Did you know that Personality Crisis’ Mitch Funk has been making Dadaist psychedelic art for decades? Would you like some for your wall? Hit him up! @funkmitch_

Punk Rock will never end, and That is All there is to it. Glorious and True are all the punks I have ever met, and in Canada, Chris Walter is Our Foremost Chronicler, Expert, Historian, Author, and PUNK. You need to know his work. In fact, Chris has published almost THIRTY books through his #independent #bookpublishing House, GFY Press. And, you’re all in luck because his new book is here! TA-DA!!! “Misfits & Miscreants: An Oral History of Canadian Punk Rock” and it’s THE most authentic collection of True Stories, thoughtfully and carefully collected and told. Straight from the mouths and memories of Our Heroes, and The Mighty Pen of The Inimitable Walter, to our beaming hearts. Don’t be a poser and GO GET THIS BOOK (and all his other titles while you’re at it) Having a #booklaunch on St.Patrick’s Day next Saturday, March 17th at #Vancouver music Mecca, The Legendary @therickshawtheatre at the annual #PunkStravaganza with The Dreadnoughts, @bishopsgreenpunk and so many bands (two nights, not just one, at The Rickshaw check both out!) But you can also get your paws on Chris’s book at @redcatrecords @neptoonrecords @highlife_records @zulurecords or order from GFY Press at punkbooks.com #reading #readabook #independentauthor #punkrock #ChrisWalter #author #subhumans #Wimpy #JimmyMachineGreen #mitchfunk #personalitycrisis #stretchmarks #SNFU #MrChiPig #DaygloAbortions #Ripcordz #DOA #joeyshithead #randyrampage #punkheroes

Knit my brow to find old booty in one of my tickle trunks. It came to fruition. #mixedtape #anappleaday #mitchfunk

🌞day kitchen music #shootingrubberbandsatthestars #1986 🐟🐱🐭 #mixtapes #39hits #mitchfunk 🍋

That’s says “employee number” , so you know. More information to follow. #walkyourdog #mitchfunk

These dudes were so fucking good and kind of ahead of their time. Lp is a personal fave

Panic with arrows. Winter dogwood. Har! Green ide devil. #mitchfunk Gaudy vomit coloured epaulettes. Elvis hu-elephant. Ratmans unexpected nemesis. #annie

Winnipeg weather calls for Winnipeg hardcore! #mitchfunk #personalitycrisis #vampiresdream #fuckoutside

(all images from the 28-page booklet that accompanies our remastered 2CD Personality Crisis collection)
Does anybody have any footage/recordings/memories from these legendary West Coast shows that PC was a part of? Playing On Broadway with @dead__kennedys , @minorthreat , Free Beer, and 5th Column... That would've been a hell of a show to see!
While not many great-quality live Personality Crisis sets are easily available (wait for it...), their complete studio works have been completely remastered and released by Sounds Escaping! $20CDN (plus p+p) will nab you one! We've also got PC 'tour' posters and T-shirts available for purchase!

My Funk'd up copy of the Charred Remains 2xLP on @radioraheemrecords

Mitch has been 'personalizing' my copy of the Charred Remains 2xLP for the last half hour now...

Thanks for the show!

While we were stuffing all of these pre-orders into mailers, Mitch decided that all of the people we have to wait for their postman to deliver their booty should get a hand written thank you letter. So that's happening. Also, he included some one of a kind sketches that he's been amassing over the years... Open your envelopes with care! #thisactuallyhappened

Original 2017 edition vs original 1984 edition. Both amazing, just different.

#Repost @sounds_escaping
Check this shit out!! Go to soundsescaping.com right now and buy at least four of these and some for xmas gifts too!! Unreleased personality crisis fuuuck yeahhh

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