Psssst. Wanna hop on my Harley? HOW WILD. A gal can't go wrong with a little moto jacket in her life, amirite?! Also, while we are at it, please wear a helmet. KTHANKSBYE. 🏍...
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I like this picture so much it needs it's own post - Vol. 2

ever post a picture just for yourself? I like to say that I always do, but I’m going to be perfectly honest- doubt, keeping up my “grid,” and all kinds of other silly things creep in and I probably share a fraction of what I capture. Sorry Instagram algorithm, I’m sick of you controlling who sees my work and all the games, it’s gotten to the point where this is no longer fun and probably why it has fallen to the bottom of my priority list these days (there has been plenty of life keeping me busy, but dedicating time to something that is blah is not my idea of fun or how I want to spend my limited time…) however, I miss the amazing community here, I am inspired, learn, and have met the most amazing people through this app and I want to keep that going! .
SO, I’m just going to post for ME. I’m determined to stay balanced and trying to bring back the joy I used to get from photography and instagram… so you know what- likes or no likes, here I am, soaking up a few moments by myself and making the most of a beautiful foggy morning
and if you have any advice on getting your mojo back, please share!!!!
SOOC and settings in stories .
. .
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🍺 Our Birthday Party is tomorrow, and we can't wait to put exclusively Northbound Beer on all 17 of our taps! Special appearances by some favorites like Eisbock, Jimbo, and Castro's Reserve - you ready?? See you tomorrow, friends! 🍺 #NorthboundTurnsSix

Do we call him four eyes or six eyes? 🤔🤓🤣

Worth the Hype Wednesday:
I may be married to foundation, but I’m having an affair with bronzer. As a former tanning bed addict, I may have given up the unhealthy habit, but I still strive for the look. While I have plenty of bronzers that work really well, this was always something I wanted to try due to the massive hype it receives. So, during the most recent @sephora sale, I finally purchased the @hourglasscosmetics Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light ($50 for .39 ounces at Sephora).
What it claims:
🔘 Illuminating bronzer with Photoluminescent Technology, featuring optically transparent particles that transform the look of the skin by manipulating and refracting light to emphasize your best features
🔘 The powders, blended by hand using an advanced miscelare technique, offer the perfect balance of pigments in a gorgeous pattern
My experience:
🔘 I used this product today and also have it on in Sunday and Tuesday’s posts.
👍🏻 All three (3) days I’ve worn it, I have applied it before 7am and taken it off after 10pm. It looked just as good at night as it did in the morning.
👍🏻 When I applied it for the first time, I was surprised by how pigmented it was. Thankfully, it blended out extremely well and you couldn’t even notice I had accidentally used a heavy hand.
👍🏻 Although the swatch makes appear luminous, it isn’t obviously so on the face.
👍🏻👎🏻 For the first day and a half, I didn’t notice anything special. Then, I pulled my hair back last night, after a full day of wear, and it just looked so naturally bronzed. Literally like I had spent the day at the beach, without any unnatural orange tone.
My verdict?
Yes, this is a stunning product - I can’t deny that. It blends beautifully and the shade works really well with my skin tone. However, I’m having a hard time getting past the price. I’ll have to keep using it to determine whether it makes me feel good enough to warrant the higher price tag. However, I can guarantee I will thoroughly enjoy that decision-making process.

Have you tried this bronzer? If yes, do you think the results justify the cost?

Just wanted to let you know that our No Prob Cobb is straight fire. 🔥#LiveCrispEatGreen

The breathtaking scenery of the North Shore, MN. As usual, can't miss the chance to bike those trails..

Absolutely stunning!

Photo by @breannewho

Tomorrow is fixin to be a big day on the big lake.

Wednesdays are for WINGS! Your choice of buffalo, Cajun rubbed, or spicy teriyaki that come with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Come see how well an Italian restaurant can nail this American classic! #degidios
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Sunday, September 23!! 👇 #edina #community

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Join us 1-5 pm Sunday, Sept. 23, as we close 50th between Wooddale and Chowen for our annual celebration. Live music, kid activities, fitness classes, pet zone, beer garden and more. Details at EdinaMN.gov/openstreets.

**⬆️link in bio**
My best friend has cancer. Her employer-provided health insurance has denied coverage of a crucial part of her chemotherapy as prescribed by her in-network oncology team.

Sara means the world to me, and has been such an amazing friend to me through what is possibly the toughest years of my life.

Please donate anything you can spare, and PLEASE share this on every platform you can. #cancer #fuckcancer #cancersucks #breastcancer #gofundme #bestfriend #bff #sawyerstrong #minnstagram #minnstagramers #minnstagrammers #minneapolis #minnesota #mpls #mn

Vintage 1948 Kodak Anastigmat f/3.5 50mm. I like the look of the external mechanics. #vintagecamera #35mm #cameras #film #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #mnphotographer #minnstagrammers #kodak #camera #cameracollection #filmcamera #antique

HOLY HUEVOS! I could eat Huevos Rancheros morning, noon and night- what’s not to love? Tortillas ✅ homemade salsa ✅ beans ✅ opportunity for yolk porn ✅
All you really have to do is whip up some homemade salsa, the rest just gets thrown together. ———————————————————-
1lb fresh tomatoes, chunked
1/2 onion, chunked
2 jalapeños
1t ground cumin
1t Kosher salt
2 medium cloves garlic, peeled
1T tomato paste
2T oil
Ground black pepper
Corn tortillas
Refried beans
Cotija cheese (optional)
Cilantro (optional)
Preheat oven to 350. Throw tomatoes, jalapeños, onion, garlic, salt, and cumin on a lined baking sheet. Whisk together tomato paste and oil. Toss veggies in oil to coat. Spread out evenly on sheet. Pop in the oven and roast until tomatoes are tender and shrively, about 45 minutes. Let em cool for a few minutes cool on baking sheet. Once cool enough, transfer to food processor and pulse about 10 sec to smooth it out a bit. Add lime juice and the salt, pepper to taste, then pulse until not quite completely smooth- you want it to be a little chunky.

To build (one serving): prepare two eggs to your preference, set aside. Heat up refried beans and spread about 1/4c on plate. Place two corn tortillas on top. Then top with 1/4c of the salsa mixture, then your two eggs.
Sprinkle with cotija cheese and cilantro, if using!

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