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THIS. Everything we had gone through was to get to THIS moment. • I looked up at my husband for the first time after Piper was born in this picture and I can't even really describe what that felt like. • Our journey to get to this point was filled with miscarriage, chemical pregnancies, unexplained infertility, sorrow, powerlessness, surrender, JOY, anxiety, HAPPINESS, love, hopefulness, gratitude and most importantly filled with God. • I wish I knew in the midst of that pain that I one day would get to THIS moment. Because THIS moment...THIS moment was worth all of it. • #rainbowbaby

This little 🐶 sure does have my 💙! Raury had his first surgery today and he did so good! When we got home he snuggled right up on my neck and fell asleep and I just started crying. You guys...he's my baby and I love him to the moon. Infertility and miscarriage are so hard but this fur baby has helped me find some calm during the storm and I'm so grateful for that.💙

10 miscarriages but still trying

One couple's 10 years of heartbreak to have a baby

#miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #parenting

Miscarriage of 2 months old Embryo.
#embryo #embryology #miscarriage #medicogram

How absolutely precious is this photo of our new Communications Coordinator, Danielle Horvatin and her little one? We love her message about working through the fear and unknown. "Miscarriage loss can be an incredibly isolating experience. Although I always had a supportive husband & family to lean on, I still remember feeling very misunderstood & alone. Discovering a support network like PALS can literally be life saving. I know it was for me when I began connecting with other women from this community. After gaining so much support from this group, I even felt courageous enough to write a book about my experiences to share with & empower others. "I consider myself inexplicably lucky to have, not one, but two Rainbow Babies. After my first miscarriage, I had a wonderful pregnancy and birth of our brave Emma Rose; and after suffering another miscarriage, I became pregnant again with our magical Baby Brother who we're ready to welcome any day now! Love can't exist without fear and I think being a Courageous Mama means working through the fear & unknown with unconditional love & strength." Get your own limited edition of both our "Courageous Mama" t-shirts and "You are looking at a rainbow" toddler t-shirts and infant one-pieces. Wear your rainbow-inspired Courageous Mama t-shirt proudly. Plus, your purchase will help fund new programming for PALS.

Orders will be taken between now until Friday, June 30, 2017 at midnight. All shirts will ship approximately two weeks after the fundraiser closes.

Get your shirts now! See all shirts available here: https://hellotwirl.com/product-tag/pregnancy-after-loss-support/

•A year of deconstruction•

Imagine someone saying to you- in a couple of hours, everything you know and think about life will be gone- your whole belief system and soul will be ripped out of you – physically and mentally, yet you will remain. ...You’d say they were absolutely bat shit crazy! But it is exactly that, what occurs in baby loss. Baby loss is multi-faceted, complex and messy- the pain is indescribable.
Reflecting back on the last 12 months, I can only describe it as a year of deconstruction. The moment I heard those words ‘there is no heart beat’ felt like I was having an out of body experience- your worst nightmares seem mild, to live this nightmare is horrific. How can you recover when you are constantly having flash backs and reliving this nightmare over and over? .
Separate to the physical pain of your baby being taken, your core being is stripped from you. Your belief system, thoughts, feelings, relationship with yourself (never really knew I had one before this), friendships, lifestyle, work ethic, morals, support systems and strategies in fact your whole entity – gone..... And to top this off society treats you like a leper.
Welcome to the world of baby loss – you certainly don’t want to be in this jolly club! Weirdly, this club is a pretty amazing place to be – you meet another loss Mum and you don’t even need to speak – you connect with an unspoken mutual understanding.
Deconstructing everything you thought you knew is also quite liberating, there is strength in being vulnerable , it takes a braveness beyond any to be open to the hurt. It has been a year of hurting so bad ... but it has also been a new definition of self, an alteration of being, a new way of seeing and a new love - that is so strong, that it made saying hello and goodbye in the same day worth all the pain.....
#stillbirth #stillbirthbreakthesilence #babyloss #stillamama #stillborn #stillloved #neonataldeath #sids #miscarriage #saytheirnames

{Baby Shower} It was such an honor to celebrate this @momsinthemaking momma today. Rachel has shown what it truly means to trust God through 2 miscarriages + her miracle baby, born at just 24 weeks. Little Lainey is so loved already and I can't wait for the day when she gets to bust out of that NICU. Clearly she's a fighter just like her mom.

