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Were having our final dress rehearsal for our Missoula Winter Theatre Camp’s performance of King Arthur’s Quest! As you can see, our students receive the same amount of technical support that all of our professional performers do — it’s a true theatrical production and you can see them perform tomorrow at 2pm - tickets are available at the door! #missoulachildrenstheatre #operahouse #watervillemaine

Enzo aka BOY WONDER! Got the lead role in this year's play. ALADDIN. Boy wonder IS ALADDIN! I can't believe it!! So flippin awesome! #batdorfproject #aladdin #missoulachildrenstheatre

Cecilia got to be next to one of her best friends in the lobster lineup in this week's @missoulatheatre production. I got to provide accompaniment. Second show in 25 minutes!

Camelotian for King Arthur’s Quest. #mct #missoulachildrenstheatre

Lady of the Lake for King Arthur’s Quest #mct #missoulachildrenstheatre

My beautiful, brave Kara❤❤ She has been practicing all week for the #missoulachildrenstheatre play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When she told me she wanted to be in it my anxiety went through the roof. What if she doesn't get picked? What if she doesn't get the part she wants? Flashbacks to my cheerleading try outs and the disappointment of not making the team😭 I was projecting my old fears onto her situation👎 So, I shut all of that nonesense down and got excited for her! She wanted to be Happy, but was given the part of a Bat and couldn't have been more excited❤Last night I went to pick her up and out of a group of 55 kids all separated into groups of 10 or so my sweet girl sat all by herself eating her snacks😞 straight to heartbreak city for this Mom! As a parent you never want your children to feel left out especially when you know that feeling all too well, but when she saw me she jumped up with a smile and told me all about rehearsal and how excited she was for the show tonight😊 She is so much like me and so much unlike me in so many ways. I hope that she has the confidence that I never had and is always 10000% happy with being exactly who she is no matter what❤ I want her to have the selflove that I never had and an unshaking belief in herself that no ones words or actions could ever damage, especially mine. Personal development is the key to that🌱🌻 I will continue to work on letting go of past hurts, judgements, and grudges in hopes of not projecting them onto her. Her and I will read and journal together and take smalls steps everyday to not only strengthen our love for each other but for ourselves as well❤ "When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance"❤❤
#personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #momof2 #momofboth #girlmom #momanddaughter #tattooedmom #dadanddaughter #dancingwithdaddy #sweetsummertime #parenthood #thisisourstory #happyhippie #wyoming #mountains #raisingstronggirls #selflove #selflovejourney #raisestrongwomen #ihopeyoudance #confidentwomen

We are so proud of this cute girl! She worked her tail off everyday after school until late at night rehearsing for her part. Such a fun night watching her perform as one of the Scouts in The Little Mermaid with the Missoula’s Children Theater production at her school. ❤️🔱🧜🏻‍♀️🙌🏻

Missoula Children’s Theatre Is coming back!! #royalpto #missoulachildrenstheatre

Not sure if either kids part requires actual lines to perform on Friday and Saturday, but I couldn’t be more proud of them for auditioning for Gullivers Travels today!
I’ll be that Mom in the audience with her camcorder on a tripod recording their every movement.

And the part of snow chicken #10 will be played by Lillian Gold! #lilyboo #thesnowqueen #actingdebut #missoulachildrenstheatre #bestsnowchickenever

So proud of these outstanding kiddos and their hard work with the #missoulachildrenstheatre #proudmusicteacher

We simply MUST get to the theatre more often, dear. 😍 Marco's first official Missoula Children's Theatre production "King Arthur's Quest"! He was amazing, remembered all his lines and songs after just one week of practice (that's him midair in the first photo!) So proud of all the @yvilleelementary kids! @sharaorem @ginasmith707 @crowemandy @taykingaling #missoulachildrenstheatre #theaterkids #proudmama

My girls #oliviabriseis as the “Pyramid Wonder” from the Cave of Wonders and #sabillajolee as a “Lost Penguin” in the #missoulachildrenstheatre production of Aladdin 🕌 I hope Sabilla had an understudy 🤞🏻 she got sick after the first show and won’t make the second 🤮 I’m so glad I watched the first show!

Such a fun evening!! They all did a great job!🌪🕷🌹❤️ #missoulachildrenstheatre #wizofthewest #gardners365-40

If you see any of these students please let them know what a fantastic job they did in their performance of #snowwhite today! If you couldn't make to today's performance, you have another chance tomorrow at 1:30pm. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of today's performance! #ollgfmt #missoulachildrenstheatre

Happy baby, coffee dates, and play rehearsal - a great day with lots of friends! 💞 #gardners365-39 #missoulachildrenstheatre #wizofthewest #northhill #wearehighline #babysiena

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