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"My thoughts on allyship, particularly white allies. It means to me that you don't just do the work when you are around POC and black people. It's a constant work. The pieces that I created here were during my residency in Seattle with @amplifierart where I interviewed several residents about living in white spaces. The final pieces read "Look Past Your Liberalism to See Your Own Racism", "Not Your Token Black Person", and "Engage Others Past Their Visual Identities”. -@tlynnfaz
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Powerful. Buenas tardes, mis hermanas y hermanos! Can we address some hypocrisy? Vamos a hablar sobre los problemas de nuestra gente. Please make sure to #SwipeLeft at the end of this caption. This meme reminded me of a controversial and often times emotional topic for many Black women, drenched in accusations of misogyny/misogynoir, self-hate, hypocrisy and antiblackness; primarily aimed at African American men. You may proceed... (Keep it respectful in the comments please.) #AfroLatina #AfricanAmericans #AfricanDiaspora #Misogynoir #Antiblackness #Latinegras #BlackMen #Latina #AfroLatinas #AfroLatinidad #BlackCommunity

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Last slide from @mxslimahh_ ~people slip up. These words come out sometimes, and as long as you try to better yourself and check yourself when you catch yourself using them, don't worry. If someone calls you out on using these, don't retaliate. Just learn from it~ text: slurs becoming normalized in our vernacular doesn't mean they are no longer slurs, or that they don't hold any power. Ableist and misogynistic slurs have become normalized in today's language because ableism and misogyny have become normalized in our society. B*tch, sl*t, c*nt, st*pid, i*diot, d*umb etc are all still slurs and it's your job to stop using them, no matter how come they've become. Just because "everyone else" uses them doesn't mean it's any less harmful when you use them. Two wrong =/= a right. Trans women are women. They can reclaim misogynistic slurs like b*tch, sl*t, c*nt etc even if they don't or even if they aren't out to everyone. Trans men are men. They CANNOT reclaim misogynistic slurs. Even if they don't pass or even if other people wrongfully perceive them as female. Just because a slur has been used against you as an individual doesn't mean you can reclaim it. You cannot reclaim a slur that has not been used to target your identity. Men don't get to use sexist slurs, even to women they hate. White people/Poc who aren't oppressed using that slur don't get to use racial slurs, even towards Poc they hate. Straight people/lgbt+ who were not oppressed by that slur don't get to use homophobic slurs, even to gay people they hate. Using a bigoted slur that isn't yours to reclaim perpetuates an oppressive system, regardless of your intention. #intersectionalfeminism #feminist #womanism #womanist #misogyny #racism #transmisogyny #misogynoir

"In an imperialist racist patriarchal society that supports and condones oppression, it is not surprising that men and women judge their worth, their personal power, by their ability to oppress others" -bell hooks

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“Her name was Sarah. She was a bubbly, blue eyed blonde, and a very pretty girl. He ran up to her and started asking her opinion about the jeans we had already chosen and completely tuned me out. Looking back, I’m surprised I was more bothered by his sudden rudeness than potentially losing a decent sale. The fact he thought it was okay to be rude and ignore me because this pretty blonde appeared sent a clear message." 💥
(Excerpt from Misogynoir: If I listened to these people I would hate myself) 💥 This piece dealt with all that I have experienced and felt within my own skin vs society as being black + female. Misogynoir. The clash between what I was taught vs. what I was being made to feel. I Went IN on this one. 💥Link in Bio. Stupidblackgirl.com💥#Misogynoir #BeingABlackWoman #blackwomanandsociety #raceandgender #stupidblackgirl

“The key to skating through life is to not let anyone tell you who you are”

This includes and is not limited to:
1) Making fun of a Black Woman’s physical features cause she outsmarted you
2) Deflecting
3) Making fun of Black Women for being a Black Woman
4) Deflecting
5) Avoiding the point because you were triggered...oh sorry that’s deflecting
6) Telling Black Women what they should & should not be doing with their bodies, lives, spiritual being, mental health
7) Comparing Black Women to other races of women
8) D E F L E C T I N G 🙃

Not every conversation that you are invited to (if you are even invited), must you attend. Especially when you are coming, full force with your emotions. Sometimes take a step back & ask yourself, “Am I annoyed by this?” If so, “Why am I annoyed by this?” “What do I need to do, to stop, a black womans comment about her own experience, effect me?!” Please go heal, because some of una give me a headache 🙄 & I’m tired!
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Would you guys rather a post on CA ( culture appropriation ) or Privilege? Which one would be more informative for you? 🌼
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Man-child means 1, so would multiple be men-children? Idk but we know that it is most definitely plural

“Black women are constantly being held to these impossible standards. These standards that white women are not held to. The way the media shames Black women is a major issue. You have someone like Amber rose, a Black woman being shamed for taking control over her body, but then someone like Kim Kardashian is praised for her inauthentic body. You have Black women wearing cornrows and braids and no one bats an eye, and then suddenly when Kylie Jenner does it, its in.”

“I grew up with a Mexican mom in predominantly white spaces. I had all these people constantly trying to tell me who I was. I felt my Blackness was imposed on me. But I go to Howard now, and it has been so liberating. I finally feel like I get to define the type of Black person that I want to be, for myself.”

Please do NOT watch #stepsisters it is an ignorant #antiblack #misogynoir filled film. Black women are depicted as villains unless they give up their agency and autonomy to white supremacy. This movie is complete trash and defiles the actual legacy of #stepping It is not black people who prevent diversity and inclusion. Idk why #netflix made this movie. Again this movie is utter and complete trash.

Your feedback is important to us.

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Swipe swipe swipe | in Asia this is worse because of how much pale skin is blatantly idolized and promoted. Inclusion in makeup is important as frick because not having foundation for your skin tone means people with your skin tone are othered and you feel like your skin isn't the "normal" shade.

Soft no does not mean convince me. Men who do this are creating the culture in which women cannot say no without fear of violence. Respect women! #rapeculture #metoo #feminism #womanism #patriarchy #intersectionalfeminism #sexualassault #timesup #protectwomenandgirls #xicanafeminism #misogyny #misogynoir #no #yesmeansyes #consent
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#manvsman // #sleepingwiththeenemy | #alonetime • reflect on your darkness and the light will bounce back.

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