🎀 Sissy came in for a summer time medicated groom and bath, and left her old self behind ! 🔥⭐️#newyearnewsissy #summerbod

We tried to fit as many pictures of Phoebe 😍as we could to add a bit more sweetness to your Wednesday.🍯#honeybeagle

Check out Busters mouth before and after his dentist appointment! 🐰Now he is ready to get back to using his chompers🥕🥕☀️

🎈SURPISE!🎉Southdown Animal Clinic got a new family member named Charlie💕! Visit our Facebook page for more info on how he got here and how Dr. Pocha and staff got so lucky! #blackandwhite

Himalayan cats are picky who they bond with, but these two rescues found the perfect home. Everyone meet this very special duo.. (wait for it) .. Mocha and Chino! ☕️😍#hugyourcatday

☀️Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful day outside as much as Stanley is (even 24 hours after his Knee surgery)! 🌱🌻

Champ can’t wait to do some gardening and digging this upcoming long weekend! 🌞 🌱#happymonday #pawsitive

Scarlett was feeling a little drained today. 😕We let her know that unfortunately it was only Monday... she decided to let that sink in. 🛀🏼😅😂

❌⚠️MYTH: Certain breeds are more susceptible to getting ticks. 🕷
Ticks are prevalent throughout the country. Ticks are looking to hitch a ride on any dog breed, which means whether your dog has short, long, thin, or thick hair/fur they are all equally at risk. Remember to apply your prevention this month and to check for ticks on your dog, because they can hide on your dog anywhere!

⚠️⚠️MYTH❗️The best way to remove a tick is with Vaseline or Coconut oil. ❌ Methods to removing ticks can be a bit controversial. Using a oil based product to smother a tick or burning it will not remove the head of the tick that is buried underneath the skin. Squeezing or stressing the body of the tick may inject more bacteria into the bloodstream. ✔️We have everything you need to remove and prevent these icky ticks. Feel free to come in and pick up a complimentary ‘tick twister’ remover, and don't hesitate to ask us any questions! 🕷

Twilight had to be hospitalized for severe periodontal disease with bone and gum loss. His owner was really worried and wasn’t sure how she would afford his veterinary care - she’s on a limited income and relies on the Ontario Disability Support Program. Luckily her veterinarian knew about the Farley Foundation and applied for funding. We’re so happy we could help Twilight - he’s feeling much better and is on the road to better health!

Meet Vivaneau the Russian Blue! This shy adorable 9 week old kitten was well behaved for her physical examination #catsofinstagram #streetsville #SAH #kittensofinstagram #mississaugavet #healthystart #preventativemedicine

Heartworm, Tick and Flea season is here! 🕷🌞During the month of April we are going to debunk some common tick myths.

These two beautiful sisters Cookie and Luscious were in for their vaccines and annual health exam, can you guess what breed they are? @cookieandluscious .
.#guessthebreed #sofluffy #vaccinateyourpets #preventivemedicine #veterinarymedicine #rvt #oakville #mississauga #mississaugavet #milton #miltonvet #toronto #burlington #burlingtonvet #kerrvillage #animalhospital #oakvillevet

Peek-a-boo 👀Oliver we see you! 😘

Winnie has some Friday feels 🐕🤣🐶#weekendishere #tgif

TODAY Is World Water Day 🌎 Here is our Portuguese WATER dog reminding you to be thankful and stay hydrated ! 💦 😃 #worldwaterday

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