Six months of happiness!

Good Monday morning! I have one available time slot this coming Saturday morning at 11am for a sitter session! A sitter session is a great milestone session between the ages of 6-10 months. Babies must be sitting on their own but not walking yet. Please email me for pricing and info at daniela@danieladagostino.com .
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Baby’s sleep a lot! Unfortunately for us it’s not all at the same time.
Their little bodies and brains get tired after being up for a while and they need time to “reboot”

An overtired baby can become cranky, fussy and hard to settle.
Use the following chart as a guide to help know when your wee one may be in need of a nap. Use one of your parenting to sleep skills to help them nod off. If they don’t fall asleep or begin to close their eyes within the first 15 mins they are not quite ready. Try again in a little bit.
Remember the chart is only a guide and if things look different for you or from time to time that’s okay. 💫
Photo credits @peekaboostudios

➕This photo fills me with such joy! I think we will always look back on photos with our little loves with such warmth & happiness. When the sleepless nights & car seat struggles are a distant memory + we just remember all the good. 🌟I have never regretted capturing an image of my babies, but have sometimes looked back on moments and sometimes wished I had snapped a few to really engrain all the feelings in my mind. That is why the incredibly talented @esztercabralphotography will be joining us tomorrow at MOGA Mom & Baby Yoga to capture some of these beautiful moments! ❤️
📸credit: @esztercabralphotography .
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