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@tinytirzah loves her @_missponytail_ holders they are fun to wear even as bracelets! #shopetsy #shopsmall #brandrep #accessories #missponytailsearch

Ponytails, ponytails and more ponytails are what this house is all about! With 2 sports oriented long haired daughters we using daily around here! We would πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— to be brand reps plus my oldest daughter @asoccerdiva_16 has her own IG feed... #missponytail #missponytailsearch

Would love to show off some cute ponytails with @_missponytail_ !!#missponytailsearch

Look who is having a brand rep search! We love our @_missponytail_ holders! Entering to rep again because we have a lot of hair to hold :-) #missponytailsearch


Thank you for choosing me!! I'm so excited to be part of the team! ❀️❀️#Repost @_missponytail_ (@get_repost)
Who has been waiting all day for our winners post?!?! The wait is finally over!! We are completely overwhelmed by the amount of brand rep entries we have received! 53!! πŸ’œAmazing!! We really appreciate every single one! Narrowing down to just a few in this search was extremely difficult!!! All of the entrants are so beautiful and each one deserves to win! If I could pick you all, I would! And since we've had so much interest, we've decided to bring more of you onto our team as Brand Enthusiasts!
*Please look out for our next post which will announce our Brand Enthusiasts!
If you are tagged in this post, you are now a MissPonytail Brand Rep for a 3-month term! You may repost this, if you'd like to brag! *ALL NEW REPS* Please message me your address. Once we receive your message, Brand Rep Rules will be sent over to you.
Brand Rep WINNERS:
(in no particular order)
What Brand Reps Receive:
– FREE HAIR TIES! You will receive 10 Free Hair Ties each month for the duration of the term.
.– 40% off all purchasesΒ for the duration of the term. For your use only, not to be shared. You have no obligation to buy.
.– 15% off coupon codeΒ for the duration of the term to share with your family, friends, & followers.
.– Exposure - we will do our best to support your Instagram page via Posts, Tags, Likes, Comments from MissPonytail.
*Please look out for our next post which will announce our Brand Enthusiasts!
Welcome to our MissPonytail team!!.
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I would love to be an ambassador for @_missponytail_ because I always wear my head in a ponytail so I would be able to show off your products and I would love to be an ambassador for a hair company. I also love your posts. @brianaballetofficial @_gaby_dancer_ @officialsydneyschwartz #missponytail #missponytailsearch

Would love to show off some cute ponytails with @_missponytail_ !!#missponytailsearch

@_missponytail_ Harlow would love to brandrep for y'all. She loves wearing these as bracelets and as ponytail holders. @mamagump1 @sistercuties @dk_photography_houston #missponytailsearch

I would love to be part of your brand rep team.. I am always looking for cute hair ties for my long hair and yours are so pretty and unique.#Repost @_missponytail_ (@get_repost)
πŸ’œInstagram Summer Brand Rep Search!πŸ’œ
We are looking for girls or women of any age with long enough hair for a ponytail to represent our Etsy shop. Our reps should love taking great photos and posting on Instagram regularly. Toddlers, Tweens, Teens, moms, or fashion/beauty bloggers are all welcome to apply! πŸ’œ
Brand Reps will receive TWO 5-Packs of MissPonytail Hair Ties each month. That's 10 Hair Ties each month. In exchange, we ask that our reps post clear photos on Instagram that show off missPonytail Hair Ties at least once per week to help promote our brand. We keep this relationship very informal, and won't ask too much of you. Photos that show our hair ties in use; in hair or on wrist as a bracelet will be perfect. Also, if selected, missPonytail.com reserves the right to use your photos where we see fit; on our social media accounts and/or Etsy store. This term will last June thru August...3 months total.
How to enter on Instagram:
1. Follow us @_missponytail_
2. Repost this image with hashtag #MissPonytailSearch & TAG us @_missponytail_. Also, in the comments of your post please let us know why you would like to represent our brand.
3. Tag at least 3 friends that may be interested in MissPonytail.com. .
***Brand Rep Search ends on May 22, 2017. New MissPonytail Reps will be announced on May 23, 2017.***
We LOVE our current Brand Reps and appreciate all of their help over the last 3 months! @carissagarcia @the_stephen_3 @tinytirzah
It's time we give others the chance of representing our brand! (Our previous brand Reps are still eligible to stay with us for another term!) πŸ’œ
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