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오빠, 대박!!! You have do all the best!! 사랑해요😘😘 - Ayo, ajak temanmu untuk bergabung di @exobts.fact 💝💘
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This isnt really kpop related or anything but can I just say Smoke and Mirrors by Demi Lovato is amazing. Its so good my dudes. For those of ya'll you dont know Demi Lovato listen to her songs they're great. This one has to be one of my favs. My best freind might be happy that I promoted her on here oof

So uh funny story: I got invited to represent my school for the "Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders" that will be held in Boston, Massachusetts to receive my offical award for getting into an honors program so thats great. It costs $1,000 to do the program and I have to pay myself to go and get the award so that kind of sucks but my parents said that they're gonna do some research so I might go. Idk how to feel about this in all honesty so yep college shit fun

hello i've been quiet because i've been dealing with stuff but i got time so i did this because he's part of the reason why i feel ok right now
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Enjoy your time in Dubai, Xiubaby 👀😄😘 #exodubaifountain

Aduuuuh..andai yaaak kita bisa sedekat iniiih..😷😷😍😍 bisa aja dedek jantungan..wkwkwk 😂
#minseokanisah06#minseokkim #sarangheo #xiumin💘💙 #minseokexo

Btw for those of who who didnt know I added my pronouns to my name thing on ig which are they / them. I'm nonbinary and pansexual btw but I dont want any of you to feel pressured calling me by my pronouns since I don't get that triggered over them. You can call me a dude for all I care but I despise being called a girl. It just doesnt fit right to me I guess? Idk so yeah they / them is preferable but if its easier to use he / him you can do that too ya'll :] *whispers* im so fucking gay oops

I know this isnt really an hq pic BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! Look at him just look at him and try to tell me you didnt just see the most beautiful and precious man in this entire world. Ahhh I just wanna pat his little head and kiss his forehead. I just wanna hug him and tell him hes amazing and he matters and how talented he is and how he should be so happy and proud of himself. I just wanna see his gummy smile so I can have hope that he believes he is so much more then he thinks. I love him so so so much <3

I stole this from EXO's ig account oof ANYWAYS words cannot describe as how happy I am that EXO is getting more recognition for all their hard work. I am truly proud to call myself an exo-l who decided to stan these legends. I hope the members are proud of themselves and all they've accomplished. Seriously I can't believe that legends did that but then again legends should be with other legends as well don't you think?

Ini punya ku, mana punya mu? 😂😘💋 #xiumin #kimminseok #baozi #xiudaddy #minseokkim #minseokkie #exo #weareone

For those of you who dont know EXO made it to Duabi. I cant believe a fan actually grabbed Sehun like honestly wtf were you thinking. Just saying that if you ever meet one of your favorite idols you should treat them with respect. Anyways Minseok looked so adorbale at the airport I'm so soft for him hELp

rAndOm sTorY tiME: so I was watching that one ep of Jongin playing with a kid with my sister and then after awhile my sister says "why am i crying" I look over and I see that shes in actual fucking tears and I couldn't help but laugh because now she understands my pain and struggles IT WAS SO FUNNY SHE CRIED 3 TIMES MAN

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