So proud of my daddy and the work he does. He volunteers for MAF #missionaviationfellowship they do amazing work. This was at a home school convention, this little boy REALLY wanted to be in the cockpit! I’m pretty sure my dad made his whole week 👨🏻‍✈️💕

My son taking a flight with Mission Aviation. #bushpilot #missions #flying #aviationlovers #missionaviationfellowship

Hospital trek day 2:
After a restful night, we woke up at 5:30 just as it was starting to get light. We packed up our mosquito net and sleeping bags and had a quick cup of coffee (glad one of our guides likes/needs coffee the way we do!) before starting out for the day. Neither of our guides spoke English so we were left communicating with our very small French vocabulary and lots of gestures. We did not know how far we needed to travel this day (or any day) but we assumed our guys would set the pace and keep us on track. Before we left on the trip, no one knew the exact distance we would be traveling and could only tell us in days how long it should take. We did know we would need to walk as fast as possible! The MAF plane was coming to Mandritsara in three days and if we missed it, we would be stuck with a 30-hour minibus ride back to the capital city of Tana. So we started out day 2 feeling strong and ready to go the distance. After a morning of ups and downs and hills and more hills, we stopped for a quick meal of rice and sauce. We checked our phones and wow, it was only 10 o’clock! Just another seven hours of walking for the day to go before it got dark. Yikes, hiking all day at this pace might be harder than we thought….

Hospital trek day 1: With our heads dizzy after a very bumpy ride, we left our truck behind and started walking. This would be our trail for the next three days! We had two guides, Gaston and Akim to show us the way and help carry some of our bags. We started at the coast so we had a lot of elevation to gain over the next few days to reach the high plateau of where the next truck would pick us up. After walking for hours, the sun set and we reached the little village where we would spend the night. Akim, one of our guides, had family in the area and they kindly offered us a place to stay and fed us a delicious dinner, all cooked over a little fire outside. We had boiled roots (something both potato and cassava like), rice and shrimp and cassava greens, a tiny tin cup of very strong coffee, and a mug of ranovola, a very common drink we would be offered every meal that is made by boiling water in a pot that has burnt rice stuck to the bottom. The water takes on a pleasant, smoky flavor (if you like that kind of taste in your water!) We were given a mattress on the floor of the family’s bedroom and quickly fell asleep to the sweet sounds of their three children whispering softly in the bed next to us.
Distance walked: 6.6 miles

Hospital trek day 1: driving as far as we could before the road turned into our walking trail. Everyone told us the roads in Madagascar are bad. That didn’t fully sink in until we started down this one! The mud was super deep in parts and we were shaken back and forth the whole time (especially Mark who was in the bed of the truck). But hey, at least we weren’t on motorbikes 🙄
Distance covered: 10 miles in an hour and a half

We are getting ready for another mission trip to Kenya. The most convenient way to cover a long distance within Kenya is by a small aircraft. We love MAF #MissionAviationFellowship

We just got back from a four day trek through the rain forests of Madagascar! We traveled on a muddy mess of a road to understand and film what it’s like for people who have to walk for days to get to a hospital. We are blistered and sore but happy to have made the trip! More pics to come in the next few days. For now, we are going to eat some comfort food and watch a movie in bed! 😛

So thankful for the safe arrival of Travis' dad, thanks to MAF South Sudan. Together they will work around the clock for the next 2 months to get the new ward finished. #idatclinic #missionaviationfellowship #wherestherunway

De laatste dagen! 🍷 Wijn drinken voor het goede doel 😊 De actie loopt tot morgenavond...14 juni 2018 #wijnactie #steunfondsmarkus #maf #markusflightbriefing #missionaviationfellowship #wijn #drinken #goededoel

Friday selfie! 3 hour plane ride in a tiny Cessna 182 in Madagascar.Thanks for a great trip, Kenneth!

After spending the evening in the bush repairing the anti poaching husky I hitched a ride back to Nampula with the MAF Caravan on a mercy flight, before heading back they needed to complete there mission for the day dropping a young girl back in her village after being in hospital. She was the first person to leave and return to their village by air so the whole village was there to meet her. I must say what an amazing and rewarding experience. To the gentleman from MAF keep doin the amazing work you do and thank you for the opportunity to experience the amazing work you do! #aviation #aviationrecovery #cessna #caravan #c9-maf #maf #missionaviationfellowship #africa #mozambique #bushflying

Today we celebrate our National Day here in Sweden. We drove down to Stegeborg castle to attend the anual aviation day (that MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) arranges every year). A fun way to celebrate the National Day. The picture is from inside a little sportplane. #missionaviationfellowship #maf #tigermoth #aviationlovers #flygdag #stegeborg #stegeborgsflygfält #retroplane #oldairplane #airplane #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmx100f #adventure #flygplan #visitsweden #visitöstergötland #östergötland #sverigesnationaldag #airshow #aviationphotography #cockpit #cockpitview

Today we celebrate our National Day here in Sweden. We drove down to Stegeborg castle to attend the anual aviation day (that MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) arranges every year). A fun way to celebrate the National Day. The plane in my picture is Johan Wiklund’s Tiger Moth that he flew from Sweden to Cape Town in South Africa and back. #missionaviationfellowship #maf #tigermoth #aviationlovers #flygdag #stegeborg #stegeborgsflygfält #retroplane #oldairplane #airplane #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmx100f #biplane #adventure #flygplan #visitsweden #visitöstergötland #östergötland #sverigesnationaldag #airshow #aviationphotography

In 2017, across all the MAF programmes worldwide, we flew 38,000 hours - that's over 1580 days worth!

GoPro time-lapse of a Cessna 182 getting painted. It’s actually been too cold here in Madagascar to paint but Saturday was warm enough for just a few hours 😀

Leg one Lubango>Namibe...
#missionaviationfellowship #cessnacaravan #c208

I'm really excited that me and my team at the @PrincesTrust #CXK have created the '1000 Miles for £1000 Challenge'. We have decided we will support MAF by undertaking the mammoth challenge of ‘1000 miles for £1000’ the team and I will be undertaking a sponsored swim, walk, cycle and flight to raise awareness and funds for MAF. Each person in our team who completes a mile, we will take this mile off our 1000 mile target and hopefully would have completed the 1000 miles and have raised £1000 by the end of our team programme.

In order to complete this challenge, We will cycle, complete a flight on the specialist MAF flight simulator, swim in the local swimming pool and complete a walk on the famous Crab and Winkle way.

Please support us on this huge challange! Every small donation adds up and will make a huge difference.
Link in bio... https://www.gofundme.com/maf-1000-miles-1000

For more information on this amazing charity please visit: MAF-UK.ORG

@mafyouth #missionaviationfellowship #maf #theprincestrust #mafyouth #charity #donate #love #peace #planes

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