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{Not Yet} 5 years of waiting. 60 months without a positive test. 1,825 days and still no pregnancy. This week has been filled with a lot of statistics but I want to remind all those that are waiting on a promise that God is bigger than statistics. He's not surprised by your diagnosis. He isn't concerned with what doctors told you. He isn't confused by your situation. In fact, he understands it all. Even though God's timetable might look different than yours, he will not delay his answer. Often what might feel like month after month of a door slammed in your face and a test that stares at you with no is God's way of saying not yet. And his not yet? It will lead to the BEST YES. It won't be delayed. When you take that test and it blinks 👉🏼yes👈🏼 you will realize it was worth every day of waiting. Don't give up friends, God is in it all, even infertility. 🙏🏼👉🏼🤰🏻👶🏼

‪Thank you @people for sharing our story! I hope this gives others going through this hope & support that they aren't alone❤️‬ I'm excited to be sharing more of our story in detail through my blog series!

Miscarriage!! The deepest fear of a Woman with child. Here, she wears the legacy of her miscarried twins, while holding them before they are laid to rest. She carries them everywhere she goes ✊✊ Wahine, te Mana Tuku Iho.. #tamoko #maori #maoritattoo #maoriart #miscarriage #woman #mokotheworld

#niaw National Infertility Awareness Week!!
In honor of something so near and dear to my heart I want to donate $5 of every sale to Footsteps with Fertility a local organization that helps families afford IVF. Any sale from LipSense or The Golden Polka Dot.
This photo represents our family, 5 sweet angel babies and our little miracle. We know first hand how painful infertility is. It attacks every aspect of your life, physical, emotional, and financial. We have such a huge desire to help families struggling to fulfill such a righteous desire.
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Here is a little behind the scenes action from a very special shoot Sunday at @moxytempe with @hello.luxe 📸 I can not wait to see all the images! The talent there was incredible. ❤️ #catchmeatluxe

Almost through the first trimester! So close!! 10.5 weeks and looking to the next stages to get through this rough one because it's been cra-zy! I have a question because I'm so torn about it. This is my 7th pregnancy. Four births and two miscarriages. But I don't want to explain all of it every time I say what baby this is for us. I suppose I don't want to relive the heart ache of the miscarriages so I say this is our fifth. What do you say?? We know we have two babies in heaven so I guess I've been saying baby # 5 since this is our fifth baby on earth with us? #hormonal #allthefeelings #pregnancy #pregnant #novemberduedate #athomewithnatalie #miscarriage #motherhood #athomewithnataliebabyfive #babybump

Y'all please pray for Apollo. He is having more and more episodes and I am terrified that we are losing him. I love this sweet boy so much and cannot stomach the thought of losing him. I can't stop crying tonight. I miss being as blissful as we were in this photo. This bliss lasted all of a couple of hours, but I miss it. I am so angry. So, so, so, so very angry. Angry at the breeder for not treating him sooner, angry at the vet because no treatment is working, angry at the world because this pup is so very sweet and is going through something that he should not have to go through. Please pray for Apollo y'all. We need a miracle. I can't lose him, too. I feel totally and completely helpless.😭😭😭😭😭

It's national infertility awareness week. Also, last Saturday, April 22nd we should have celebrated our baby's first birthday. I thought now would be a good time to update you on our journey. It has been one hell of a ride! Since having a #miscarriage in September of 2015, David and I have tried to conceive on our own. We decided that if we didn't get pregnant by the beginning of 2017 we would consult my OBGYN. In January we went for a fertility consultation. I was then sent for an #hsgtest and lots of blood work. Throughout the past 4 and a half years we have had lots of tests done. We both appear to be heathy with no issues. As great as that is, it's also very frustrating because we don't have any answers as to why we're not getting pregnant. After getting an all clear on my HSG test, my doctor prescribed me #Clomid. This is my first cycle on #fertilitymedication. I'm praying that it works and that we'll soon be pregnant. The reason I have been absent from YouTube recently is because I'm mentally and physically exhausted. Most days I just want to sleep all day. Infertility is a pain like no other and is an emotional battle I fight everyday. I wanted to sit down with David and do a full video on our journey but I just don't have the energy to do so right now. Hopefully in the future. Please continue to pray for us. We appreciate it so much! 💕#waitingforyou #infertilityawareness

Our beautiful daughter Raelynn. I miss her everyday. While I'm getting stronger and stronger, that doesn't mean I'll ever forget her. She will always be in my heart and I'll forever try to be a good father to her by never letting her be forgotten! #diaryofadad
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Gemstones are said to have healing properties. So we have paired together stones that relate to fertility and pregnancy making this necklace the perfect gift for someone trying to conceive. It is subtle, but beautiful and full of hope.
/ / /
Rose quartz is said to be a "LOVE" stone and will aid in your fertility. Aquamarine is said to protect your pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. Put together with a "hope" charm and tiny feather to keep you looking forward with hope.
/ / /
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Work has been so difficult lately. A couple days ago I interviewed a candidate who used to be a radiologist. When I asked what her favorite part of the job was, she said she loved when she was with Obstetrics... she then went into extreme detail of how she loved seeing babies grow so much in just a 2 week span and how they looked on the screen. Who would have thought I'd get that response for a candidate interviewing for a sales job? I almost had to leave the room.
Another backstory - I recommended a friend to an assistant job in our office. She is now working with me, but she is also now pregnant. She is about 2 weeks ahead of what I would have been. Now that a bump is starting to show, it gets harder and harder to see her every day. Or, I'll be in an ok mood and she'll make an unrelated comment about how she can't eat tuna or something like that reminding me she's pregnant. .
Thanks a lot life. #ttc #ivf #ivffet #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #ivffail #ivfsuccess

