Missoula Children’s Theatre transformed our gym into a stage and the results were amazing! Our students proved to be incredible actors and actresses under those spotlights! 🤩 #missoulachildrenstheatre #alturaelementary #aurorapublicschools

So excited for our school-wide play tonight, Treasure Island! The gym has been turned into a theatre and it’s just about time for curtain call! @altura_elementary #alturaelementary #aurorapublicschools #missoulachildrenstheatre

T U S C A L O O S A . A L | After 5 months on the road I am finally headed back home. My moms has just picked me up from the Birmingham airport. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing of an experience that I had on the road. Which is why I’m excited to announce that I will be headed back to Missoula, Montana on June 4 for 3 more months on the road. I couldn’t do without @heyimtay01 of course. So watch out Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. We’re coming for you. Thank you @missoulatheatre for this life changing experience. #mct #missoulachildrenstheatre #summer2018 #adventuresintheredtruck #arizona #washingtonstate #oregon #pacificnorthwest #tourlife

This shinning star got her first roll in a play! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! Mark your calendars for Sat the 19th at 4pm at the Cayuse Prairie gym! #proudmommy #actressintraining #singing #dancing #playtime #missoulachildrenstheatre #traditions

My little man as a piggy ❤❤ such a proud momma!
#littlepiggy #toocute #squishycheeks #theatre #schoolplay #missoulachildrenstheatre

Mother's Day Date Night seeing The Little Mermaid 💕 Thankful for this amazing little man who made me a mom, gives me so many reasons to smile and continues to fill my heart with love every day.
#littlemermaid #missoulachildrenstheatre #amazing #datenight #tinyhuman #mylove #mothersday

You want to see a blast from the past? July 2003, Missoula Children's Theatre at the @smyrnaoperahousede with me in the title role of The Frog Prince. 🐸🤴🏻 This silver shirt will live on in infamy in my memory! I was incredibly lucky last night to have the current Smyrna Opera House president, Donna, and her husband, (past president) Jim, show me this photo in their files after the Ardensingers performance. This was the first non-ballet role I ever had. This right here is me experiencing theatre for the first time. AND BOY, WAS NEWLY-TURNED-11 YEAR OLD ME IN CHARACTER. 😂 I have so many good memories at the Opera House, and getting to relive them with Donna and Jim was such a treat. It was truly an honor to express that all their years of hard work to to renovate the Smyrna Opera House and reopen it in March 2003 meant a lot and really made an impact on me. I mean, to this day, I'm still doing theatre! I think being able to express that meant a lot to them, and I'm grateful to have met them. Besides, you all get to see me in the infamous silver shirt thanks to them! 🎭 #theatre #TheFrogPrince #MCT #MissoulaChildrensTheatre #SmyrnaOperaHouse #SmyrnaOperaHouseDE

I have officially finished my year with Missoula Children’s Theatre! It has been a very rewarding experience as well as very exciting, exhausting, awe-inspiring, and hilarious! Although my tour is over I am excited to announce that I will be continuing with MCT as an on-the-road trainer. Can’t wait to see what next adventure awaits! 🚚

#tothefinishline #ayearlater #newyearnewme #hereistomynextadventure #byelittlerichard #yearofyes #adventure #littleredtruck #adventureisoutthere #traveler #travelphotography #travellingthroughtheworld #travelersnotebook #adveturesinourlittleredtruck #missoulachildrenstheatre

Brew as the henchman in #missoulachildrenstheatre

To the person who’s become my best friend, the whom I have relied on for good laughs, emotional support, who has been a personal cheerleader and fan, a harmony partner, to the person I have cried with, who has had my back, and allowed me to vent. Thank you @heyimtay01 for accepting me for who I am and all the craziness that comes with it. Thank you for being the best worship partner and Tour mate that I could have asked for. We have had the best moments together over these past fives months. I can’t believe that I’m just a few short days it has to end. I can’t wait to watch broadway shows with you and hear all about what God is teaching you after tour. You have been more than a tour partner you have been a friend and my sister. If you ever need a good laugh just remember to look down at the sand. Those footprints are deep! I love you Melville. #snowwhite #mct #missoulachildrenstheatre #adventuresintheredtruck #pacificnorthwest #family #friends #idaho #montana #oregon #washingtonstate #utah #blessit #jesusfixit #witless

5 days and she graduates from #college, and the tears have already started to flow. After that, she's leaving at the end of the month for a tour with Missoula Children's Theatre, and then she's off to NYC! #proudmama (And how about these pics she did for a new hotel shoot for @munchkinsandmohawks!?!) Tiffany you are so talented, and I'm so excited she got to work with you! #missoulachildrenstheatre #singoutlouise

They were nervous auditioning for the #kingarthursquest musical but say hello to Squire Gracey and Grumpy Villager Nicole!! The show is this Saturday at 330 and 5pm if anyone wants to come see them!! 🎬🎭🗡️👭💕 #missoulachildrenstheatre #yay #fun #seibertelementary

Laughing with my beautiful niece before watching The Little Mermaid #missoulachildrenstheatre #mctmermaid

S O U T H . J O R D A N | S A L T . L A K E . C I T Y | P A R K . C I T Y , U T A H . Utah, USA thank you for being so kind to @heyimtay01 and I. We had a great time exploring the city and meeting the beautiful people within. @casey_eccles thank you so much for opening your home up to us. We had an amazing time and loved spending time and sharing with you guys. Can’t wait to be back in Salt Lake and South Jordan again. Definitely one of the best places I’ve been. Here’s to one more week. Taylor let’s finish strong! Love you fam! #saltlakecity #utah #southjordanutah #adventuresintheredtruck #mct #missoulachildrenstheatre #snowwhite #mountains #winterolympics #parkcityutah

I got to cheer on THE CUTEST pumpkin yesterday in the Missoula Children’s Theatre’s performance of Cinderella at our school. So incredibly proud of him and all of the students for knocking it out of the park. Warmed my heart to see all of them shine on stage. MCT for the win!! ✨✨

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