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Putting the body thru all kinds of training! Mind body and soul, no stone will be left unturned. #undisputed #teamjacobs #miracleman #Camplife

About a month ago I went from the first pic to the second in the matter of a couple hours... Without getting into too many details, I was in a head on collision with a driver that ended up driving down the wrong way of the highway. I'm thankful to be able to type "R.I.P. Fancy" (my car) and not see somebody making a similar post for me. By the grace of God I'm alive and feeling like I truly have a reason to be here, which is especially needed on the days I've been feeling down and defeated... Shoutout to everyone that's checked in and/or been there for me when I needed since the accident. You are much appreciated. It's been a rough month, but thankfully I'll have a new car tomorrow! And more importantly, I'm cherishing every day I have here just a little more. I hope you all are doing the same, cause you never know... #GodIsGood #MiracleMan 😇

What is the best way look at the sunrise behind your back during the swoop? @claudiocagnasso showing you the way! 😎#blindman #miracleman #sunrise

So fortunate to get to know these lovely gentlemen from ΣΠ and ΑΤΟ. Thank you guys for helping ΦΜ raise money for children's miracle network. #miracleman #atu #phimu

Sitting at the next table at dinner tonight was @wbaboxingofficial middle weight champion, cancer survivor & #Brooklyn native Danny Jacobs & his son Nathaniel. Such an inspiration! #MiracleMan #dannyjacobs #peterluger

Everyday is a good day when I have you beside me. #love #forever #miracleman #16yearsstrong #newbeginnings 🖤❤️🖤

Saturday was unbelievable!! And look at these costumes!! Best Gravity Falls and the first Miracleman I have ever seen. #artofpinto #c2e2 #conlife #miracleman

Happy Father's Day #miracleman I love you sooo much

We got to spend the first weekend together as a family and my favorite part was hearing the kids call him dad. ❤️ Even though this is an every day times 💯 occurrence, just the blessing that they still have this amazing guy around to call dad is enough for me. ❤️He's my walking miracle and I'll cuddle on him every chance I get. Creating our new type of normal has all my energy right now. A friend mentioned me working today and I honestly told her that I had nothing to give to that facet of me. For once, I actually love that honesty and the understanding I'm showing myself to heal, recover and feel...it's the same advice I'd give all my clients to pause and to rest. J may have gone through most of the trauma, but being right there by his side, feeling it all with him, has me needing this time to idle. I know this experience will be catapulting me further into my purpose, and I'll be ready for it. ❤️🙏🏼❤️ #dharma #purpose #honesty #recovery #miracleman


Reseña de #MiracleMan Volumen 3: #Olympus que se resume: "Olympus cierra magistralmente con esta trilogía de volúmenes, con una explicación extensa del universo a que pertenece Miracle Man, y hacia donde desea llevar a la humanidad. Este volumen es el que posee la mayor cantidad de nueva información hay que leerlo con detenimiento, apreciando así el gran arte que tiene"

En el link de la bio pueden leer la reseña completa.

#comicreview #Reseña

Reseña de #MiracleMan Volumen 2: #TheRedKingSyndrome que se resume: "Este volumen cierra ese episodio del pasado de Miracle Man y abre las puertas a una nueva etapa de su vida con su familia. Esta una historia que descubre el origen real de Miracle Man y su relación con el Dr. Gargunza"

Este volumen tiene una extensa, muy explicita y detallada (casi con la calidad de un libro de medicina) el nacimiento natural de de Winter, la hija de Miracle Man y Liz, quien posiblemente sea un ser sobrenatural.

En el link de la bio pueden leer la reseña completa.

#comicreview #Reseña

What is the best way look at the sunrise behind your back during the swoop? @claudiocagnasso showing you the way! 😎#blindman #miracleman #sunrise

I declare upon your life TODAY, you are going to leave a #FOOTPRINT in this generation in JESUS CHRIST name!!!

Wave 5 of our London Film & Comic Con comic guests announced! Have a look at these great comic creators that have been added to an already strong line-up.

Martin Fisher (#StarWars: Rebels, #Transformers)

Andrew Cartmell (#DoctorWho, Rivers of London)

Al Ewing (#TheMightyAvengers, #2000AD, #Ultimates)

Guillermo Ortego (#Batman, X-Factor, Original Sin)

Dani Strips (2000AD, Dirk Gently)

Martin Griffiths (#Thundercats, #TMNT, #ActionMan)

Ian Richardson (Nobel Causes, Sinister Dexter, #Halo)

Mark Buckingham (#Fables, #Sandman, #Miracleman)


Everyday is a good day when I have you beside me. #love #forever #miracleman #16yearsstrong #newbeginnings 🖤❤️🖤

Gli avevano detto "Molla tutto. Curati, guarisci. E non pensare più alla boxe". Danny Jacobs ha detto no. E ha vinto: prima il cancro alla colonna vertebrale, e poi sul ring. E ha preso la cintura Wba dei pesi medi.
They had told him "Take it all, curate, heal, and not think about boxing any more." Danny Jacobs said no. And he won: first spine cancer, and then on the ring. And he took the WBA middleweight belt.
The Miracle Man🥊WBA World Champ 👊 #DannyJacobs

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