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So very proud of Lexi! While on her evening walk we got stopped by a mother searching for her lost child. Lexi and I ended up finding the child and reuniting him with his mother.
#GoodDog #SearchAndRescue #MissingChild #MissingPerson #920F

#Rp @im_asaint. This is my area. Prayers to the family and for a safe return soon. Smh #missingchild. #eastatlanta #stonemountain. #northatlanta #anthonyrandolph.

No one should know the pain of a missing child. The unknown is an inferno #Dante could never have imagined.

The disappearance of Jesse Galganov, 23, leaves us floundering for answers. We wish we could do more to ease the suffering of Jesse's parents, @alisamontreal and @toddgalganov, of his sister and other loved ones.

To call this a nightmare would fail to grasp the impossible reality of waking up everyday in a world where Jesse is lost.
As we pray for his safe return, many people, most of whom are strangers, have come together as One.
Across the world, transcending faith, we have joined hands. Denominations and differences dissolve when a child is missing. We are not #Jewish, #Christian, #Muslim, #Hindu, #Buddhist or #Sikh.
We are human beings, tied in a geography of interconnection. Baking bread, making signs, singing, weeping, dreaming, searching, always hoping. We are people who love –– our own flesh and blood and the soul of the stranger.

We are stronger when we yearn for miracles together.
To that end, #RiseForJesse has mobilized 105,453 people in over 55 cities since the beginning of January 2018.
Something inside me knows Jesse is aware of our collective efforts. The power of prayer is enough to move mountains.
Through your generosity, The Empathy Effect, mostly through $20 gifts, is donating almost $10,000 to Jesse's Fund at The Missing Children’s Network.
We believe there are no limits to the human heart.

Some events are so inexplicable that answers are impossible. In the abyss, there are only questions. But we #RiseForJesse.

Our instinct is to gather whatever optimism we can find. To take the shards and make a spark. Our power is to harness the light to keep searching.
To float instead of sink, to ignite thousands of sparks across the world that come together so brilliantly that G-d will not be able to avert his eyes from the empathy.

Please contemplate this flame, an offering from @ritatesolin, which symbolizes tens of thousands of sparks we witnessed around the world through #RiseForJesse.
Every act of empathy is like a jewel for Jesse; each lighting a way for him to find his path home.

#Repost @southsideinktoronto with @get_repost
Name: Jordan Hendry
Last scene on 7th Street in Etobicoke and Lakeshore Blvd West.
#missingperson #missingchild #ctvnews #cp24 #news #help #findchild #news #toronto #mississauga #etobicoke #northyork #scarborough #brampton

Please please share this. Darla is family and we are all extremely worried. Could be in one of the following areas - Raunds, Wellingborough, Northampton.

Police are concerned for missing person Darla KNIGHT aged 16yrs last seen in Raunds on 22/03/2018. Darla is a white female with shoulder length red hair approx. 5'9 and medium build. Last seen wearing school uniform. Any information please call 101 quoting reference MP1/567/18

#missingperson #missing #police #wellingborough #raunds #northampton #help #family #missingchild

#missingchild repost share if you know anything call the number below

Pls keep your eyes open for Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou all over 🇨🇦 Canada !

Missing Since Nov 11, 2017

Missing From Montgomery, AL

DOB Oct 1, 2000
Age Now 17
Sex Female
Race Black
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5’2″
Weight 140 lbs
Both photos shown are of Te’Neshia READ MORE. Click link in bio #missingteens #missingkid #missingteen #findmissingchildren #missingkids #missingteens #missingchild #missingchildren

Dashawn McCormick Missing Since Apr 1, 2013
Missing From Anchorage, AK
DOB Aug 17, 2007
Age Now 10
Sex Male
Race Biracial
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Height 3’6″
Weight 45 lbs
Dashawn’s photo is shown age-progressed to 9 years. He is Biracial. Dashawn is Black and White. He has a scar on the center of his forehead.

Dashawn lived with his father, Floyd Leroy Lee Jr., in...READ MORE CLICK LINK IN BIO #findmissingkids #missingteens #missingkid #missingteen #findmissingchildren #missingkids #missingbaby #missingchild #missingchildren

Never forget about Madeleine. She will be 15 in May. Let’s all hope she’s found soon for her birthday or even Christmas this year💛💚
#madeleinemccann #missingchild #missingandexploitedchildren #findmadeleine #findmadeleinecommunity #missing #comehome #weloveyou

Operation Muskan:An initiative of Gujarat Police to reunite missing children with their families #Missingchild#OperationMuskan#GujaratPolice

Telah meninggalkan rumah atas nama Dinda Wulan Dewi dg umur sekitar 17th dari tanggal 8 Maret 2018, pergi membawa sepeda motor beat warna biru putih dg nomor polisi DK 7403 VA
Mohon bantuannya jika ada yg melihat anak ini mohon di tahan terlebih dahulu dan menghubungi no HP 081236074621/081237626083

#anakhilang #sharingiscaring #missingchild #singaraja #denpasar #bali

Read the full story on CBC 💔
#missingchild #quebec #canada #amberalert #pleaseshare

❗️❗️❗️ Please Read : ❗️❗️❗️ as I lay in bed watching crime watch on YouTube ... I came across documentaries of children who were adducted by predators who harm and destroy families but these survivors where telling their stories and the hells they had to live in .. by hearing the awful things I realized this is still to this day something very serious happening currently around the world, among us there are heart less cold soul blooded humans who want to harm and are called “predators”... “human trafficking” , children adduction has grown over the years .. now we see it as a daily horrible case in the news , but every 5 minutes a child is being kidnapped ... how horrible and tragic is that . But I ask myself , in schools they teach us of “stranger danger” and how dangerous a predator may look or act , but yet it has grown more over the years . Those predators may be close ones , may look friendly , and harm less as well . May even be close friends ... we never know , that’s why we should look out for all children not just our children . It can happen anywhere and anytime , even from the child’s own bedroom. This is a major problem expanding that needs to be stopped . I can’t imagine that every 5 minutes a child is being taken away to being harm. See for yourself and search up #missingchild , those are only a few out of many all over the world . I lay in bed with tears crying because I can’t imagine this happening to my family , and strong are those families still searching for their very own loved ones . I want to scream and yell JUST STOP CHILD ADDUCTION!! I wish it was that easy but there needs to be action , Looking out for any children , and teaching our children that predators aren’t just scary looking . Please take this in consideration and stand up and protect the children!! May God up in heavens protect us all from all harm . May be protect the children , no child deserves to be taken or hurt in any way . I pray for families out there searching for their children . Have hope and don’t give up . #missingchild #havehope #protectthechildren #help #prayers #missingchildren

Missing boy in Montreal. My heart is acting for this family. Cannot believe something like this happened so close to home. 100k reward for finding the boy. PLEASE SHARE!! #amberalert #arieljeffreykouakou #missingboy #montreal #quebec #ontario #canada #missingchild 🙏🏻

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