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#GaryCooper #FredericMarch and #MiriamHopkins in Design for Living (1933) #fotokabemayor

Miriam Hopkins. Starred in BECKY SHARP and Ernst Lubitsch’s DESIGN FOR LIVING and TROUBLE IN PARADISE but supposedly “most remembered for being one of the most difficult actresses of Hollywood’s golden age.” Caveat lector: Hopkins went to battle with studio bosses over shitty pay, shitty scripts and shitty co-stars. She was a magnificent pain in the ass. My @globestyle Books column this weekend in praise of difficult women and a few new titles that rectify or revive female reputation. (link in bio)
🎥As Curly Flagg in SHE LOVES ME NOT (1934)

Birthday girl #KayFrancis with #HerbertMarshall in Trouble in Paradise (1932), an #ErnstLubitsch masterwork featured in my new book #TenMoviesataTime.

Fredric March and the lovely Miriam Hopkins in one of the best horror movies from Hollywood's golden age, Rouben Mamoulian's 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' (1931). Why the fuck is this not on blu-ray yet?! 😡 #miriamhopkins #fredricmarch #drjekyllandmrhyde #precodemovies #horrormovie #30shorror

Bette and Miriam Hopkins face-off behind the scenes of The Old Maid (1939), as director Edmund Goulding looks on |
Spurred to take action following Hedda Hopper’s reports of on-set tension between the two actresses, the Warner’s publicity department devised a plan to incorporate the “feud” between Bette and Miriam into publicity for the film.
At the time, Bette told a reporter: “Hoppy and I are going to get a couple of pairs of boxing gloves and pose for a picture glowering at each other like a couple of fighters in their corners. It’s the only answer we can make to all the nonsense about how we can’t get along.”
Years later, producer Hal Wallis, who observed their on-set behavior, recalled: “I think later the studio tried to claim that it was all just publicity, but it was the real thing. Those girls hated each other.” Bette later stated that the only two actresses that she worked with and “criticized” were Miriam Hopkins and Faye Dunaway. ✨

"-Sé que hicimos un pacto entre caballeros...pero, afortunadamente,yo no soy un caballero." #unamujerparados #Gilda #afortunadamentenosoyuncaballero #miriamhopkins #garycooper #fredricmarch #lubitsch #cine #blancoynegro

The Smiling Lieutenant (Ernst Lubitsch, 1931)
Now THIS, is how you do romantic comedy Table 19. Christ, I can’t believe that a film made over 80 years ago can outclass a lot of the garbage that’s released in mainstream cinemas. My Lubitsch retrospective takes me now to his bawdy little gem, about a lieutenant who finds himself accidentally engaged to a princess after winking at his girlfriend during a military parade. The Smiling Lieutenant makes for the most blatantly satirical out of the Lubitsch musicals I’ve reviewed so far, although bubbling under the surface of The Love Parade and Monte Carlo were similar light-hearted jabs at the fopish aristocracy of early 20th century Europe. Chevalier returns in the titular role, embodying the mischievous comedy with his typical aptitude for broad comedy and musical flair, benefiting from the most formally interesting work of Lubitsch’s musical career so far. I do have some slight niggles with this one, first and foremostly I found the satire undercut by the film’s twist ending which feels admittedly a tad rushed for the sake of surprising the audience. Secondly, whilst the musical numbers are as always well composed and performed brilliantly, there are only 5 of them here, and all of them are spaced out awkwardly to the point where for long passages I completely forgot I was watching a musical. Still, these are but minor flaws in an otherwise charming picture that highlights Lubitsch’s aptitude for crafting wonderfully smile-inducing comedy. #film #cinema #movie #classicfilm #filmblog #filmcollection #filmoftheday #filmmaking #filmreview #filmposter #filmtime #thesmilinglieutenant #ernstlubitsch #1931 #mauricechevalier #claudettecolbert #miriamhopkins #romance #comedy #musical #goldenageofhollywood

Yesterday I watched Ernst Lubitsch’s masterpiece "Trouble in Paradise" (1932) featuring Herbert Marshall as the gentleman thief Gaston Monescu (and also Gaston Lavalle) pretending to be a baron and Miriam Hopkins as the lady pickpocket Lilly Vautier masquerading as countess who join forces to steal a large sum of money from the beautiful and rich perfume manufacturer Madame Mariette Colet played by Kay Francis. What a delightful film. I am fascinated by Pre-Code Hollywood movies. It's just a short period in Hollywood's history between the introduction of sound pictures then known as talking pictures or talkies in 1929, not counting The Jazz Singer (1927) and The Lights of "New York" (1928), and the enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code censorship guidelines popularly known as the "Hays Code" on the 1st of July 1934. The Code was already adopted in 1930 but there was little oversight and since it practically only got effective with the introduction of the Production Code Administration (PCA) we can now still enjoy these movies made in this short five year period. Other favourites include "The Thin Man" (1934) and "It Happened One Night" (1934). I highly recommended it on a cold Sunday afternoon. #troubleinparadise #hollywood #precode #ernstlubitsch #herbertmarshall #miriamhopkins #kayfrancis #paramount #1930s #1930sstyle #classichollywood #moviestar #moviestars #hollywoodstar #hollywoodstars #silverscreen #goldenageofhollywood #screengoddess #blackandwhitemovies #precodehollywood #motionpicture #gentleman #gentlemanthief #nobility #paramount #paramountpictures #dapperman #classicstyle #timelesselegance #hollywoodstyle

"It’s a gentleman’s agreement. Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins and Gary Cooper share a moment in ‘Design for Living’ (dir: Ernst Lubitsch, 1933) #fredricmarch #miriamhopkins #garycooper #designforliving #ernstlubitsch #noelcoward"

The Richest Girl in the World 💎

It’s a gentleman’s agreement. Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins and Gary Cooper share a moment in ‘Design for Living’ (dir: Ernst Lubitsch, 1933) #fredricmarch #miriamhopkins #garycooper #designforliving #ernstlubitsch #noelcoward

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