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It kills me to say this, but since I am still battling this virus, I will not be able to march tomorrow with all you beautiful souls in Seattle. If you’re able to & around the area, please head out & support. Help spread awareness about an often overlooked issue.

On a separate note, it’s been tearing me up all week. Because honestly, I knew Monday the chances of me being better on time were slim to none. Until it hit me - this is exactly what @i_a_designs & I talk about constantly in @as_rw_ courses - self-care. What good are we to others if we are not 100% ourselves? We have a course coming up mid February & if I were to push myself to march (which I know I could, & 2yrs ago I would’ve) I may not be able to give that course. I may not be able to further the work outside this day. Sometimes we have to let go of things we really don’t want to in order stay healthy & fight another day. This, is self-care too.
#MMIW #MMIWG #missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #missingandmurdered #indigenous #selfcare #awareness #education #seattle

☮️A Wall Of Missing And Presumably Some Murdered Tibetans Up In McLeod Ganj Near The Dalai Lamas Temple. The 3rd Picture In The Top Row Is The 11th Panchen Lama. Gedun Choekyi Nyima Was Only 6 Years Old In May 1995 When He Disappeared. Later It Was Confirmed He Was Kidnapped By The Chinese Leadership. He Became The Worlds Youngest Political Prisoner. Still To This Day No International Agencies Or Human Rights Organizations Have Been Allowed To Visit The Lama And His Currant Condition Remains Unknown .☮️

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women (& Girls)

I was gifted this seemingly simple plastic cutout by Lisa Brunner (if you aren’t familiar with this lady Google her, she’s a BEAST) in 2015. She had a bunch of cut outs made, all representative of certain women who were MMIW. She had ceremony for them. They were all steamed & smudged & brought into this world with love. All of them had a name, except this little girl. She was meant to represent the unknown. Since we’ve had her in our family, she has been quite the addition. We feed her, water her, the animals even play with her. She’s so much more than a plastic cut out. We dream of her. She’ll suddenly move places on her own. Everything you see on her was found by her at one point or another. My scarf was in the closet, next thing I know it was by her feet. We have no idea where the flower came from it just showed up next to her one day. The card with the quote by Sitting Bull on her chest was originally on or bathroom mirror. Again, it wound up near her feet. The bow, was a fixed to something of mine & one day while I was walking by her it unraveled & fell off. The nameplate, reading “Awesome Ave” appeared next to her one day last year. We have no idea where it came from & we’ve never seen it before. Because of it, we’ve began to call her Ava. She holds the @reclaimyourpower flag because I carry it in marches. I also carry her though. I strap her to my back as a representation of our MMIW. We should feel them daily. We must not forget them. We must make a change.

Often times people only think of Canada when they hear MMIW. Yes, there are thousands missing in Canada, but there are also thousands missing here in the US as well. These numbers continue to grow daily. In fact, the third leading cause of death among Indigenous women in the US is MURDER. The laws are flawed. The tribal provisions in the violence against women act are nothing more than scraps which once again fail to protect us. We deserve better. We demand better.

I’ll see y’all at the march on the 20th...with Ava in tow.
#MMIW #MMIWG #Indigenous #MissingAndMurdered #VAWA #ViolenceAgainstIndigenousWomen

Missing from #sanpasquale reservation. Faith Barnes was last seen December 22,2017. Please share. #mmiw #missingmurderednatives #missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #missingandmurderednativeamericans #mmnawm #mmna #missingandmurdered

A rose from "A Candle Night of Remembrance" 🌹 Tonight my mom and I attended an event to remember women everywhere whose lives have been lost to violence. There were incredible speakers from Sherry Saevil (Project Red Dress, murdered & missing indigenous) along with agencies: Halton's Women's Place, SAVIS, Hope Place & The Women's Centre. The discussions were heavy with staggering statistics and stories ranging from sexual / physical abuse , the missing and murdered, to sex trafficking both within the Halton's region and nationwide. Despite bursting into tears throughout the night.. I'm also feeling hopeful after hearing the support /education/ success so far through the services they work hard to provide. 💛These conversations are powerful 💛 If you are feeling unsafe, working through past/current trauma, in need of a non-judgmental /genuinely supportive listener: there are so many agencies with woman waiting on the other line: You do not need to live this alone💜 #reachout #youarenotalone #youareworthy #metoo #missingandmurdered #endviolenceagainstwomen #unitecampaign #womensadvocate

Ground breaking ceremony today at the North Vancouver RCMP Detachment. Very honoured to be called upon for this Art Project to pay homage and to bring awareness to the murdered and missing women, as well as domestic violence. To be continued... #northvancouver #rcmp #cityofnorthvancouver #publicart #sculpture #memorialart #ceremony #groundbreaking #honour #missingandmurdered #aboriginal #women #stopdemesticviolence #gathering #upliftingspirits

"There's Something In The Water"
Inspired by the pain of seeing Indigenous children's bodies being pulled out of our rivers far too often.
Daniel Smith Watercolours on 140 lb coldpress paper.

