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"Comfy on my ones, yeah I didn't need your love, never needed your love" - @miraa_may Soulful, Gritty, London sound, why we've got #MiraaMay on repeat... stylebiblio.com/music

The highlight of last month. Very surreal to meet one of your idols whose voice puts you in a trance! #VoiceOfAnAngel #MiraaMay

Shot from today's gig with Miraa May at @kensingtonroofgarden! Always enjoy playing with such talent! #NathanielCoke #MiraaMay #Bass #ReverbFest #kensingtonroofgardens

SEP° 009
For chilled vibes on a Sunday, check out what we were listening to this September #linkinbio

#MiraaMay @soundsbymaui @arimaederra @abesees @lakimisalive @Sango_ @brookywest #rascal @tommisch @miguel

👌🏽🎶❤️️ #miraamay #mondaymelodies

For those of you who are membership inclined ... and if not, fear not! We have more TIW just round the corner ❤️ #sholaama #miraamay #thisiswired #shoreditchhouse #chrisloco

|FREESTYLE| que fluya siempre. 🌙
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@miraa_may ☄love your songs!

BIGG TUNE, SKIPPY VIBE!! 'I don't want your DIDI!' By 💥@miraa_may X @next_to_paradise💥 REMIX just played on #radio1xtra @ggiglobal 💥 #nexttoparadise #miraamay


I will travel the world and still come back to you.. #miraamay #reggae

0️⃣2️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣ MOOD ... #miraamay #benji #instagood #instamusic #dope #instalike

This tune thoooo! #onrepeat #garageremix 💯❤️🎶👌🏾#miraamay

BIGG TUNE, SKIPPY VIBE!! 'I don't want your DIDI!' By 💥@miraa_may X @next_to_paradise💥 REMIX just played on #radio1xtra @ggiglobal 💥 #nexttoparadise #miraamay

Bedtime tune🙌🏼 #chill #sleep #benji #miraamay

🎶TOP 5 CREATIVE SONGS - by [@catalinababs ] 🎶 | ⬅️ SWIPE LEFT ----------------------------------------------------
Music and art, to me, go hand in hand. Music is like jewellery for the mind, you choose your mood and what you want the music to do for you.

Whilst I paint I need energy. Especially with large pieces. But there also calls for a time of chill when working on more intricate and detailed pieces. Therefore my playlist will travel all over the genre spectrum. But for me, these are my top 5 songs to play whilst I'm in my creative space.
1. @badgalriri - Love on the Brain
Speakers up loud. Always speakers up loud. I literally scream this song whilst painting. The passion in the writing and the way she sings it definitely give the number one position. Starting chilled and delicate but then when it reaches the chorus you get Rihanna's power. Yup, I could paint anything to this track
2. @badgalriri - Higher 
Next track on the album (ANTI) and next track on my playlist. This is powerful and emotional. Painting is all about emotion and this hits the spot. Short in just over 2 minutes but it really hits the spot. It's all about Rihanna's delivery on this track.
3. @this_nao - Bad Blood
My word this girls vocals are like nothing else. Her voice is ridiculous and paired with her production on her tracks it's honestly a creative dream. I could listen to every single song of hers and create all day. ------
4. @miraa_may - N15/Anger
Can't decide between these two. 
Anger is slow paced but the beat is so intricate and beautiful. The lyrics talk of love and the anger you sometimes you feel in relationships. Again another emotion based track and Miraa's voice brings it all together.
Whereas N15 is upbeat, I love the drum feature in this track. The whole track has attitude and that's what I love about this whole album really, its got London written all the way through it. And this place is my biggest inspiration.
5. @jheneaiko - New Balance
Pianos always soothe me for those detailed moments in a drawing or painting.

Lock into our main girl @miraa_may bringing the heat on @rinsefm for a special guest show taking you through till 2pm 🔥🔥 #punchrecords #soulacoustic #miraamay #rinsefm #radio #special #London

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