When making a fresh bottle is this easy, feeding time is a breeze! At Mixie Baby our passion is helping mamas and families just like you spend more time enjoying the joys of motherhood and less time on the tough stuff - every little moment counts 💕 #MixieBaby

The best things in life are simple - that’s why we created Mixie! We wanted to spend more time doing the fun stuff and less time mixing bottles - mission accomplished! Have you had the chance to get your Mixie on? Link in bio! 🍼 #MixieBaby

No matter where you're heading with your little one, Mixie Baby is here to help make your adventure easy! Be prepped and ready so that whenever baby is hungry, you're ready to go. Ease the stresses of those on-the-go days with Mixie - link in bio ✈️ #MixieBaby

Group shot of the bottles for mom and the kids! #MixieBottle is available in both 3oz and 8oz at Rustan's Department Stores.
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In the middle of the night, a tired daddy had a dream - to make a bottle that was ready to go for those middle of the night feedings. Finding the formula, then measuring, then pouring and finally making the bottle was just too much at 3:00 in the morning! He wanted a better way... so he created it! Celebrated by families across the globe, there's a reason why everybody loves Mixie! 🌎 #MixieBaby

Бутылочка Mixie – по мнению TheBump признана лучшей бутылочкой для искусственного кормления на 2018 год.
Иногда в жизни мамы наступает момент, когда она начинает кормить своего ребенка смесью – заменителем грудного молоко. Это может быть как полный переход на смесь, так и частичный (смешанное кормление). В этом случае на помощь мамам может придти бутылочка Mixie. В бутылочку встроен отдельный отсек, в который засыпается смесь. В главный же отсек необходимо налить воду. Когда придет время кормить ребенка, просто нажмите на кнопку и потрясите бутылочку. Смесь и вода смешаются.
Другие преимущества данной бутылочки:
-антиколиколиковая соска;
-не содержит BPA;
🛒Для заказа бутылочки Mixie напишите в Direct, либо на электронную почту.
-120 мл – 1 400 рублей;
-250 мл – 1 700 рублей;
-комплект из 2-х бутылочек по 120 мл – 2 500 рублей;
-комплект из 2-х бутылочек по 250 мл – 3 100 рублей;
-комплект из 2-х бутылочек 120 мл и 250 мл -  2 800 рублей;
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When you have a super clingy baby because of allergies, you have to prepare everything she needs that is reachable by one hand. Thank you @mixiebaby
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That moment when your sweet little one can finally hold up their own bottle... it happens so fast! We are absolutely in love with this sweet capture from @quinn_jezuh#MixieBaby
📸: @quinn_jezuh

Have you heard all of the love surrounding Mixie Baby Formula Bottles but are still a bit unsure about how they work? We've got you covered! There is a separate compartment at the bottom of the bottle that keeps the formula separate from the water until you're ready to use it. The little compartment allows you to prep now and feed later, helping out busy mamas and families everywhere! Once you're ready to go, all you have to do is pop, shake and mix! Experience the magic of Mixie today - link in bio 💫 #MixieBaby

We’ve all been there. Toddlers screaming and causing a scene. Here are some tips on improving family time at restaurants when bringing the kids!
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Fumbling around with formula when you're at the grocery store or in the car? Say goodbye to those stresses with Mixie Baby Formula Bottles! We wanted to help families have a solution for those days when you just don't have the time to measure, pour and mix the formula (hopefully without spilling it everywhere...) while baby is hungry and crying. Get your Mixie Baby Bottles at @amazon, @buybuybaby or @target today! 🍼 #MixieBaby

It’s the middle of the night - baby’s hungry and must be fed. Having to wake all the way up to fix a bottle is an exhausting but necessary fact of this new life. If only someone would invent a bottle that could be ready before you need it... enter: Mixie Baby!

Everyone knows you can’t just mix formula with water and let it sit around. But what if you could have everything ready to go, just not mixed? Hmmm. The idea was sound. But how would it work? Wheels turned. The brainstorming began in earnest. Design engineers were consulted, experiments were conducted, proto -types tested. Before long, a beautiful little bottle was born. A genius, and Mixie was her name!
Get your bottles ready to go before you need them with Mixie Baby! Ready to experience the magic? Link in bio 💫 #MixieBaby

There's truly NOTHING like a mama's love 💕 Spend more time enjoying sweet cuddles and less time preppin' bottles with Mixie! ✨ #MixeBaby

No more waking up in the middle of the night and preparing baby's milk half-asleep! With Mixie Bottle, prepare formula, set aside and just pop when baby cries at night!
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"He's so beautiful" my thought every time I breastfed. Along with thoughts on how sweaty, and heavy, and often stinky he was. He is still so beautiful, and now he's turning two he is such a toddler! I so yearn for the potato baby days, days like this photo where I was all the comfort and nurture he needed.I want to slow down time and enjoy those moments with him all over again. But then I see him on the playground with newfound independence going down the big slide, and I hear him naming birds that we hear tweeting, and making new friends wherever we are - and I realize so many beautiful moments are speeding by daily it's just not as easy to feel them when you're trying to keep up with tornado toddler. Astounded that he'll be 2 tomorrow, can't wait for all the new adventures 🏞️🐒🎈#NikoMonkey #EvanNikoAndMa #normalizebreastfeeding

Original photo @mollygirod ❣️❣️❣️
. 🌸🏵️🌸🏵️BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND AND FLOWER CROWN @planet_renee 🌸🏵️🌸🏵️🌸

There’s a reason why mamas all over the world are passionate about Mixie - Mixie Baby Bottles were created to help families be ready for feedings even before they needed it, like when they’re on a trip, out in town or even in the middle of the night. Know an expecting mama that could use a gift that keeps on giving? Say hello to Mixie Baby! ✨ #MixieBaby

No need to make baby wait. Just push the button, mix and milk is ready for baby!
Video: @maipaaa
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Say hello to formula feeding made easy with Mixie Baby! We spent countless nights fumbling for formula, dropping powder and looking for the scooper for years before we thought... there HAS to be a better way! Created by a determined daddy, Mixie Baby Formula Bottles have a seperate compartment for formula so you can pre-prep your bottles before you need them - no mess, no stress, just formula feeding made easy ✨ #MixieBaby

Upon baby’s first cry, Mixie Baby is there! As soon as your little one is hungry, all you have to do is pop, shake and serve! We want to help you save time and stress, resulting in mama and baby delight! If you’re looking for the perfect formula bottle, this is it! Link in bio 🍼 #MixieBaby

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