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Teddy Bridgewater at OTAs !
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It’s been a little over a week since Rima received her double lung transplant. Since then our worlds have been turned upside down in a good way. Sleep and food became annoying and not the main priority. Learning new names of drugs, dosages, etc, etc. We’re in this together; being Rima’s caregiver is a very big job. When I set my mind to do something nothing short of perfect is acceptable. I know that a lot of this is going to be hard but I think the hardest three days have already passed. When Rima was in the ICU, having to see her in the bed sedated with tubes and wires galore. Knowing I had to get some sleep at night to be back early and stay late. Knowing she would need to see my face and need me to do many, many things for her. The first three days post transplant were the hardest days I think I’ve even experienced. This is the most on point I’ve needed to be and I’ve had some pretty intense jobs. To anyone going through a transplant or thinking about it, one word of advice, make sure you and your cagiver(s) have excellent communication skills with each other, it makes all the difference. Trust is another big component to a successful post transplant life. I know Rima trusts me, that I have her best interest at heart and am always on top of watching what people are doing around all her tubes and wires. Nurse bean on tube wrangling patrol. Rima’s moving forward bit by bit daily. Monday she walked three times and without a walker!!!!Go Rima GO!!!💪💜🌈🤗👯 #lungstoryshort #cysticfibrosis #cfawareness #65roses #curecf #newlungs #doublelungtransplant #transplant #organdonation #donatelife #unos #recycleyourself #cffoundation #cfawarenessmonth #happy #minneapolis #hospital # #strong #minnesota #wonderwoman #sister #gorimago

I'll be starting a new segment called "What each team should do this off season". Eighth up is the Timberwolves! The Minnesota Timberwolves are a rebuilding team, but they can be a lot better their process by moving and bringing in a few pieces.

1. Sign multiple bench players (Possible players: Dion Waiters, Bojan Bogdanovic, Taj Gibson, James Johnson, Zach Randolph, Kyle Korver, Andre Iguodala, Tony Allen, Darren Collison, Shabazz Muhammad, Patrick Patterson, Tim Hardaway Jr., Tony Snell, Joe Ingles, Sean Kilpatrick)
The Timberwolves strength the last few seasons is not their bench. If Shabazz Muhammad leaves in free agency this offseason, the Wolves are even more screwed. Signing multiple bench players will be crucial to get the team closer to their goal of the playoffs. The best fit other than resigning Muhammad would be signing Patrick Patterson. Patterson is the perfect stretch four off the bench to complement and split minutes with starter Gorgui Dieng. He shouldn’t cost too much and could be signed to a 2YR-12M contract.

2. Re Sign Shabazz Muhammad
Muhammad, 24, should be Wiggins backup for the next 10 years. Muhammad is a gifted scorer offensively, similar to Wiggins and starting guard Zach LaVine, making him the perfect backup to fill in for them when not on the court. Muhammad shouldn’t cost much for the T-Wolves as a low market team. The Wolves should offer Muhammad a 4YR-28M contract and if Muhammad is smart, he’ll accept that in a heartbeat, because a contract like that and the a future of definite winning in Minnesota is just too good to turn down.

3. Let Brandon Rush, Omri Casspi walk in free agency
Leaving Golden State was a mistake for Brandon Rush. Casspi leaving Houston a few years back was also a mistake. Rush only averaged 4.2 PTS, 2.1 REB, and 1 AST in only 21.9 MPG, whereas Casspi averaged 3.5 PTS, 1.5 PTS, and 0.8 AST in only 17.1 MPG. Letting go of the 31 year old Rush would be a wise decision, as this move, along with letting go of Casspi would free up more minutes for the younger players like Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Gorgui Dieng, Ricky Rubio, Zach LaVine, Shabazz Muhammad, Nemanja Bjelica, Tyus Jones, Kris Dunn, Adreian

Work .
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@bkinsey17 showing off his hands, throwing a lot of new stuff at our vets and they're handling it well so far. Excited for a great summer #HEHsummer #hockey #skating #shooting #training #skills

Glenwood Canyon Desk! ▪️WoodWorkCraftShop.com

Nope. 🦊🤘🏼#paintnite #paintniteminneapolis


This is one of the first 2 #terrariums that me and my boyfriend made together. It's with a glass container that was used as a candle for one with a wooden wicks (like at walmart or cub or something) so we cleaned it out. We went to the woods my by house and collected #Bark #Rocks #Moss #Dirt and other things from there. This one is my favorite out of the two that we made. #Minnesota #MinnesotaWoodsTerrarium #OpenTerrarium we watched #Serpadesigns on YouTube about how to make a natural terrarium or native terrarium (native cuz it's made from local stuff.) And I think it's absolutely beautiful!! I love it so much!! I plan on making tons more and even decorations out of #polymerclay for it!! If you'd like one please lemme know and I might make you one in the future (if you're lucky), lemme know if you want it opened or closed as well!! #WickedLotus #Nature #BringingOutdoorsIndoors

Hello Hello!!
Have you ever been cleaning out your closet and found something you bought that you'd completely forgotten about? I totally just unearthed these @bellamihair extensions I bought for our wedding but never wore.
I'm currently in the middle of a hair crisis. (Meaning: my hair is at what I affectionately call "hell length" also know as "mom hair" or what stylists refer to as a "lob".)
So I'm flirting with the idea of growing it out and having long hair again, and conversely entertaining the thought of a pixie cut again. Essentially, I'm debating the merits of long hair vs short, anything other than the style I have now!
So, tell me: what's your favorite hair length/style?
#lularoesummerann #hair #jkinstachallenge

Not bad #minnesota

New song! Up North
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FARGO (S3, EP5: THE HOUSE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE) (2017) Director of Photography: Dana Gonzales | Director: Dearbhla Walsh. "A chicken is an egg's way of making another egg." #tv #tvstills #cinematography #fargo #fargofx #fx #coenbrothers #noahhowley #ewanmcgregor #carriecoon #maryelizabethwinstead #davidthewlis #michaelstuhlbarg #scotthylands #scottmcnairy #emmitstussy #raystussy #stussybrothers #gloriaburgle #nikkiswango #vmvarga #syfeltz #ennisstussy #mauricelefay #crime #minnesota #2010s


Minnehaha Fall, pt.2

So good seeing my cousin and watching him do what he loves tonight. Go check out his music @loveofpharaoh

The Rhinoceros Hornbill. A theatrical bird who could entertain me for hours. These hornbills remind me of their East African cousins, Yellow Billed I believe, that would pick apart the side mirror and windshield gaskets on our #landrover and #landcruiser #birds #hornbill #fowl #safari #africa #zoo @mnzoo @tamronusa @nikonusa #tropical #aviary #nikon #wild #conservation #education #minnesota #explore #learn #birding #animalphotogrpahy

Minnehaha Fall, pt.1

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