Is it bad that my friendship goals are basically Flora and Merryweather?

I’m not sad anymore, just tired of this place.

Living hand to mouth

“In such a dead world Amelie prefers to dream.”

Deep In The Woods Adagietto No. 3 in B-flat minor Op. 13 (Pesante)

Deep In The Woods Adagietto No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 13 (Pesante)

Deep In The Woods Adagietto No.1 in B-Flat minor, Op.13 (Pesante)

We just want enough.

She was looking in the mirror, blowing kisses at her flaws.

Oceanic Dreams

If you stay where you are, you’ll stay who you are.

I can’t decide if DJ Khalid motivates me or creeps me out a little. Maybe it’s some of both?

I finally bought myself an iPad, and I’m making my first forays into digital art✍🏻

Something I drew on the fifth of July a few years ago 🎆

I just want to be treated very gently and smell like vanilla and wear dusty rose blush every day.

ABOUT VOICE mit Eva Loschky und mir. Wir hatten einen tollen Vormittag in Evas Haus am See. Macht einen Spaziergang mit uns und seht, was wir alles bequatscht haben in der ersten Folge von LaKrus Interview-Video-Projekt „ABOUT VOICE“. 🌷Die ganze Folge gibt’s auf YouTube (Link in der Bio) 🌷@evaloschky @thomas_lascheit @thekruse @lax_vox_official #hausamsee #isdesschee #überstimmesprechen #miteva #eingenuss #twogenerations #lakru #aboutvoice #heuteinberlin #moderatorinwäreaucheintollerjob #lakruproduction #kamerakindthomas

“Your brain is who you are, and it’s in deep trouble.”

There is a world of difference between not being dead and being alive.

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