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They call me the Don of LA - This city can make or break you #tkenation #happyVday #misunderstoodcrew

Hoodies✅ crew necks✅ #stayshininB is available in Cardinal color way for the hoodie and black or red crews in Medium-3XL⚜️ #borntoshiiine hoodie in teal color way or red crews Med-3Xl⚜️ #misunderstoodcrew in red or black crews Med-3Xl ⚜️ #builtonselfsuccess crews in black (select sizes) ⚜️ #diamondintherough hoodies still available (select sizes) ALL TEE's I have adjusted the price for November deal while items last! LINK TO SITE IN BIO ✳️

😝✊🏽 sweater weather is upon us and pre orders will be posted on the site in a hot flash ✨ #bossimentality #borntoshiiine #stayshininB #builtonselfsuccess #misunderstoodcrew

Sweater weather is here 😎❄️☔️⛈🌧🌨🌩☃️ got the crew necks on the site for the #misunderstoodcrew #stayshininb in black and red color ways along with the #borntoshiiine in red and the teal hoodie color way. For those who have asked YES I will be making #stayshininb hoodies but I'll be doing a special color way for that same as I did for the #borntoshiiine hoodies. Shirts are still in stock on the site with prices adjusted to get um gone. Fucks with the kid. Link to site in bio 🖥📲💻💸💳🎁🛍📪📦📬

All preorders will be mailed out tomorrow📫📦 thank you to everyone who copped the preorders can't wait to see the pics of y'all rocking the gear🙌🏽 site is now updated and stocked up! Link to site is in my bio #misunderstoodcrew #stayshininb #borntoshiiine #bossilera #bossifknbaby

Every Thursday Night @agavesnightlife #Misunderstoodcrew


#Misunderstoodcrew Every Thursday Night!! @agavesnightlife

Every Thursday night @agavesnightlife #Misunderstoodcrew

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