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Ready for Season 8? 😁

Game of Thrones and their Disney doubles 😝💞
[This is just based on looks not personality. Except for Tyrion, I didn't mean to disrespect or insult Peter Dinklage by comparing him to Quasimodo. It's just the height and overall pic colours that fitted well.]

(insp.credit: @kingtargaryen99)

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📸 Entertainment Weekly San Diego Comic Con (July 23rd, 2016)

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Nathalie lets her hair down...

New! Behind the Scenes S7

Умывашки ☺️🐈
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I don't think Daenerys and Cersei will be this friendly when they meet. How do you think the meeting between the two queens will go? I think it will be a battle of words.
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The three queens of Season6. Who’s your queen? Daenerys, Cersei or Margaery?
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This filter?💙

Isn't she the cutest😭❤

Baby fade❤🌪

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Baby doll❤😭

Nathalie lets her hair down...

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Cosplan 2018
Non credo di riuscire a portarle tutte, ma i piani sarebbero questi 😄💜

Game of Thrones Bday party for my cousin @ralphcooperjr! We did it Medieval times style! Love hanging out with this creative bunch for sure! Many of these outfits were hand made. Happy Birthday blessings to ya cuzz! Many many more to come. #robstark #jonsnow #queencersei #lordvarys #missandei #greyworm #whitewalker #redpriestess #winteriscoming #Starkboyztogetheragain #thenorthremembers #goodtimes

Thanks @allaroundglambykim for making my #missandei come to life. #gameofthrones #makeupartist #gift

Arya Stark | ac/ib: @sercndipity_ | #gameofthrones #omgpage

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