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A HUGE thank you to all the riders, support crew and sponsors that made the #snowymountainhigh such a great week! 
6 Days. 860km. 17,000 Alt Gain. 28 Categorised Climbs. 
Over $60,000 raised. 
#rideforfuel2017 #rideforfuel #maf #missionaviationfellowship

@madexmedical are enormously grateful to the @maf_us for their generosity, making it possible for us to get to Marolambo this year!
#maf #missionaviationfellowship #madagascar #marolambo #madex2017

Throwback to that time I pretended to be a pilot. #tbt #missionaviationfellowship

Got to watch daddy land today.

In partnership with @MAF_US, Alliance international workers serving in remote regions of Indonesia are able to proclaim the good news of Jesus to people who otherwise would not be able to hear. In this image, MAF pilot Daniel Perez surveys a thin landing strip on the island of Papua before making his final approach to land. #AllianceLife #inFocus #pilot #missionaviationfellowship #MAF

✈👮✈Laki laki berani, hebat di lihat dari skill nya ??? Kaya nya itu salah yang ada Laki laki yang berani dan hebat itu adalah di lihat dari Ia yang berani mempertahankan dan berani bertanggung jawab dengan membawa banyak nyawa orang orang orang untuk sampai ketempat Tujuan ✈✈✈ @maf_us #missionaviationfellowship #pilot

Doing a party in hangar?

Why not??? Location : MAF hangar, Nabire base.

Pict taken by : my sister, Vanessa.

#Iseng #MAF #missionaviationfellowship #Hangar #Hiukisme

Visit Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada @wwfc2213 to learn how their organization helps provide a better life for families around the world #missionaviationfellowship #ykfafd


The MAF missionary families and local staff maintain and operate 2 aircraft. Because of your support, MAF brings missionaries to these people so that they can be physically and spiritually transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. #WhereWeFly

MAF has been serving Mozambique since 1999. With a base in Nampula, MAF serves Manu different isolated groups. Some journeys to these people would have taken days by truck, now only take hours or even minutes by flight. #WhereWeFly

One in 7 children die before turning 5 years old. One in 9 are HIV positive. MAF wants to change that by providing aviation services to missions agencies, churches and non-governmental organizations. #WhereWeFly

Rich with natural resources, Mozambique is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world. It is frequently among the lowest in GDP per capita, human development, measures of inequality and average life expectancy. #WhereWeFly

Although the official language is Portuguese, about half of the 24 million people speak it as a second language. Christianity is the largest religion, with large minorities of Islam and African religions. #WhereWeFly

Officially the Republic of Mozambique, the country gained independence from Portugal in 1975. Shortly after, Mozambique broke out in a civil war, which lasted 15 years. The first multiparty elections were held after in 1994, and the country has remained relatively stable since. #WhereWeFly

Visit Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada @wwfc2213 to learn how their organization helps provide a better life for families around the world #missionaviationfellowship #ykfafd

Currently, MAF has 5 bases with over 30 missionary families, along with Indonesian staff, flying and maintaining aircraft all around the island. Your support allows us to continue these vital services! #WhereWeFly

MAF provides aviation and radio communications services to churches, missions organizations and non-governmental organizations. MAF has three email hubs and communications networks, which allow more than 60 mission and humanitarian agencies to increase efficiency. #WhereWeFly

Since 1952, MAF has served the Papuan people. MAF currently supports churches and missions efforts, and provides medical assistance, community development, education, crisis relief, as well as training and leadership development of the Papuans. #WhereWeFly

Papua is home to some of the world's most remote people due to rugged mountains, dense jungles and active volcanoes. Over 250 ethnic groups are isolated because of this geography. #WhereWeFly

The population of Papua in 2014 was 3,486,432. Indonesian is the official language, but more that 250 Papua Austronesian languages are spoken! #WhereWeFly

Located on the world's second largest island, sharing it with Papua New Guinea, Papua is Indonesia's largest, easternmost province. #WhereWeFly

Currently, there are 19 MAF missionary families and over 50 Congolese staff with 9 aircraft in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We operate out of 3 bases throughout the country! We are not able to serve this country without your support through prayer and finances! #WhereWeFly

MAF provides aviation and communication services to Congolese churches, Christian missions organizations and non-governmental organizations. #WhereWeFly

MAF has been serving the DRC since 1961, when it was known as the country of Zaïre! That's 56 years! #WhereWeFly

Although the DRC is one of the world's richest countries with natural resources, it consistently ranks near the bottom of the United Nations' health, education and development rankings. The average life expectancy is only 49 years. #WhereWeFly

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