That time my best friend and sister @jessray got married, that time we saw God answer years of prayers with a certain @kylemlangdon , that time I was IN her wedding as a bridesmaid, on the other side of the camera, watching @oliviasuriano photograph the whole day with @calliepittsdavis by her side, that time I cried my face off because Milly was the sweetest flower girl, that time we all gathered in and around our family home in Beaufort to see something we’ve talked about since MIDDLE school come to life (Jess getting married in Beaufort)... I could go on. All that to say, God is so good and so real, He hasn’t forgotten about your years of prayers, and my love for wedding photography was renewed all over again this day as I got to experience it again from the other side, with my every own team. What a day. PS. Favorite photo ever of me and you, @jessray. (On the enneagram, I’m a 3 with 4 wing, and she’s a 4 with 3 wing. No wonder we’re so close!) more from my favorite wedding of 2017 on the blog and in my story today! >>> nancyrayblog.com #nrpweddings #minkiesforever #jessandkyledowntheaisle

It’s the fourth one like this. Sam gave us these rings one Christmas while we were still in high school, and they have “forever” engraved on them. At each of our weddings, we have taken this picture - us holding our bouquets with our forever rings. And we’ve been waiting for this day - the fourth picture. Jess’s wedding. Today my best friend and my sister got MARRIED. We walked all through beaufort and we cried our faces off in worship during the ceremony and we danced like goons and we have the FOURTH PICTURE. Today was so, so good. Thank you Jesus. #minkiesforever #jessandkyledowntheaisle

These two mini-minkies are just tooooo much today. 😍😍 #raiseemright #minkiesforever #mininancy #miniheather #BFF&;E&E&E&E

When your best friend turns 30 and you sing a medley of her favorite songs that you've been singing with her SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL with your other 2 best friends and you barely make it to the end before bursting into tears because it was so much love and emotion and joy. One of God's greatest gifts to me are these sisters right here. HBD, @heysamantharay !!! You are forever my soul sister kindred spirit dance partner spring breaker Maria - Anita mission tripper worship leader sisterhood of the traveling pants BFF&E&E&Eeee! #minkiesforever #millyraytoday

This one goes down in history as one of the best 👑👑👑👑 #minkiescape2017 #minkiesforever

The Grove Park Inn ❤️ 100 year old mountain resort and a 50,000 sq ft subterranean spa. But my friends were the very best part. #minkiesforever

There has been so much goodness jam packed into the few days I've spent with these sisters... they have truly been a some of the best days of my life right here. Incredible food, so much laughter, dancing, relaxing, napping, reading by giant fireplaces, smoothies, quiet foggy weather and God's sweet presence all around us. So very thankful for this sweet life of mine. #minkiesforever

Fresh courage. Fresh hope. Fresh start. I gave these sweet @valmariepaper prayer and devotional journals to my girls and I just love them so. If you're looking for a great resource for 2017, this is a wonderful place to start. Love love love them. #valmariepaper #minkiesforever

And so the #minkiescape2017 begins!!! Me, mah best girls, my sis and my mama. I just can't. @willrray is literally my favorite human and this gift is the absolute best! We've already laughed until we've cried, had one of the best meals of my life, explored one of the most historic hotels in America, sat by the ginormous fireplaces, tried to perfect the running man dance, and now we are gearing up for a day at the spa. WHAT IS LIFE. #minkiesforever

Hard to believe that 15 years later, two of my best friends share my last name and we all still live in the same town. Nights like tonight clue me in again to how unusual and special my life has been so far and remind me how good God is. #autumn #minkiesforever

These women are a mark of God's faithfulness in my life. Through thick and thin, laughter and tears, John Mayer and apple pie, we will forever be there for each other. 👯👯 #minkiesforever

When you dress up for a Minki night to celebrate your best friend having baby number 3, it's not complete without flower crowns, funfetti cake, sweet prayer over baby girl and mama, dancing and singing to nsync, and eating a lot of really good food! 15 years of friendship is straight gold. Love these sisters of mine. #minkiesforever More shenanigans on snappy: nancy.ray

Last night I had the sweetest birthday celebration with my dearest friends. We called ourselves "the Minkies" in high school and we still call ourselves that to this day. 😊 When @hedremchedre 's baby girl crawled over to hug sweet #millyraytoday my heart almost exploded. Then my best friend @heysamantharay handed me my birthday card with this amazing picture. She has been drawing me these sweet and amazing cartoons since I sat behind her in English class in the 9th grade. @jessray made all of us amazing chicken gyros and we ate rainbow chip funfetti cake and watched our babies crawl.

I just had one of those moments - THIS is the good stuff in life. Friendships that have lasted for more than a decade, good food, growing in life together, celebrating milestones. Goodness I love these sisters so much. #minkiesforever

I will never forget these sweet few days learning mama-hood from the best of the best. My sister is full of tips and tricks and wisdom, and I couldn't be more grateful for this visit with her! Our days have been full of tears and snuggles and laughter. And diapers. And episodes of Friends. And ice cream. And naps. Goodness I love her to pieces and am going to miss her something fierce. Thank you Lord for giving me a sister to look up to. Milly sure does love her Aunt Sissy! #millyraytoday #sisters #minkiesforever

Hard to express how grateful I am for these friends. Bffs for 12+ years! It's amazing how making time for a simple dinner with those you love can fill up your heart in the best way. Happy birthday @hedremchedre ! #minkiesforever

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