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My dearest son they will always fear you and the magic you carry. Many are taught to hate those of us who can walk between the realms, the old ways, our cultures. They see you and the fire that burns within and they react with hate, fear, assumptions.
You where gifted so much by our Creator that it is heart breaking to me as a mother at times. Because I know when we have this much handed to us in the way of abilities we are given twice as many challenges, traumas and sheer oppression to deal with on our journey. .
Made of mescaline, your mother was unaware or more likely I was in denial of your existence I made you a knower without knowing, born exactly as the clocked ticked to midnight calling in Samhain morn (Hallows eve) with a caul on your face and a slice of that fire burning through your deep blue eyes. A ghost eye, a fae eye a witches mark.. All things you would have been burned for some time ago.
You come from three unique yet deeply repressed cultures your father being Native/Romani Your mother being Irish Traveller/Native these are the things that let me know you are strong enough to make it. All of those DNAs don't know how to give up, we don't know how to not keep moving. We don't have such a privilege.
These are the things I say to you as you tower over me (I'm 5'5 in boots he's 6ft bare footed ha) with tears flowing. They attacked you at the river. They kicked your salmon back into the currents. They yelled racial slurs at you. Threw their empty 40 bottles at you and sent you away with tears. They are ignorant child they are sick my son. They have lost our ways and the sorrow turns to hate for those who still know.
So we ventured down the banks you hid behind your tiny very pale mother as she stood up to the "You're to little and to much" repression she's delt with her whole life. In the end those lost elders cried and gave deep apologies after facing the hurt they placed upon their own blood. In the end you sat with them and told big fish stories and showed them your favorite lures. In the end you caught a huge Spring Chinook and gifted it to them.
In the end you are strong enough. You are enough. You are strong medicine.

We are moving from grandma and grandpas place next month so our friends from @dognatti sent us our very own Welcome mat for our front door! We think it's perfect πŸ˜‰πŸΎ #dognatti #welcomemat

Hair gone wild πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ today I FINALLY learned how to 'give paw' on command ☺ ..... and then 2 minutes later I forgot πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ oops!

lesson #1: this is my cutest please-don't-put-me-in-time-out-mom face. watch and learn, friends. πŸΆπŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ΌπŸ½πŸΎ

κ°œκ°€μˆ˜ 철수 #맀λ ₯ν‹°λΉ„ μž¬λ°Œλ‹€ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

Bienvenida Suki a #Madrid, luego de un gran viaje desde #Caracas. Tu familia te estaba esperando! A disfrutar el reencuentro!
@animalcargo - tus afectos, nuestra pasiΓ³n! #PetTransport #TransporteDeMascotas #petrelocation #pettravel #mixedbreed

No matter how late it is, playing with the ball is always a great idea πŸ˜‚πŸŽΎ


Two workaholic breeds and two not so much workholic breeds πŸ˜† Training at the same time pair dog trainings. Im so proud of Ringo that he manage to do this. When he came to me he was really scared of our dog school and also really insecure of other random dogs in the same space. He has made a huge provement and Im super proud of him. #koirakouluvisio#positivedogtraining#saluki#mixedbreed#bordercollie#dachshund#dogtraining

She's so polite she didn't move her toys to lay all the way in bed.
#dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #rescue #Joy #sweetieboop #mixedbreed #bordercollie #australiansheppard #bff #picoftheday

Sweet, sweet Elliott Rose πŸ’›

This laser focus is gonna get me far *pew pew* πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Last week mom went out of town and left me at her work but her friend Shelby spoiled me rotten and sent mom frequent updates of it so I had a pretty great time #dog #pup #puppy #doggie #puppylove #beagle #harrier #mix #mixedbreed #beagleharrier #mutt #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedisourfavoritebreed #hounddog #hound #sniffs #snifferdog #spoiled #dogsitter

Feeling a bit drowsy from the shots I just received. At least I still have my cheeseburger πŸ” #drowsydog #boxergram #boxersofinstagram #americanbulldog #boxersdaily #dogsdaily #mixedbreed #ilovemyboxer #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #boxernation

Waiting for dad 🐾🐾

Nuff said 😩

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