. Настоящая лапка настоящей куропатки - талисман и оберег в англо-саксонской культуре. На лапке - колечко, вставка желтого стекла под цитрин в оправе в виде головы оленя. Очень стильная и аутентичная брошь. Англия, 60-е годы.
Маркирована Mizpah и значком - два сердца со стрелой. Длина 8,3 см.
Mizpah как и Miracle - один из брендов компании A. Hill & Company LTD. Компания была основана в Бирмингеме (Англия) в 1946 году и являлась ведущим мировым дизайнером ювелирной бижутерии в кельтском, шотландском и ирландском стилях.
2300 рублей.
Все украшения в ленте в наличии 👌
Почта по России 200 рублей, курьерская служба по Москве 250 рублей, по СПб 150 рублей 🏇

Seems like a dream, but a little less than a week ago, feeling the most beautiful I’ve ever felt, I married the love of my life. Our day was surrounded by and with so much love, laughter, a whole lot of Jesus and coffee. It was by far, the BEST day of my life. #TorrestoJuarez #december2017wedding #imarriedmybestfriend #mizpah

One week down and a lifetime to go. Thank you for making this the most amazing week of my life and a complete adventure, I love you. #TorrestoJuarez #imarriedmybestfriend #oneweekdownforevertogo #mizpah

No one warned me that being married would be so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements in the last two weeks, sleepless nights from all the talking you do in your sleep that keeps me awake, and just our general differences and quirks that we’re learning each day, but I wouldn’t trade if for the world. Thank you for constantly making me smile or doing anything and everything to make me happy, at all times. You always go above and beyond for me. I❤️ you, Mr. Juarez #TorrestoJuarez #newlyweds #imarriedmybestfriend #mizpah

When I love you, I am loving me because we are ONE.
Ephesians 5:28
You make loving you so easy. Thank you for loving me and especially in this season we’re going through. Still swooning over wedding photos you ask? Why yes, yes I am! #TorrestoJuarez #wearethejjs😘 #newlyweds #3monthsdownforevertogo #mizpah

The Mizpah and the abandoned brothel was so rad!

If you see anything spooky please DM me

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Can I entice you? All eras, all price points! #llewellynandco

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Heya, MIZPAH and black diamond 5-stone ring next to it are waiting to stack on your hand ☀️🖤✨Mizpah is #SOLD

It’s always a pleasure coming home, Darwin I’ll see you soon #home #mizpah 🖤

♥️♥️ ‘There are two gifts we should give our children: One is roots, and the other is wings.’ .

We never stop growing and learning. While our children are growing up to become equipped to be independent, we are growing in ways that allow us to be able to let go of these humans who we, it seems, were just rocking in our arms only yesterday. ♥️ Just last night I put my forehead to Kenya’s forehead, my nose to his nose, and looked eyeball to eyeball with him as I have done soooooo many times through his life. 👁👁 And I saw those same brown eyes looking back at me. Melts this momma’s heart. ❣️ Every. Time. . .

They say the nights are so long....but the years are so very short. ‘Tis true. ♥️ This Momma has just over a month left before her babies will don their wings and fly away - literally - to the other side of the country. As I continue to prepare them, I ask myself, “Am *I* ready??” Well, right now I will say ‘Yes.’ But I know that as May 31 marches closer, I’ll have tearful days. 😪 And at the airport?? Forget about it!! I’ll be a hot mess!! 😆😭🤦🏻‍♀️ To my curly-headed babies: the years have been oooo so very short, and I’ll miss you every single day. Love, Mom ♥️. #momofboys #momofboys💙

Шотландские новинки!!! Красота!!!

Uau @fabiopedro2015, 6 anos de casados!!!!.
Bodas de açúcar né, assim busquei trazer alguns dos momentos mais doces de nossas vidas.... nossos 4 casamentos e meus 5 vestidos, nossa gestação, nossos filhos e nossas viagens marcantes! Tudo nosso, pois desde quando te conheci deixei de ser apenas eu, agora então, deixamos de ser nos 2 para sermos família! .
Obrigada por tudo, feliz bodas!! Amo vc! 💗

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