I have a challenge for you guys this week for #FlowDownFriday! Since our Flow Down Competition & Flowmance Performance is only 3 weeks away let's get ourselves ready by Free Flowing to a song we all know and Love from Flowmance! Justin Timberlake's song Cry Me a River (along with a link to Flowmance) will be in the comments (FAMSanity Spinsanity Flow Down Flomies FB group )for download. We are going to have to share this on on Instagram folks because of the fb copyright we are all so familiar with. So Lets Have some Fun and get geared up for the Flow Down Friday at Spinsanity Flow Down!

THIS don't miss this RARE LIVE SHOW recreating FLOWmance! with MORgan Jenkins and LEe Jeffries 💫🕺💫💃 This is going to be a once in a lifetime performancE! Www.SpinsanityFlowDown.com
FRIDAY MAY 11TH 3PM EST. MAIN STAGE. Be there #FeelTheFlow
@missmojangles @photographlee @spinsanityflowdown

Picked up my fans for the first time in ages last night! Thank you BURN CLUB for such an inspiring night of pure fun 🔥 @forged_creations doodle grip fans | Happy bday @michemoonflower again and thank you @shaunarissi for being the ultimate safety/ cheer squad and @misshoopdidoo for trying all the things with me 🔥💕

Using this for my first #stopdropandspin ever!!! For #brittiliciousb thanks for the tag ❤️ tagging #missmojangles #sunflowergoths #hulahoopchick95 ☺️❤️⭕️ #hooping #hooplah

Touring Tuesday with our captain @missmojangles 🔥 This girl has an epic array of performances, workshops and adventures lined for the summer!! Stay tuned for a Mojangles near you! 📸@natvonphoto at @hawaiihoopretreats 📸#mojanglesworldtour2018 #touringhooper #havehoopswilltravel #workshops #tutorials #adventures #hooplife #hoopersofinstagram #hooping #hooptownhotties #missmojangles #ontour #eurotrip #instagood #burntsoulclothing #hoopenings #youcanhoopwithus

This is first time you see me pick up a hoop in a video. Always try new things even if it's for a little bit.

#GrowYourFlow ! We have had so many questions lately about the workshops on our schedule this year! We want to take a moment to say that these workshops are intended for all skill levels! No matter the length of time within/without the hoop, we can garuntee that you will see your flow GROW during this fun-packed weekend!
Three! Yes Three Jam packed workshop areas to expand your realm!


🔊🔊Proudly Presenting!!💃💫💃💫💃Morgan Jenkins!! @missmojangles
Lock it Like It’s Hot.
Hoop locking is a fun a snappy way to add hands-free punctuation to your doubles flow! In this twins workshop, I will give you the keys to the basic lock and we will explore dynamic lock entrances and exits. No prior doubles experience necessary! Get ready to unlock your new favorite hoop moves!
Choreo Creation.
Many of us want to create hoop acts, but don’t know where to start? This workshop will teach you how to overcome “hoopers block” and think differently about how to build Hoopography sequences. You will be filled with hoop-spiration as you learn new ways to focus your flow into moves for the stage, camera, or just for yourself!

I was just reminded of this fun performance with @hey_revolva in @missmojangles ‘ awesome workshop back in November. Morgan taught us a segment of choreo, and we worked in teams to adapt it for hooping. What a fun day!
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FINESSSSSSSE part ✌️ aka can I borrow someone’s hair tie? 😜 This song is soooo my new jam #hoopdance #cardib #brunomars #finesseremix #hoopers #hoopgirl #missmojangles @iamcardib @brunomars

✨FINESSE✨ #hoopography cover of @mattsteffanina choreo for @iamcardib @brunomars 🥂 ➡️swipe to see Matt perform his version with superstar @nicolelaeno 💥 @epicdancevideos #epicdancevideos #hoopersofinstagram #missmojangles Tank from @unicornhooper ⭐️CREDITS for the swipe video:

Repost from @mattsteffanina using @RepostRegramApp - FINESSE!! 🕺🏼 help me tag @brunomars @iamcardib if you dig it!! and follow @epicdancevideos for more groups 💯

Filmed by @ryanparma 🎥🎥 hosted by @idahollywood ▪️ #finesse #finesseremix #brunomars #cardib #dance #hiphopdance #choreography #mattsteffanina #teamsteff #epicdancevideos

Where my NOLA hoopers at? ⚜️⚜️⚜️ I’m teaching there this Sunday! (TOMORROW!)Details are on my Facebook page, link in my bio! 💖 #missmojangles #hoopworkshop #multihooping #hooplocks

We all know her radiating smile, magnetic energy and world famous Troupe. Pour your heart out ladies and gents for the classy, the queen of sassy choreography, the jingles in your bangles the one and only Miss MoJangles! As leader of the Hoop Town Hotties Morgan has been paving the way for leaders, performers, and choreographers in the business. With years of experience the feedback she will be giving contestants from the judging table will be priceless.
Morgan ( @missmojangles ) is a Los Angeles-based hoop performer, international instructor, and was recently named the 2016 USA Hooper of the Year. She is Known for her sassy Hoopography performances, creating the Hooptown Hotties and for her award-winning hoop videos (Despondence, Halo, Bang Bang, Portal, Flowmance, Dark Paradise) Morgan loves teaching others how to express their personality & creativity through hoop dance.

Get tickets at www.SpinsanityFlowDown.com

Happy #Flowartsfriday 💖 I have to be honest here. I have been sitting on this video FOREVER - not posting, constantly meaning to add to it or make it better. I shot this footage over the summer, and since then have worked on so many new combos. But, we are always progressing! And I know if I wait any longer I just won't end up posting anything! Instead of being hard on myself for not doing enough, I'm working on being proud for what I HAVE accomplished. It's a journey ✨So - here are some of my favorite lock combos. I teach a lot of this material (and new material) in my "Lock it Like It's Hot" workshop. Let me know if you want me to teach in your city! Full video in Bio. More info about locks in general in the comments: xx- @missmojangles #hooplocks

Catching feels 💯

Look at these ladies go! In my #hoopography #choreocreation class students learn a routine WITHOUT hoops... then work together to add hoops into the dance. Here is a peek at the magic they created together. Link in my bio to see the original dance and full video! 💃💃🏻💃🏼💃🏽💃🏿💃🏾

Repost from @missmojangles. This was too much fun. I think I found my hooping family. #hooper #hooplah #hoopdance #flow #hulahoop #bayareahoopers #hoopagraphy #missmojangles

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