21. @brittsperiment recommended the following podcasts to me and I've been consumed now with podcast fever.
All three podcasts deal with race relations between whites and the indigenous. ⚠️The content is violent, as they deal with the the murder investigations of indigenous youth. They shine a light on various concepts such as racism (the casual variety), colonization, white supremacy, manifest destiny, cultural genocide, and of course ultimately, white privilege and a flawed justice system.
Offshore deals with the murder of a Hawaiian man by a Federal Agent and I highly recommend the episodes "The Tiki Bar" and "White Minority"- former covers cultural appropriation in a very educational and unbiased way, and latter, covers the idea that native Hawaiians are racist against whites. It says everything I have always wanted to say about the incredulous idea of reverse racism in Hawaii. I'm personally not very friendly to whites who say racist shit and often they turn it back on me by saying I have a problem with them. Yes, I do, I have a problem with your racism. I won't smile and play nice with people who think I'm fundamentally inferior to them. Call me snobby but you are the one with that idea, not I. If you're white in Hawaii and you are having problems being around the people whose land you stole, then maybe you're the problem, not them. The podcast presents it much less aggressively than I am, with much else bias, so if you disagree with me, I actually highly recommend you listen to it first.
Bowraville is short (5 episodes) and deals with but the murders of three aboriginal children who all lived on the same street.
Missing and Murdered does the same topic, but in Canada.
#nativeamericanheritagemonth #offshore #missingandmurdered #bowraville #podcast #crimeinvestigation #nativeamericanliterature #firstnations #nativeamerican #indigenous #aboriginal #canada #america #australia #hawaiian #illustration #drawing #painting #artist #writer #mentalhealth #stopthestigma
#racism #whiteprivilege #culturalappropriation
#intersectionalfeminist #intersectionalfeminism #allinclusivefeminism

Ouff... this movie is so hard to watch, but so necessary. It's time that all we white, priviledged Canadians & Americans recognize the tragedy of a systemic problem that has been kept in the shadows for way too long. It's about time Hollywood makes a good movie on this to get more attention to the cause... *
I've attended a vigil a while ago, at Parliament Hill, as well as an event organized by @Kairos.Canada, called "The Kitchi Blanket Exercise", earlier in the year... and it broke my heart to hear the stories and the attrocities that Indigenous people suffer (past & PRESENT). Both times I balled my eyes out. It hurts to know. Yes. But imagine--for one second--those who live it: Imagine the horror, pain, trauma and constant fear that they have to go through, EVERY SINGLE DAY. And yet, they find the strength to keep going, pushing to get answers, pushing for change.
My eyes are full of tears, but nonetheless open. Watch it. And. DON'T TURN A BLIND EYE, JUST BECAUSE KNOWING HURTS. "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."
-Benjamin Franklin
#WindRiver #MissingAndMurdered #MissingAndMurderedIndigenousWomen #IndigenousLivesMatter #Priorities #BrokenSystem #BrokenPromises #FixThatShit

Panelist for Friday's event 'Safety and Speaking Out' event, Carol Surveyor moved to Utah, May 2016, to serve as her mother’s voice and advocate. Her mother was murdered November 30th, 2015. When the bullet silenced her, she became one of the statistics of thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women across the country. Upon moving to Salt Lake with her daughters, Carol immediately got involved with the Salt Lake area native community organizers. She helped found the Utah League of Native American Voters in order to bring voice and action to the Native Community in Utah. She is inspired to work for her community in order to build unity and power with the people. .
PC: @catpalmerphotography #slc #native #navajo #dine #indigenous #missingandmurdered #women #womensweek #hubsaltlake #impact #impacthub #politics #womanpower #empowerment

The ladies and conductor of MISSING having a lovely smile and well deserved good time together after our opening on Friday. #reddress #ribbonshirt #missingandmurdered #MMIWG #opera #openingnight #latergram #eastvan #yvr #missingoperavan @cityoperavan @pacificoperavictoria @vancouvermovingtheatre

I didn’t make this post during last night’s opening night of Missing at the York Theatre because I was just too overcome with emotion. But WOW. Marie Clements’ new chamber opera is an incredible show with stunning projections and visuals, captivating intentional movement by the actors, and a story anyone who has ever been a mother, sister, brother, or father can relate to. Do not miss this incredible performance, on at the York Theatre Nov 5 (matinee), 7, 9, and 11th. Tickets available at the cultch.com #HeartoftheCityFestival #DTES #highway16 #missingandmurdered #yvr #yvrtheatre #yvrarts #vancity #vancitytheatre #vancityart #thingstodoinvancouver #opera

Some of the powerful work from Ripples of Loss by Terry McCue, on exhibit at the Art Gallery of St. Albert until Dec. 2. #stalbert #stalbertart #mmiw #indigenous #art #artist #missingandmurdered #missingandmurderedindigenouswomen #reddress

Exhibit opening of Ripples of Loss by Terry McCue at the Art Gallery of St. Albert. The artist is pictured to the right. #stalbert #stalbertart #art #mmiw #indigenous #missingandmurdered #missingandmurderedindigenouswomenandgirls

Tonight’s the night! Opening night of MISSING! Countdown is over...on with the show. #yvr #eastvan #November3 #openingnight #opera #canadianopera #missingandmurdered #missingoperavan @vancouvermovingtheatre @pacificoperavictoria @cityoperavan

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