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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, centre, listens to Sytukie Joamie, left, speak about his cousin Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook during a rally for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Tuesday October 4, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld
#missingandmurdered #indegenous #justintrudeau #ottawa #parliamenthill

These are the latest four podcasts I have downloaded. We have two themes going on here. People making their dreams come true through lots of hard work and perseverance + mysteries waiting to be solved. I love both of these themes.
Seriously the one on Oprah -- so so good!!
What are you listening to these days?
#missingandmurdered #makingoprah #howibuiltthis #someoneknowssomething

My new Podcast while walking the pooches. #AlbertaWilliams #CBC #CBCPodcast #MissingAndMurdered #HighwayOfTears

Also, seeing as it's International #WomensDay, can we please use this as an opportunity to discuss the lack of intersectionality in feminism STILL. Can we start the conversation with our missing and murdered indigenous women? Where are our sisters? Where are our women who have been silenced, abused and killed by a shameful system that has stolen everything from them and perpetuated a never ending tragedy? #MissingandMurdered #SaveOurSisters

Today I wore red for all the missing and murdered indigenous women 🌹 #indigenouswomen #missingandmurdered #strongnativewomen

This moment brought tears to my eyes at the #sistersinspirit event in #ottawa . This brave man asked all the inuit to stand by his side to give him strength and what seemed like hundreds joined him in tears as he expressed that someone close to him was murdered and no investigation was made. #shame I have been going to this for years and it truly breaks my heart to see the same families that were wanting justice years ago are still waiting #justiceforaboriginalwomen #missingandmurdered

I've been listening to the Missing & Murdered podcast. It's excellent reporting. I'm thinking about this woman's story as I weave. I wonder if I can make a basket that talks about unresolved. I can't imagine what the families of missing and murdered women are feeling. #missingandmurdered #AlbertaWilliams

So #powerful, in honour of #missingandmurdered #aboriginal women in #Canada, very special exhibit #potlotekfirstnation

Photo of a photo: 5-year-old Aiyana High Wolf marches to remember her mother, Allison, who was killed two years ago. Aiyana and her three sisters are now being raised by her grandmother and aunt. #mmiw #missingandmurdered - Northern Cheyenne Reservation


#tbt to last week's workshop with this terrific ensemble and a play-through of @briancurrent's new work "Missing." Great to hear and perform this new material! #workshop #newopera #canada150 #truthandreconciliation #missingandmurdered

2017 Portland 48 Hour Film Festival watching "Missing Indigenous" by RedFawn, the first all native film cast and crew in this competition ❤️❤️❤️ my heart was huge with pride and happiness!!! So happy I was there to share and witness. #nativeamerican #alaskanative #indigenous #indigenousrising #missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #missingandmurdered #filmfestival #acting #producer #producerlife #twospirit #supportnative #nativeart #nativeartist #nativemen #nativewomen #art #film #hollywood #talent #movies #moviestar #theater

It is commonly believed that those who feel threatened take extreme positions in their beliefs.
It is also commonly understood that the strongest materials known to man are those that can bend without breaking.
As it is so with human beings.
Are you strong enough to bend?
Or are you too threatened?
Are you strong enough to question your beliefs?
Are you strong enough to accept those who are different from you?
Are you threatened by me?
I don’t imagine you would be.
At least, I cannot see why you would be.
I am a young woman that you may or may not know.
I am gentle.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I am patient.
I am curious.
I am intelligent.
I am strong.
I am Native American.
But you cannot tell these things by looking at me.
You would have to get to know me first.
What do you see when you look at me?
A young woman.
With fair skin.
“Canadian” you might say.
Oh the privilege that this brings me.
I am incredibly fortunate for these things in my life that I cannot control.
For, I do not fear the persecution of others as I walk down the street.
And I feel it is my responsibility to recognize what a “gift” that is.
Regardless of whether or not it should be.
It makes me ill to know that others cannot say the same.
Why does our society allow a culture bred of judgment and hate?
Why do we allow differences to continue to create a divide amongst people?
Why are people disappearing from their families never to be seen again?
Why are people being attacked in the streets, on busses, trains, and planes?
Why are people being beaten, raped, and murdered?
Why are people being treated with hate?
Where does this hate come from?
We are all human.
And we are all unique.
Different variations of one species.
So where is it that you draw this line?
At what point does this human being become different enough from you that you can no longer see yourself in their eyes?
Why is it that you do not see the beauty in all of the colours of the rainbow?

Ramona Wilson memorial walk. We have a voice use it! Keep our people safe. #highwayoftears #peacefulwarrior #indigenous #reclaimyourpower #standstrong #remember #missingandmurdered

Join us at the Centennial College Progress Bridge! We need your help to make more faceless dolls! #centennialcollege #MMIW #indigenous #facelessdoll #canada #women #missingandmurdered #globalcitizenship #

Today I wore red for all the missing and murdered indigenous women 🌹 #indigenouswomen #missingandmurdered #strongnativewomen

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