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[ So Faded Pint-Sized ]

I know I'm rather biased but I think she looks terribly cute in her new jumper πŸ˜„
The whole time I was making my Japan Sleeves, she begged me to make her one out of the green yarn. How could I resist?
I didn't have quite enough to make a whole jumper out of the leftovers but the release of the So Faded pattern solved that problem. It's such a great pattern, with countless colour possibilities and lots of fun. I already have another 2 on order for her siblings 😁

Pattern: So Faded Pint -Sized by @dreareneeknits
Yarn (from top to bottom): @missclickclack Merri Creek Sock in 'Moong'; @lafeefil MΓ©rinos fingering in 'CamouflΓ©'; Miss Click Clack Merri Creek Sock in 'Caelifera Subspecies'

#sofadedpintsized #knittingforkids #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #merricreeksockyarn

[ Banana Leaf Shawl KAL ]

It's amazing how much progress you make when you focus on just the one thing πŸ˜…
I love everything about this shawl. The yarn is fabulous, the colour (Icy Pole Tongue) is super fun and the pattern is the perfect mix of engaging and relaxing. Five stars all around! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 We're having a little KAL with this pattern in the @missclickclack Ravelry group. So if you have some Shark Bay Silky Merino Lace (or any other base) in your stash and want to turn it into a gorgeous Banana Leaf Shawl, come and join us and share the fun! πŸ˜„

#bananaleafshawl #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #sharkbaysilkymerinolace

i am the walrus and a 'grungy' mint, coming right up! | the colours you asked for | #missclickclack | #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack | #indieyarn | #indieyarndyer | #yarn

you know I'm going on holidays, right? | and that the shop will be closing on Monday, right? | then WHY ARE YOU HERE, and not OVER THERE?! 😜 | this UBG quantity of beautiful Fracta Morketida on Fenwick Street Flashmerino is up for grabs, as well as this sad and lonely skein of achingly sweet Rosette | everything bought this weekend will ship before I go | then it's hasta la vista from me, baby, and hello long white line! | #missclickclack | #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack | #fenwickstreetflashmerino | #indiedyer | #yarn

we're going bananas over in the #missclickclack ravelry group! | bananas? 🍌🍌🍌 | yes! bananas with the Banana Leaf Shawl KAL! | the KAL runs until December 15 so you've got plenty of time | these colourways of Shark Bay Silky Merino Lace are still in the shop after yesterday's update if you'd like to join us! | the more the merrier | so stop monkeying around and get yourself over there! | #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack | #bananaleafshawl | #mccbananaleafshawlkal | #sharkbaysilkymerinolace

tri-colour block socks | a pair i prepared a little earlier | have you got yours on the needles yet? | #2017mcctricolourblocksockkal | #missclickclack | #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack | #blocksockittome | #operationsockdrawer

#Repost @hmgtt (@get_repost)
Merri Creek Sock Yarn | tough enough to use for socks, soft enough to wrap around your neck | although i suspect @hmgtt's magnificent scarf is long enough to wrap around her hubbie's neck AND feet! | here's to husbands being toasty through a melbourne winter! | thanks for sharing, Helen! | #merricreeksockyarn | #missclickclack | #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack ------------------------------------
5 skeins of #missclickclack #merricreeksockyarn! Putty, Oyster, Wordsmith, Vincent and Burmese Kitten


throwback to a lovely few hours spent knitting and enjoying the view. #marysville #janebroccoliknits #sockknitting #missclickclack #fringesupplyco #bowerbirdtendencies

Now that my big deadlines are out of the way (for now!) I can get back to knitting my golden shawl. Hello, happy colour. ☺️✨
#30daysofcomposition prompt 16: what's leaving the frame? The answer here is, the yarn AND the shawl. I had a lot of fun with this prompt, and got a few shots I like (I'll post the others later). πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
#knitdesign #yarnspiration #designerlife

New jumper and two new pairs of pants = happy boy 😁
[ Jumper deets ]
Pattern: So Faded Pint-Sized by @dreareneeknits
Yarn: @missclickclack odds and ends on Merri Creek and Fenwick Street Flashmerino bases
[ Pants deets ]
Pattern: Blank Slate Pants by @blankslatepatterns
Fabric: Corduroy (grey pants) and cotton drill (black pants), both from @spotlightstores
#sofadedpintsized #dreareneeknits #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #knittingforkids #sewingforkids #blankslatepatterns #blankslatepants #handmadewardrobe #handmadekids

Getting my stash ready for another #testknit this one is for #thesweatercollective #jessicagore using #skeinyarn #missclickclack it's going to be a stunning wrap

Getting there πŸ„πŸŒ₯. Pattern is #eyre by @amymillerknits . Yarn is @missclickclack Fenwick Street Flashmerino in the Susurrus colourway. Project bag by @givemeacrown #knitting #mccjumpintojumperskal #lace #missclickclack

[ Cupcake Mittlets ]

A couple of years I made a Handbrake Cowl in a lovely bright red colour for a friend (see photo #2). She recently asked me if I could make some mittens to match but I only had about 2g of the red left so we got a bit creative.
I made the mittens in dark grey with a splash of the red, then undid the last few rows of the cowl to add the grey in and make a matching set.

Pattern: Cupcake Mittlets by Shantha Rose
Yarn: @missclickclack Livingston Sport in 'Alban Berg' colourway and a bit of Darling Road DK in 'Poppy King Lips'

#cupcakemittlets #giftknitting #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #livingstonsport

[ So Faded Pint-Sized # 2 ]

This one is for the boy, aka Child # 2.
Made entirely out of @missclickclack bits and bobs. Goodness knows I have a nice stack of those 😁

Here showing colourways: Limefresh, Ranga and Tea & Oranges.
Next up are Drop Bear Brown, Morketida and Blackboard.

#sofadedpintsized #knittingforkids #merricreeksockyarn #fenwickstreetflashmerino #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack

Finished this coatigan a few days ago. It took 2 days to dry! This thing is so comfy. I'm never taking it off. #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #milkmanshorseworsted #dropbearbrown #BigOldCoat @jojilocat @missclickclack #matchmadeinheaven #knittersofinstagram

[ Colour me Happy Cowl ]

Jess of @thesweatercollective has released the third pattern in her Lazy Knits collection today, the Colour Me Happy Cowl.

Here is the version I made when I was test-knitting the pattern. It's a fab pattern, so simple but with a lovely stitch detail that would highlights the yarn to perfection. I made the long (double loop) version and it used exactly one skein. Perfect for those precious single skeins of fingering weight yarn we all have stashed in our cupboards 😁

The yarn is Fenwick Street Flashmerino by the super talented @missclickclack. Colourway 'Rosette'

#colourmehappycowl #thesweatercollective #fenwickstreetflashmerino #missclickclack #ialwayswantmoremissclickclack #testknitting

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