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Bebé 😍😍 🐶❤ #halloween #minniedog #unpocogrande 😂

Our little donkey... #tuckeredout #minniedog

Desejamos a todos vocês um excelente Natal, aumigos!! 🎁🎉🎅🏻🤶🏻 #minniedog #bambamdog

A Minnie mais linda da minha vida! Amor da mamãe, musa pet.
Laço minnie @bellas_pet
Quero ser modelo do @mrdogdesign
#concursomrdog #cacaufofa #minniedog

i just fucked ur sister she keep unzipping my zipper #minniedog #missyagirl #FREEFATTREL

Oh yeah baby !! "Ela é top capa de revista ..." 🐾😁
@petlovebrasil quero ser sua embaixadora , pois irei me dedicar muito para divulgar a melhor e maior loja online de produtos pet do Brasil 🇧🇷 que amo tanto ❤️Quando era bebezinha as minhas primeiras coisas foram compradas na petlove ... mami amou !! E eu ? Adorei !! Desde lá eu e mamis viramos fãs número 1 !! #ConcursoPetlove #queroserembaixadorpetlove #minnie #minniedog #minniestyle


Our little donkey... #tuckeredout #minniedog

Happy 1st Birthday Minnie Girl
#birthdaydog #duckkiller #minniedog

Dogs don't play video games...do they? #videogames #dog #familydog #minniedog 🐾

Today marks one full year that I have been running 6 days a week, every week, with absolutely zero exceptions. It's a goal that @duckbentley inspired me to set and it has been quite the experience. Over the past year I have run in four different countries and a dozen cities. I've run on holidays and milestones and normal, boring days. I've run at all hours of the day and night, and I've run when it's blazing hot and well below freezing. I've run on asphalt, sidewalk, paved and unpaved trails, grass, treadmills, ice, and snow. I've biffed it a couple of times and had skinned knees and hands and hips to prove it. I've run when I've been sick and other times when I felt as strong as Wonder Woman. I've run when I was broken hearted and I've run when I was so happy. I've listened to several books, conference talks, scriptures, hours of podcasts and music, and often just the noises of the world around me. Most of the days @the.main.minnie was right by my side (or pulling ahead or sniffing something on someone's lawn). I am stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually because of this past year. And now I think I'm ready for some new running shoes.

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