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Scott and Romona is only there because by the end of the mixtape, you’re hyped up. Then this comes on and you’re in your feels. Also I really like Uzi’s music.
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KOD Review is out now!!!! Linked in my bio. 📹

"KOD" Review dropping tomorrow! Tune in 🌊. #ASFReviews

Monday 🌁. (I know I'm late A.S.F. , don't @ me) 😶.

Nav - Reckless Rant Review
-Best Tracks: Reckless, Champion ft. [Travis Scott]
-Worst Tracks: Faith ft. [Quavo], Wanted You ft. [Lil Uzi Vert], Eat ft. [Gunna], What I Need
-Nav is a Canadian rapper who released 2 mixtapes last year: “Nav” and “Perfect Timing” with Metro Boomin. He is also signed to The Weeknd’s XO label. So I put both of Nav’s mixtapes last year in my top 5 worst projects I heard. Mainly because he has an annoying voice, generic flow, and doesnt have no versatility at all. And the beats he chooses are trash. This mixtape is an improvement, but only from the production standpoint. Nav gets more introspective, but his lyrics is baby shit. Sometimes I question how is he even famous. And the features dont really help that much. His flow is the same and the autotune is still annoying. If you really want to know how I felt, just listen to it. Nav doesnt deserve an explaination.
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Submit your mixtape using the email in our bio!! Must be quality! #varsitybpm #mixtapereview#emailus

A$AP Rocky - Live.Love.A$AP Throwback Review
-Best Tracks: Palace, Peso, Bass, Wassup, Get Lit ft. [Fat Tony], Trilla ft. [A$AP Twelvyy] & [A$AP Nast], Keep It G ft. [Chace Infinite] & [Spaceghostpurpp], Kissin Pink ft. [A$AP Ferg], Houston Old Head, Acid Drip, Leaf ft. [Main Attraktionz], Roll One Up, Demons, Out Of This World
-Worst Tracks: Brand New Guy ft. [ScHoolboy Q]
-A$AP Rocky, Harlem rapper who is heavily influenced by southern sound. I picked this mixtape as a classic, because this project has aged well in this decads. Plus, this mixtape is fucking anazing. He blew up on Tumblr with his debut single “Purple Swag”. And this brought us to the success of his single “Peso” and this mixtape. I love the heavy chop and screwed that is used on songs like “Acid Drip” and “Purple Swag: Chapter 2”. I like the heavy spacious beats like “Peso”, “Wassup”, “Get Lit”, “Kissin Pink” and “Demons”. The beats really carried this mixtape a lot. A$AP Rocky isnt the best lyricist, but his flow on these type of beats was super creative. Take his flow on “Brand New Guy”, “Purple Swag: Chapter 2” and “Trilla” for example. Or almost every song. This was the perfect example of a cloud rap mixtape that infused spacious beats with a Harlem swag and Houston flow mixted together. Coming off the back and out of nowhere with this mixtape, this is one of A$AP Rocky’s best showcases of his talent. One of the most inventive mixtapes of all time. Not only is this mixtape helped the newer generation of rapping on melodic beats with few lyricism, but this is one of the best projects to do it.
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Personally, I liked this mixtape. If it was on vinyl I would buy it.
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Artist: BlocBoy JB ( @blocboy_jb )
Album: Simi
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Label: Bloc Nation
Turnt Up: 5.5/10
*Look Alive: 8/10
*Nun Of Dat: 7.5/10
Good Day: 4/10
Left Hand: 4.5/10
Asian Bitch: 4.5/10
Rover 2.0: 7/10
Shoot: 6.5/10
Wait: 2.5/10
Nike Swoosh: 3.5/10
Mamacita: 5.5/10
Mexico: 5/10
No Velcro: 4.5/10
Left Right: 5/10
No Chorus, Pt. 11: 5.5/10
Straight Drop: 3/10
Feature: 3.5/10
Outro: 4.5/10
✘FINAL: 4.5/10✘

Oceanside, California-based Hip Hop artist #RickyBombay accrued his popularity with his previous efforts that delivered hard-hitting Hip-Hop. Continuing the same formula with a twist, Ricky drops his new hard-hitting new mixtape, titled, 'Screwed & Tattooed'. 🔥🎶 via @inked2thacorps #MixtapeReview
Full review posted on our site, click @ughhblog bio link.📲
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Artist: Ski Mask The Slump God ( @theslumpgod )
Mixtape: Beware The Book Of Eli
Release Date: April 30, 2018
Genre: Soundcloud Rap / Hip Hop
Label: Republic Records
Lost Souls: 4.5/10
Run: 4/10
SkiMeetsWorld: 4.5/10
*Worldwide: 7/10
Throwaway: 3.5/10
*With Vengeance: 6/10
Coolest Monkey In The Jungle: 5/10
Suicide Season: 4/10
DoIHaveTheSause?: 6/10
Geekin: 4.5/10
Dapper Dan: 4.5/10
*Child’s Play ( Poltergeist ): 7/10
✘FINAL: 6/10✘

Review #2: Bobby Tarantino II


Best Track: Warm It Up
Worst Track: Everyday

I'm late on this but I thought it would be good for me to review some of the albums that I missed throughout this, and last year. So we're met with a sequel to Bobby Tarantino, something I was excepting ever since it's predecessor was released. Now that it's here I have mixed thoughts, ever since Everybody Logic has somewhat gone off the rails, experimenting and trying new things. Now Logic really brought a lot of new sounds to the table especially with tracks like Everyday and Wizard of Oz, which didn't sit well with me at all. However I was met with some decently good tracks like BoomTrap Protocol and Contra. But the songs that stuck with me the most were Indica Badu and Warm It Up. Not only did Warm It Up take fans back to some of Logic's old roots in terms of style, but Indica Badu was an amazing "J Dilla" sounding track. But every other song felt lackluster and just flat out boring, sure 44 More was decent but I didn't fuck with as much tracks as I wanted to. Overall semi decent project, but I don't believe it scales the same as the first Bobby Tarantino did.


Share your thoughts down below, suggest an album and i'll most likely review it next.

Princess Nokia released her first EMO MIXTAPE😱 Let me know what you think! 😄 (link in bio) •

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Princess Nokia - A Girl Cried Red Rant Review
-Best Tracks: Your Eyes Are Bleeding
-Worst Tracks: Flowers and Rope, Look Up Kid
-Stick to rap. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Loved your last album. Not feeling this...
#rap #hiphop #rapandhiphop #princessnokia #agirlcriedred #mixtapereview #thhtofficial

#DJMP and #SMP Chronicles... 😏Just cause he heard a new mix I did today.😂I guess #Spirit digs it 🤩 #GoodDadCoolDad #ThePhilistins #Philistin2018 #DJDad #BeatsByDrePro #MixtapeReview #DJTingz #FatherAndSon #IAmSoundsCoFounder #djlife🎧

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