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It was a breakfast for dinner kind of night😊
---> just some scrambled eggies with hot sauce and a fresh whole wheat bagel! I topped one half with peanut butter and dipped the other half in caramel apple pie greek yogurt...they call me Braegel for a reason😽 #bagelemoji #bodybybagels

Night snack is a #pintparty with @mollys_battle @aliciasrecovery and @_skinnyrecovery_ of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy! 😋🍫🍪🍮🍦🍨 soooo much chocolate 😍 I watched the great British baking show this evening and omg it's the best :) seriously 10/10 would recommend to anyone who's as bored as I am 🙌 I'm proud of myself having this tonight because I was oddly stressed out 💪this was my kind of therapy tho 👊 especially since I had to cancel with my therapist today :( sweet dreams angels!! ❤️😘 xxx #prorecovery #minniemaud #edfam #ednos #edfood #edarmy #edrecovery #anawho #anabitch #anawarrior #anarecovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #recoverywarrior #recoveryarmy #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eattolive #eattogrow #eattogain #edfamily #anafamily #fearfood #fearfoodfriday #recoverywin #happypoints

(Yes I realize these are not perfect mirror images. I apologize for my ineptitude.) lately I've been receiving, and deleting, plenty of comments trying to micromanage and criticize my recovery. I get told I'm not eating the right things, I'm not gaining fast enough, I'm promoting an unhealthy body, etc. Etc. It's easy to get frustrated but at the same time I completely get it, because I get the urge to want to criticize and micromanage too! I think it speaks to the competitive nature of the illness. We're always comparing our own journeys to others and if they aren't doing something the way we are or if they are in a different place in their recovery it makes us insecure about ourselves. I can't deny that it upsets me to see someone thinner than me posting about how they're gaining "sooo much weight" or someone who is eating a meal that barely qualifies as a snack in my world talk about how unbearably full they are. It's hard. But the struggle is my own. I don't get to decide that they are recovering correctly or incorrectly. I don't get to accuse them of "triggering" their readership. When I see people doing things, posting things, I disagree with or that cause me to feel insecure about myself the only productive reaction is to step back and question why I react that way. Why does seeing someone thinner than me celebrate their "healthier body" make me angry? Because it triggers insecurities that I've already "gone too far" with my own weight restoration! Blaming others for your feelings may make them easier to deal with, but ultimately it is harmful and not particularly productive. #edfree #edfamily #edrecovery #edsurvivor #anorexia #anarecovery #anorexiarecovery #recover #realcovery #recoveryispossible #realrecovery #prorecovery #positiverecovery #edfighter #beatana #beatanorexia #recovery #eatingdisorder #foodisfuel #healthynotskinny #anorexianervosa #minniemaud #homeodynamictreatment

My initial thoughts on the new Netflix movie "To The Bone" based on the trailer up on the blog (link in my bio). To sum it up, I feel 😭☹️😠. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. If you disagree, that's totally okay and I still love and respect you mmk? 💗
This isn’t a film exposing the ugly truth of anorexia. This isn’t a film that’s going to erase stigma, change the conversation around eating disorders or help those who are suffering. It won’t open anyone’s eyes or make the girl who think she’s just “being healthy” realize she has an actual illness.
No, this is a film that perpetuates the myth that eating disorders are glamorous. That you have to be a bony, white girl to qualify as anorexic. That if you just eat less and do a few more sit-ups, you too can look like Lily Collins.
It’s a film that puts the “beautifully broken” girl on a pedestal as something to strive for. As something young girls want to be. As something that will get them attention and love and worth.
Let’s start seeing eating disorders for what they are: painful, life-threatening illnesses. Illnesses that are hurting women and men of all different backgrounds. Illnesses that need to be understood and treated, instead of romanticized and whispered about in secret.

