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Hokay, so, I know there is a giant incredible castle here—where you can stay in luxury—but the crown jewel in my opinion is the olive tree at the right edge of the frame. There are five or six giant olive trees in the back garden that range in age—the okdest two are 1800+ YEARS old. Not planted in 1800. They are 1800 YEARS old, making them my favorite surprise of this stop. We also had the pleasure of experiencing a wine tasting led by the resident sommelier, Pierre. Though we didn’t stay here, we definitely had a luxurious experience complete with a self-guided tour of the grounds, vines, hen house, and insect hotel. PLUS the jasmine game here is A+.

Cold rain today 🌧

This is pollen 😳sinuses are having a fun hike

Beautiful aftermath of the storm

Told ya that fish was fresh. And giant. This was the busiest stall at the market by a mile. The ground at the market was covered in water. It was so expansive, I wondered if it had rained before we arrived... until we noticed this stall. The water came from the melting ice keeping the seafood warm. I also low key wonder what the texture of all that squid feels like!

The market, by the way, had a plethora of free samples, super cute dogs, and giant fish with the clearest eyes.

After we landed in Bordeaux, we found this ultra cute home in Pessac before heading to the market for fresh, local snacks to curb a hanger so powerful, we bought way way way too many marinated olives from a friendly vendor.

This piece is called “cute af lamb noms”

To say we’ve been welcomed to Saint-Émilion is an understatement and to be honest, I’ve never been so excited to participate in tourism. This is a small village that is easy to navigate, with relatively small crowds of tourists, and an endless list of things to do and learn. We arrived yesterday after stops at Château Pape Clément and Château de Sales for tastings. Out host met us and we set off to find food, then ended up walking most of the town for a few hours before bed. I lit re-lit candles in a 12th century Catholic church, cried at the sight of sunset over the vineyards—vignobles in French—watched a cute af lamb nom on hay, and got to exercise the minimal French skills I learned in high school. And that was just yesterday! Tomorrow is our last day before Paris and I know I’ll never forget this experience.

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i think my hand is dead after this and it's not even finished *silently cries*
i'm gonna delete this later when i finish it.
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When you are usually the figure-it-out-as-you-go kinda travelers and you're very proud of yourselves for buying tickets ahead online so you can skip the crazy line at the #Coliseum, only to be told when you arrive that your tickets are only good after 2pm (and your train to the sea leaves at 2:30pm)...so you take a picture, say we'll try again later and go to find some pasta and gelato ♡ #planningisoverrated #misadventures #romanholiday #beautifuldestinations #travelawesome #roma #italia

I posted this last Father’s Day. But I don’t care. It’s hands down, my favorite pic of my Dad and me. Happy Father’s Day to mine and ALL the dads out there! #fathersday #sunfish #sailing #misadventures #bestmemories

You are the endless waves
Of my crashing crazy happiness;
My inner calm interrupted
By our breathtaking encounters.
And whenever you come ashore,
You'd take a piece of me that's lost forever. .
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