Writing about infertility doesn't come easy to me - I feel that I don't truly know and understand the depths of emotions that come along with it as I haven't experienced it. But what I am experiencing is how very close friends have gone or are still going through infertility and how paralyzing, all consuming and truly sad it can be. And whilst you're in it and everything in your life is focused on finally having your dream of parenthood fulfilled I can see how women really lose themselves in the process. So in recognition of #infertilityawarenessweek I want to encourage those of you who are going through this right now to hold on to yourself. Amongst all the emotional turmoil, clinical procedures, conversations and disappointments there is still the person who is so much more than the woman who would like to be a mother. Hold on to your core, to the many other things that make 'YOU' and don't lose hope that one day this process that you're going through right now will have a reason and a meaningful place in your life story. My heart goes out to you. 💗💗💗
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New post on #oursundaymorningsblog ! "While many things can be lost on this earth, few of them matter in eternity. Our prayer is for our hearts to always be set on that which has eternal value." www.OurSundayMornings.com
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I have been up since about 3 am and was tossing and turning all night. I am feeling very anxious. My stomach is upset, my head is hurting, and I am feeling very restless and I didn't understand why until I was fully awake. Today I am 21 weeks. I am at the same gestational age I was when I lost Oliver and Owen. Anxiety is something I had issues with after losing them, I didn't want to be alone any and I was always overly emotional and worried. Today I am experiencing those very same things. I called and cancelled my 4 hour am shift at the nursing home so I can try and relax before my other shifts. I am going to fill the tub and soak and just remind myself that I am ok. Abel is ok. Everything will be ok. This is a different pregnancy and just because my last pregnancy ended too soon doesn't mean this one will too. #infantloss #infantlosssurvivor #twinloss #incompetentcervix #stillbirth #stillborn #miscarriage #pregnantafterloss #rainbowbaby #deepbreaths

Was I?
Like, actually, can I not have been?
I'd like to un-sign up for that option.
#hardday #journeythroughgrief #theanaheraproject

Our fourth baby-Right before the transfer of our perfectly healthy boy we named Hunter. The Valium had kicked in and I was feeling no pain. August 2016 #infertilityjourney #infertilitysucks #miscarriage #niaw #recurringpregnancyloss #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek #miscarriageawareness #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #rsc #ivf #ivftransfer #ivfjourney2016 #ilovemyboy #hunter #family

The loss of a child affects both parents. How they #grieve is different in relation to how they bonded or endeared the child in their hearts.
Mothers bond with their children the moment they conceive, it doesn't matter whether the belly is showing or not... fathers on the other hand identify with a belly where they can feel the kicks but nowadays husbands accompany their wives for ultrasound scans and they start bonding with the child early. In the unfortunate loss of this child, both parents will grieve, they may not do it the same way though, but they do go through the grieving process. "I expected my husband to grieve the same way I did. This was not the case and I felt alone. If only I realized earlier that spouses grieve differently, we would have walked this journey together with ease."-Vivian

#30thingsIwishIknewaboutgrievingthelossofachild | www.empowermama.org |

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Over the last four years I cannot count the amount to times Ive sat like this. After each miscarriage, every cycle that is unsuccessful. I'm not the first and I won't be the last. I've even sat like this trying to figure out how to explain to our son what's happening, trying to regathering my centre. #ourangels will help to ease this pain in families exhausted by the trials of miscarriage, pregnancy and infant loss. It will give them words to bring each other a little more connected instead of pushing one another away. #gofundme #pregnancyloss #miscarriage #motherhood #anxiety #sadness #author #crowdfund

There's a little guest post up on the blog today (LINK IN BIO). Rebecca Griffin, a fellow recurrent miscarriage warrior, talks about how she decided to set up a monthly coffee club where women can meet and talk others who have been through similar experiences.
The Chasing Rainbows Coffee club is still very new and the next meet up is only the second one. So in an effort to help Rebecca reach out to more people, I offered to share her story and info about the coffee club on the blog. Please have a read, show her some love by following her Facebook and Twitter pages and know there's a place to meet fellow loss Mamas if you need it.
#chasingrainbows #chasingrainbowscoffeeclub #miscarriage #recurrentmiscarriage #pregnancyloss #supportnetwork #youarenotalone #stormsandrainbows

Vendredi | Penser.
A la chance.
A celles qui attendent.
A celles qui comme moi, ont connu la douleur de la perte.
Ce vide, cette expérience qui pour ma part, a remis les choses à l'endroit.
Aux doutes.
Au positif.
A ce qui grandit.
A l'arc-en-ciel.
#france #southoffrance #mediterranean #montpellier #lifestyle #slowlife #slowliving #simplelife #simplethings #typography #handlettering #babylove #rainbowbaby #bébéarcenciel #faussecouche #miscarriage #pregnant #momtobe #rsa_ladies #tv_living
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From our support group sharing, there are some things if one knew, probably she could have grieved differently or the grieving journey would have been easier...
We will be posting one thing everyday for the next thirty days
#30thingsIwishIknewaboutgrievingthelossofachild | www.empowermama.org |

#grief #childlossgrief #grievingparents #grievingfather #grievingmother #childloss #babyloss #infantloss #pregnancyloss #stillbirth #miscarriage

May you know grace ❤️

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