So sometimes there are anniversaries that aren't so great.
After seeing on my social media memories today, it hit me I was pregnant this time last year. Pregnant with a baby we had tried so incredibly hard to conceive. One that we spent thousands on fertility treatments, doctors appointments, sonograms, hormone pills and blood work, only to have our hearts completely shattered when we lost this baby.
Infertility and miscarriage is not something I would have ever thought would be apart of my story. It's ridiculously hard to go through something like the loss of a pregnancy, especially when you were fighting so hard for it.
But something pretty amazing came out of it. I realized just how freakin strong I really was. Don't get me wrong, I totally thought about giving up and not trying anymore. I thought at times I was being punished by God and questioned why me. But it's so incredibly true that through our struggle comes our story! And I hope that by me sharing my story, I can inspire someone to keep going and be strong when they feel incredibly weak.
I stand here a year later pregnant once again with our baby girl at 25 weeks with one simple message to those struggling with infertility and not knowing who to talk to or what to even think. You are not alone! And whatever you do, don't give up on yourself. You can still have your miracle, and sometimes it takes faith, timing and even going a different route, but it can happen for you!
Sending love and positive vibes to everyone who needs it today! ❤️ .
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•Angel Thought Bear 🐻•
£36 available on the website - fabulous for anniversaries and birthdays to remember your baby 👼 .... check out our 🦄 also 🙌 #stillbirth #stillbirthbreakthesilence #babyloss #stillamama #stillborn #stillloved #neonataldeath #sids #miscarriage #saytheirnames

Can we all just admit that it's ok to not be ok after miscarriage? There can be so many painful reminders in the days and months (and even years) after the loss of a baby. . 
Click the link in my profile (@naturalfertilityandwellness) to read part of my experience. . . . 
#miscarriage #babyloss #pregnancyloss

In all decisions we make along our journey... let us be guided by the Holy Spirit🙏🏽. Much love to you ladies😘. #ttc #thejoyjourney #infertility #fertility #pregnancy #miscarriage #incompetentcervix #lowovarianreserve #prematureovarianfailure #endometriosis #godisable #miracleshappen

More a piece of art than a baby mobile, really. Too fragile even for Royal Mail! Thank you @otheranimals😍! Hopefully once the bassinet is out of the nursery I'll be able to find a better place for it than against the wall. ✌️✌️🌈 (had to repost as it cut the bottom of the video off!)
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I'd sat for days in the house.
No movement.
My body felt weak and limp.
It pleaded with me to get up.
To move.
It longed to feel the rush of blood pumping through its veins.
To be pushed to its limits.
To walk
To dance.
To run and jump.
To bend and stretch.
My skin longed for the warmth of the sun.
My soul yearned to be outdoors and amongst nature.
I listened.
I surrendered.
In movement I found joy again.
Immense pleasure.
One foot in front of the other.
Leaving the sadness behind for a little while.
Fresh air.
Feeling alive.
So simple but profound.
Healing my heart. .
📷 - bohemeophelia.tumblr.com

You feel like no one wants to talk about it because it makes them sad. But, when you don't talk about it, it makes you sad. You don't want people to forget but you also don't want to remind them. #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagematters #miscarriagesupport #1in4 #notjustastatistic #morethanjustaloss

Ultrasound is essential for fertility medicine. However few units routinely use 3D ultrasound. The benefits are easily seen in this picture showing a partial uterine septum.
Did your clinic do a 3D ultrasound scan before treatment?

Pretty much

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