actress Julia Kelly wearing the ‘hips are sealed two piece’ 💡🍨🍦 for $49.00 USD from @ohpolly

This is what ppl think of Julia Kelly and Tana Mongeau after they come out saying they were in love with MacMiller after he died. If he never showed you off in public while he was alive he don’t want nobody knowing bout your stank ass when he dead !! @tanamongeau @missjuliakelly #tanamongeau #missjuliakelly #macmiller

Let’s see all of MacMillers side chicks come out the woodwork , y’all played yourself . @missjuliakelly @tanamongeau leave a comment if you find more side pieces #missjuliakelly #tanamongeau #macmiller @tmz_tv @worldstar @theshaderoom @perezhilton