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These days are coming. ☀️🦋#missmybaby @heidilamarao

Mistys mama here , today id like to wish my Buddy Jigs a Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven 🌈💐🌾🐾🐾
He was my buddy boy and we all miss him so much 😘😞 I just couldn't not honor my boy today for his first birthday I heaven !
He also got knighted to be with king @prince_jobby in heaven ! I did the special photo of Buddy with King Jobby at the end bc it was a honor that buddy was in heaven waiting to take the king to his castle in heaven ! Buddy was a super protective of his entire family but he really protected me when we were alone !
The night Buddy passed Misty stepped up and started barking to let us no when someone came in ! She's starting to do so many things he's done ! They may of been two breeds but they def were brother and sister 💖💙 Sorry if it's sad but today my feed is gonna be about my Protector my bear hound , my buddy boy , Buddy Jigs !! Happy first birthday in heaven Baby boy mama loves you 💖💙💙💙💙 #happy13thbirthday #firstbirthday in heaven #mydogisfamily #raibowbridge #missmybaby

Menschen halten dich von dem fern was zu dir gehört. #sommer #love #tb #missmybaby

I know I've been a lil to heavy w the IG as of late but I swear I'm startin to slow down as I'm gettin ready to head home. D.C. Needs me back...well no..it def doesn't but I'm a comin anyway. The time I had in Cali was just incredible. I'll never forget it. Beansssss!! Poppa comin for u 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 #MissMyBaby


My mantra this week. Thanks Dory 🐟 🐠 #justkeepswimming #keepgoing #positivethinking

My little guy is big enough for the "big" rides at KI now😁🎢#wherehasthetimegone#missmybaby

When my son decides to #coach me from afar! and my #personaltrainer thinks he keeps me #motivated #meanwhile 🤓🤣 #boxing #stance will keep working on my form but for now I'm happy #ihaveagoal #fitmomandson #heismyworld #emomommy #missmybaby #mygymbuddy #fitnessinspiration #keepgoing #personalgoals #findyourreason #starttoday

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