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⭐️300.000 bilder!⭐️
Hei folkens, @FjellFalck her!
Wow! Vi har nå bikket over 300.000 motiverende, inspirerende og fantastiske turbilder tagget med #MittFriluftsliv! Det er utrolig gøy å se gjennom alle de flotte bildene fra alle de fine stedene dere besøker. 🔥🏕
Fortsett å spre turglede gjennom bildene deres!
God tur (og tidlig helgehilsen) fra meg!🏔🇳🇴

@MittNorge #MittNorge

OK, so life can't be flowers and confetti all the time. In difficult times I try to remember and focus on the fact that life can be tough, but damn it - so can I 👊🏼 Also helps with good views 😏 Wish you a happy weekend 💛

Had to take the classic photo through the car window.

I've just come home after an AMAZING week in Femundsmarka!🙌🏻✨🌲🔥Seven days with Bushcraft- and survival expert Espen Evensen, who is also one of the kindest people I've ever met💚 I've managed without any home-brought food (luckily @olagaard taught me a thing or two about mushrooms, and he caught a 4 kg Pike on day 6!) – I've only had berries, mushrooms and some fish (I caught a nice trout on day 4!😊). I've slept under a tarp the whole week, except one night under a big rock(!!). I've slept 5 of 7 nights without a sleeping bag (had a soft start), and on a Reindeer pelt. I've slept in hail, snow and rain, and managed to keep the campfire going all night long to stay warm. Espen has guided me through the whole week, and taught me to remember to prioritise even when you're hungry, tired and scared. He's also woken me up at 3 am (when it was snowing), to see if I was ok. You get cold feet and hands much easier when you haven't eaten properly in a while. I've also learned loads from Bushcraft- and survival enthusiast @ekornactual , who was with ut the first three days. All in all, a week I'll never forget!
#Revirbushcraft 💚💛❤️ PS: I will of course be picture-spamming throughout the next week! So you have been warned🙈

(Eng⬇🇬🇧) Repost from @mariabacusyang 😀🏕👊. /
Maria tok dette awesomme bildet sånn ca 1 time ut i prosjekt få-fyr-på-bålet sånn ca der hvor jeg hadde passer red-zone-of-hangryness og gått over i aksept-og-ekstrem-konsentrasjon fasen (kommer faktisk en mer konstruktiv fase etter alle-må-dø fasen i sultensyklusen, hvem skulle trodd det?). Det pleier normalt være en smal sak å fikse litt bål, men vi erfarte at et stykk klissvåt Trillemark var verre å tenne på enn man skulle tro. Det endte med at vi måtte kløve trestokker og spikke ut tørrveden inni, men når vi endelig kom dit så ble det et digert kveldsbål og veldig god stemning (også trenger jeg en bål-smiley). /
So my awesome photographer friend @mariabacusyang took this photo of me about one hour into project make-fire. It's usually a pretty easy project, but since it had been raining for 6 days straight it turned out to be harder than we first thought. We ended up having to chop up the wood and whittle out the dry wood inside to get it to burn. Pretty long process, I think I passed my red-alert-hangry and descended into the calm-focused-but-easilly-kranky fase at about this point (things you learn from hiking: there's a fase _after_ the red-alert hangry part, who knew 🤔). And also; I need a bonfire-smiley, someone fix please

The Disc Trucker is in for a major change as I prepare it for a week long bikepacking assignment for the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association with Banjo. As much as I love having him riding in the front, I guess the little fellow will be more sheltered riding in a carrier cage in the back. Can’t have him being drenched in the cold Danish autumn rainstorms, can we? That probably means moving the Carradice to the front. If I had the time, it would have been great to try to fashion a custom solution in the front, but currently it doesn’t seem like I have the time to build and test such a contraption properly before the trip. We’ll see.


⛺️✨ Takk til @liseups som delte dette flotte bilde med oss! Anbefaler en tur innom @liseups for flere bilder. 👍
God helg!
📷 Tatt av: @liseups
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My 11 year old daughter took this picture on her school hike to M. Helgehornet 623m today. We are blessed with such warm and dry weather here on the west coast of Norway this September. Very fortunate for her school who has spent the whole week outdoors! @heidi_hhaddal #helgehornet #norway2day #sea2fjord #mittfriluftsliv #utno #liveerbestute #clouds #møre #visitnorway #landscapephotography #warmseptember

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