Hello my people!
You know that feeling when you want to do something you never thought you could do, when you have to go so far out of your comfort zone that scares the shit out of you? And when you do it you are never the same person again. You can't be.
And that is exactly what I did on beautiful Tuesday afternoon on May 15th. My "mission possible" began and will continue but I will need to 'upgrade' my strategy a bit 😊 and that is what I am most proud of - I went out there even though I was not fully prepared and it didn't go as I imagined BUT I can see now what I need to add/remove/improve... and that's the whole fu**ing point! If you wait and try to do it "perfectly" you might wait forever, so just do it ❤. Put those labels off yourself, turn everything upside down, do everything no one would ever "expect" of you and make the impossible possible! That is my new mission and I wish for you. To feel that pride and "I can fucking move mountains!" Yeaaah! Go for it! 😘😘😘
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"От жилището на готвача се процездаше коварна миризма на готвено, която го караше да се чувства неловко. Докато пъплеха през задръстените артерии на града, Варадин неспокойно подушваше реверите на сакото си; беше приплепчива тази национална воня, нямаше изпиране, загнездваше се в тъканите като дрешна въшка; проникваше дори в кожата - чак до мозъка на костите, и оставаше там навеки като белег от срамна болест." - #алекпопов #мисиялондон #alekpopov #missionlondon #contemporaryliterature #cielabooks #earlgreyhot

The truth will set you free, but first it will pissyou off #london #missionlondon #poetry #hurt #writers #poems #writersofinstagram #lies #behere

Più dell’ 80% dei multimilionari sono partiti da zero.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS 👊🏽🔥 Un’opportunità come non l’avete mai vista.

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Per i più curiosi, vi invito a dare un’occhiata al profilo di questa persona. Come può un ragazzino di 22 anni entrare in contatto con un imprenditore del genere? Cosa possono avere in comune?
Ciò che separa la vostra realtà dai vostri sogni, sono le informazioni incorrette che vi sono state passate da quando eravate bambini ad ora.
La Scuderia Benato è pronta, stay tuned. 🔥 BIG NEWS ARE COMING 🔥

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