E dopo anni in cui il cibo è stato TUTTO.. Finalmente colazioni normali !!! 💪🍵🍥

Hey guys!🙋
I hope you had a great day!
I had two exams this morning and I will have two tomorrow. 📔😱
do you know that feeling when you just can't study or concentrate any more? 😯
To all of you having exams now or soon: i can totally feel you!🙌
After a nice walk outside I decided to cook some soy Pasta 🙋 @delysoy
It's gluten free and vegan and it is made out of 100% black soy beans.
I made them with fried tofu, Broccoli and some fried onions, mushrooms and roasted soybeans with a tomato-chilli sauce. 🍝
#delysoy *
It will be my entry for @fitness_bianca and @foodbymaria #Pastaparty101 *
Mein heutiger Beitrag für die Pastaparty sind diese schwarzen Sojanudeln von @delysoy
Mit Tofu, Brokkoli und einer Tomaten-Chillisoße mit gebratenen Pilzen und Zwiebeln. 🍝
#vegan#beautifulhealth #nocalorierestriction #highproteinvegan #veganprotein #veganathlete #glutenfrei #soja #sojanudeln #pastaparty #ohnepastaohnemich #wwdeutschland #kichererbsenclub #gesundessen #buddhabowls #buddhabowl #veganismo #fuckcalorierestriction #meetupinmuenchen #noneedformeat #tofulover #wheredovegansgettheirprotein #lowcarbpasta #vegandinner #veganblogger #foodbloggergermany

For lunch today I had a "burger" (a whole wheat bun, black bean pattie, mustard, and lettuce) and a big bowl of protien oatmeal (a cup of oats, a scoop of vegaone vanilla protien, a banana, water, and raspberries). The only reason that the oatmeal is green is because of the protien powder (its full of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits). A burger and oatmeal is a really weird combination, but its what I wanted and it was really good. I'm sorry I didn't post this early, but when I came home from practice I fell asleep and just now woke up. I hope all of you love bugs are having a delightful day! Stay strong 💪🏼

Last day here and I'm sick 🤗 throat is on fireee and eyes bleeding ahhaha but food is always there to save the day

Bacon, cheese, mayo & chicken toast now I'm debating whether to take a hot shower or actually do a quick workout hahahahha

Oh who was a wee daftie and scheduled outpatients and then an important uni meeting for straight after...😶🙈. Hello anxiety this morning! 😅 And so cappuccino for my nerves. Because the caffeine definitely won't make it worse 😂. Waiting for my appointment now then over to the medical school! Have a lovely day everyone 😘


Had a great lift this morning after an awesome day yesterday. I worked, went to a therapy appointment, went on a fun lunch date to a cool outdoor Latin market in SE Portland, did a bit of work, and then capped off the night at church with one of my best friends. My body image wasn't great, but you know what's cool? I didn't think about it that much. I was busy with other stuff and that occupied most of my mind. Have a great humpday, everyone, we're halfway through the week! 💪🏼

Добрый вечер! Сегодня я ходила к эндокринологу. Она сказала, что у меня теперь нет дистрофии, но есть дифтерит веса. Однако "жить в таком весе можно" 😂 Ну и хорошо. Теперь хочу казать пару слов о перееданиях. На мой взгляд, переедания есть у всех людей с РПП. Только подумайте, как человек, который заново учится есть, может так вот просто кушать как нормальный человек? У меня тоже есть дни с перееданиями, но надеюсь, что это пройдёт. Просто когда сначала была череда голода,диет и ограничений, а потом огромных порций, КП, когда всё пихаешь в себя до болей и вздутия и переедания каждый день, чтобы выйти просто в школу, в нормальный мир, а не в клинику, то, конечно, очень трудно адекватно оценивать то, что ты ешь и сколько тебе надо съесть. Поэтому, пожалуйста, не нужно так сильно ругать себя за переедание, когда вы восстанавливаетесь. Всё пройдёт, как только вы научитесь слушать свой организм. Я верю, что всё будет хорошо и у вас и у меня. ❤️ Какая тема вас интересует? Напишите в комментарии и я обязательно сделаю отдельный пост на эту тему. #edfamily #eatingdisorderrecovery #minniemaud #recoverywin #foodblog #фудблог#миннимауд#жизньбезРПП

Breakfast this morning was this! I spent the morning lying in bed crying contemplating what to do with myself and then I was on the phone with my boyfriend and his son started crying insanely loud and it snapped me out of my mood for some reason and now I'm out and had breakfast (kinda late lol) and coffee!

