Did you know that the 2017 Teens In Training Class has 3 state titleholders and might have a few more in the coming weeks?! And there is even a fourth who participated a different year! We also have numerous local titles in our bunch! Who knows, maybe we will have a Miss America’s Outstanding Teen from our class as well! I know we are all dying to see #whoshewillbe?! #whatsizeisyourdigitalfootprint
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Couldn’t let this #ThankfulThursday pass without saying how thankful I am for my amazing & supportive family! 💙 They were there every single night of Miss NJ cheering me on and making me feel so loved! My Miss NJ week wouldn’t have been half as exciting or special without my #TeamAlly there! They even wore shirts with my face on it, can’t get any more awesome than that!!! I am so SO thankful for the amazing family I have been blessed with and the love they always give me!! 💙 #TeamAlly #matchingshirts #missnewjersey #missoceancounty2018

I’ve always been a HUGE starbucks fan, (ask anyone, I’m sure they’ll agree) but, for a long time I used to get sugary drinks full of empty calories and would top it off with a ridiculous amount of whipped cream. I used to think that Starbucks was just coffee frappuccino’s but then I realized that I had to make some #savvychoices I now get iced tea with no added sugar once in a while! •

By changing my Starbucks habits, I am getting ready to compete in my very first Miss pageant this coming August! Follow me on my journey!!
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#Repost @misssouthjersey
Excited to announce that the Miss South Jersey 2019 Competition will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018! Check back to the Facebook link in my profile on July 1st, when we give you details on how to participate!!

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Excited to announce that the Miss South Jersey 2019 Competition will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018! Check back to the Facebook link in my profile on July 1st, when we give you details on how to participate!!

#WhoWillSheBe #MissSouthJersey #SouthJersey #MissNewJersey #NewJersey #MissAmerica

Congratulations to Miss New Jersey 2018 Jaime Gialloreto!! 👑 #MissNewJersey #MissNewJersey18 #MissNJ #MissNJ18 #MAO

IBD grabs hold of your intestines and, until you hit remission, does *not* let go. It wreaks havoc on your insides, and until you get to a good mental place (I even went to counseling for a little last year), it may *try* to get a hold of your mind.


Did I win Miss New Jersey? No, the FABULOUS Jaime Gialloreto did. I didn’t even make the Top Ten. But you know what I did do?

I tied second place for community service. I earned non-finalist Rookie, non-finalist interview, and overall interview.

I did NOT let IBD take my mind and my heart.

In fact, when asked what motivated me to start The Princess Promise, I told the judges it was the winning combination of Jesus and prednisone. I couldn’t sit and mope— and here we are.

Why am I sharing this? To brag? No (ok, maybe a little... or a little more). I’m sharing this so you KNOW that if a small town girl with an autoimmune disease can earn overall interview, you can too.

IBD has the potential, if you are struggling on your road to remission, to take your physical health and your ease of life, and if left to your own devices it may try to take your mind.

But please, for the love of crowns and glitter and all YOU have to offer this world—

Don’t EVER let it take your mind.

Power on, princesses— there’s work to be done. <3

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#WorkoutWednesday #Motivation 💪🏽 Even if you are saying #ByByeBikini don’t say bye to all of the hard work and conscious effort you make to live your healthiest life. Put in the time so you can not only SEE the results but FEEL them as well, inside and out.

Start with a healthy mindset, be sure to get your nutrition on track and find what makes you move. Be sure to invest in the wealth that comes form your health because our bodies are our homes and I plan on continuing to build and respect the structure that carries me though life.

Nothing but love (even some tough love) when it comes to health and living the lifestyle fit for me 💕

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Being announced for the top 11 💜

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A beautiful Miss Cape May County in her sparkly evening gown. Isn't she lovely? ❤️ #eveninggown #fourpoints #misscapemaycounty #missnewjersey

@mariellemarlys floated all the way to the top 10 at Miss NJ! So proud of her. She looks amazing in this custom @johnathankayne ! #prom #pageant #homecoming #prom2k18 #johnathankayne #beautiful #blackandwhite #delaware #boutique #shoplocal #missnewjersey

After Miss Nj —> funnel cake!.. then back at it! Especially when you win Miss New jersey2018 @jaime_gialloreto! There may not be a swimsuit competition but we are excited to continue helping you achieve the best you physically, mentally and be explosive in every turn jump and landing in your talent! To an exciting few months on the road to miss America! Congratulations to all the ladies of Miss Nj it was an extremely competitive year! Special shout out to @madisonlwelsh @jessica_indio @lyssasul @natragcity ! #taproud Stressful journey and even more stressful weekend of competition! You girls were all on fire! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!#trainingaspects #movelookfeel# #roadtomissamerica19 #roadtomissa#missnewjersey18#missnewjersey#hardwork#movelookfeelamaze

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