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All four of them really out there chillin 😍 I don't even care that they still have schoolwork left 😇😇😇 #bondingOverBeansAndRice

#aintnothingbutagthing baaaby 😂 photoshoot at paws at the park #bratpack#minitribe

This morning I got up for the gym before class/work. Afterward, I started getting ready and a thought came to me. I started a mini program with @dandeandthelion a little over a month ago and will start the next 60 with them in the next week or so. I thought about the progress pics I posted and realized, I want to be a results not typical kind of athlete. This year is about being my best self. The best version wouldn’t just do the minimum but would push herself beyond her goals. She would crush the goals and go beyond. She would PUT IN THE WORK. I am committing to being my best self and loving myself this year. What are your goals for the year? Are you stopping there or going beyond? #minitribe #beaLION #bestversionofyou

Lots of #love to my #husband @davrlaw on #valentinesday & every other 💗💙 This first year with a baby has shown that real #love takes #patience #forgiveness & #sacrifice but the return on that is priceless. Sometimes the most #romantic gesture can be changing a nappy or settling a baby at 4am when it’s not your turn. One of the best days right here with #babygirl 😍✨ #throwback

My shirt today! Today’s Goal: surviving my mini tribe...they’re cute but savage AF! 😂 #momlife #momshirt #funnytshirt #momhood #mytribe #minitribe #survivingmotherhood #mondaymotivation #mondaymood

9 years ago, 17years old and 7months pregnant! Who’d have though we’d have built us a mini tribe 😍 @puianator My most challenging and rewarding journey to date! #MiniTribe #PuiaTribe #Kids #Family but most of all #Love

Somewhere for our little tribe members to hang out. #guernsey #tribehair #tribegsy #kidshair #crayon playtime #minitribe

What do you guys listen to in the gym? Do you like angry music? Happy music? Music that makes you dance? When is your best pump? Mine is when I listen to Disney music and singalongs, y’all. I am in my best mood and get my best workouts in when I am feeling joyful and happy. Disney music does it for me. #minitribe #puttininwork #harrypotterworkoutclothes #getthatgoldensnitch @dandeandthelion @disney

Mini Tribe . Our kids fitness program designed for ages 3-11 is back into full swing this week . We put the fun into fitness for the little members of the tribe developing fine and gross motors skills, our program focuses on play and having fun with your mates without them knowing that they are actually working hard and developing the physical skills required to be an awesome human being . The beauty in what we do is the constantly varied movement we challenge them with on a daily basis running, rowing , jumping , hanging, throwing the secret is we don’t specify in a particular sport . Our coaches have a wealth of experience coaching kids in all sports and emphasise the importance of having a good attitude , having a go and never ever giving up . Our main goal is to develop a love of fitness from an early age . We are keen to grow our mini tribe if you’re keen to check us out we have 3 sessions a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s 3.45pm- 4.30pm . $10 a casual . $90 for 10 session pass #minitribe #tribeathletica #coffscoastnsw #fitness #functionalfitness #kidsfitness #motorskills #lifeskills #tribemilkbar #fitter #faster #stronger #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #loveourtribe #coffee #morethanagym #lifestyle

•|| MINI TRIBE ||• My mini tribes made their debut on the weekend at @thelittlebigmarkets and they got soo much love!! Thanks to everyone who came down to support my little creative stall.. Love you all 😘 #creativedreamingnz #marketstall #thelittlebigmarkets #crafts #smallbusiness #pegpeople #dollypegs #floral #bunting #minitribe #teepee #handmade #withlove xx

Saturdays are for gains and chillin with Charlie. Today was Cardio and Core. Did a little extra TRX core at the end. I’m feeling stronger and getting my love and motivation for the gym back. #minitribe #trx #sandiegosun #adventureswithCharlie @dandeandthelion

#MiniTribe at the SeaQuest interactive aquarium 🖤 The mini tribe are pros at feeding the sting rays, sharks & going in the bird cage🐠🦈🐙

Leave house - load 4 kiddies into car
Arrive at school - unload and construct pram (city select double in 5 pieces to fit in car)
Leave school - disassemble pram and load
Arrive Kindy - I’m done assembling prams 😂
Leave Kindy - take a cheeky selfie in amusement of my day to day life, load car
Arrive home - unpack car

Drove 6km and it took 1.5hrs 😂😂😂 Anyone have any tips on getting in and out easily?

It’s 3pm and we’re still in our PJ’s. Isn’t that what Sunday’s are made for? We have reorganised our whole house though and swapped our living room and dining room around 😬 mainly to make room for this beautiful new/vintage wooden jungle gym that we picked up for Eve yesterday from our local secondhand kids shop. I’ve been holding out for a wooden one and then this appeared for only €15. So happy with it! Don’t you just love old wooden stuff? Is that just me?
#thriftymama #secondhandstuff #woodentoys

Not many people at the gym this afternoon. Sure was a nice change of pace. Back and Bi’s day felt good. Still working on getting in the swing of things but getting there is the first step. Got a couple miles in after this pump. I’ve been reflecting back on the last year and where I was during deployment. Sure, the distance was a little closer to get to the gym but I did it. I had a routine and goals then just like I do now. I feel like I was in a better mindset with working out then. But then again I also had a lot fewer options of things to do. I still have a long ways to go but I am excited to see what this year holds and the growth I achieve this year. #hooyah #untappedpotential #minitribe #girlswholift #levelupandlead @dandeandthelion @heathermyriahpearson @kelseymstacy

I need this shirt. I must say today, I was not looking forward to going to the gym. I put it off and put it off for most of the day. I sure am glad I went though. Crushed quad day and looking forward to tomorrow. If you’re struggling to get in the gym, just go. Find your motivation in some music or at the gym. You’ll be glad you went after you’re there. #minitribe @dandeandthelion @heathermyriahpearson @kelseymstacy #HarryPotter #legday #findthemotivationwithin #swolecraftandliftery

Georgia.... GEORGIAAA... 🎶 #welcometothepack #minitribe

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