NEW VIDEO ❣️❣️❣️
Link in der Beschreibung 😘

Homemade blue raspberry slush! Proper determined today💪🏻never felt so motivated. My friend even just said something super triggering to me but it didn't even phase me! She clearly does not understand my illness 😔but it kind of feels like the only people who do understand are those suffering and those closest to them! Anyway, this and multiple snacks this afternoon whilst watching The Vicar of Dibley 🤗

We are flawed creatures, all of us. Some of us think that means we should fix our flaws. But to get rid of my flaws and there would be no one left.
Sarah Vowell . . .
. .

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E dopo anni in cui il cibo è stato TUTTO.. Finalmente colazioni normali !!! 💪🍵🍥


I had my appointment, I've put on so much weight and my bmi is 17 so my feeling huge was accurate. What do I do. Been told to keep eating the same amount but it's 6 weeks till I see someone else and if I keep eating like this I'll have put on another 4kg...... Sorry guys

I'm such a failure
#edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #minniemaud #mentalhealth

3 peanut butter crumpets 🥜for morning snack! YUM 😍Went on a lovely walk with my dog this morning! I absolutely love the rain ☔️ I find it so peaceful and pretty 🌧

Давайте поговорим о спорте. А именно о процессах внутри нашего организма. Когда мы занимаемся спортом и хотим добиться результатов, очень важно учитывать АТФ (аденозинтрифосфорная кислота). АТФ участвует в процессе обмена веществ и является нашей с вами энергией. Если мы хотим накачать пресс, то первые 20-30 повторений скручиваний у нас уходит уже синтезированные ранее АТФ. После этого начинается молочно-кислое брожение.Результатом данного брожения является молочная кислота, которая ядовита и поэтому вызывает неприятное жжение, особенно на следующее утро после тренировки. До молочно-кислого брожения осуществляется гликолиз, где из одной молекулы глюкозы получается две молекулы АТФ.
Углеводы бывают разные, простые и сложные. Но энергетическую функцию и функцию питания мозга выполняет именно глюкоза.
Сахароза(он же сахар):глюкоза+фруктоза
Мальтоза: глюкоза+глюкоза
Ну а запасающий углевод в нашем организме - гликоген

Oh who was a wee daftie and scheduled outpatients and then an important uni meeting for straight after...😶🙈. Hello anxiety this morning! 😅 And so cappuccino for my nerves. Because the caffeine definitely won't make it worse 😂. Waiting for my appointment now then over to the medical school! Have a lovely day everyone 😘

Dinner is ground turkey in marinara sauce, grated sweet potato and cauliflower! 😋🍅🦃🍠🍜🍝 this is such a good dinner 👏 I also ate it pretty quick 👊 my mum keeps threatening an outpatient program and I think that's keeping me on my toes 💪 have a lovely evening angels!! ❤️😘 xxx #prorecovery #minniemaud #edfam #ednos #edfood #edarmy #edrecovery #anawho #anabitch #anawarrior #anarecovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #recoverywarrior #recoveryarmy #anorexia #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #eattolive #eattogrow #eattogain #edfamily #anafamily #goodbyeed #edcommunity #beated #fuckana #happypoints

Night snack😉I've been feeling so alone lately like I don't have anyone and it sucks sometimes. I'm kinda used to it though but sometimes I just wish I had someone who is always there for me😓Sorry for the negativity, hope you all are doing great!❤️

#edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #foodisfuel #eatingdisorder #choosehappiness #strongnotskinny #recoveryisworthit #edwarrior #recovery #minniemaud

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