It hit me this week that I have officially been with you in my life longer than I have been without you😱😍 @jarrettmcneely!!
(no it’s not our anniversary😬) But the #SimpleTruth is this: this man has my whole heart for my whole life. ❤️
Here’s to vacation, date night, exploring the island, walks on the beach, staring at the stars, talks about life, and staying out so late our teens ask what time we came in! LOL! I love you, man! 😍💃🏼
Also- for the sake of authenticity- there have also been moments of bickering, snotty comments, and eye rolls on this trip.😬😣🤦🏼‍♀️
But even so, we choose to land back in this place: where we don’t let the lesser moments determine the value or status of our marriage. 💪🏼
We love us- the good, bad, and ugly.
We set it before the Lord daily asking Him to redeem the broken places in both of us that cause us to stumble all over each other in the various seasons of life. And believe me- there are plenty. 😬🤪
So we grab hands and go forward- the beautiful messes that we are. ❤️
He makes beautiful things out of dust.
THAT is our #hope. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
So press into the Father and press on. 💪🏼
✨Your #marriage is worth it. ✨

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“When we say YES to God, our stories become extraordinary.” Joel Thomas
Pastor Joel walked us through week two of Your Story over the weekend with a message on our obedience to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in our lives.
You can listen to this message right now by clicking the link in our bio. #hcyourstory

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Do you want to stand firm in our sexualized world and get equipped to help others do the same?

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My best and most favorite way to communicate with God. When I feel like everything is caving in and feel myself becoming complacent in my walk with Him, I hear a small voice telling me to “dance it out”. When I dance, I can literally feel the presence of God invading ME— when He invades, everything else gets evicted. I don’t dance because I want to look pretty, I dance to shut down the kingdom of hell. I dance to put the enemy in his place, I dance because that’s what I was created to do. It’s freeing, it reminds me of WHO I am, WHO’S I am, and WHO has the victory. What are you needing to dance out today?! #dancing #dancingforgod #iamhis #Heisgreater #Christlike #followingjesus #dancerlife #ministrylife #ministry

One of my ministry's faithful listeners, supporters text this to me, IMMEDIATELY following last night's message.

I don't normally share the #Testimonies that come in, but TODAY....I just feel led to share.

I LOVE My #ProlificFire #Family and it feels good to be able to help somebody for HIM; always for Him. Rom 11:36 NIV

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Jr. High Camping trip!! So pumped to spend time with some awesome youth and staff #lovemylife #ministrylife #campinglife #explorers

Proverbs 3:5-6 - We sometimes try to understand how God is going to do the impossible for us according to His Word. Than , worry, stress and doubt follows in which it kills our faith/ trustfor God to get it done . He requires us to trust Him with all our heart- in other words - He requires us to rest and be at peace just knowing that He got you - He is faithful- He will get it done. (NOtE - this is a ONE minute word of encouragement.). Visit us “LIVE” go to faithbridge.ca for location. - #faithingod #faithinjesus #faithinhim ##riosministries #ministrylife #trustingod #trustinhim

My middle sister when she has a word she has a word.. she created this cute shirt and there are more to come..Ladies in ministry get into it. @aishamdavis #fashion #wardrobestylist #fashionstylist #celebritystyle #houstondesigner #ootd #stylist #womenfashion #fanniepack #lafashion #nycfashion #dallasfashion #ministry #womeninministry #ministrylife

Proverbs 3:5-6 - We sometimes try to understand how God is going to do the impossible for us according to His Word. Than , worry, stress and doubt follows in which it kills our faith/ trustfor God to get it done . He requires us to trust Him with all our heart- in other words - He requires us to rest and be at peace just knowing that He got you - He is faithful- He will get it done. (NOtE - this is a ONE minute word of encouragement.). #faithingod #faithinjesus #faithinhim ##riosministries #ministrylife #trustingod #trustinhim

Cross Church Vacation Bible School (VBS) could not happen without the hard work and dedication of the dozens of volunteers each year. We are blown away by the amount of time and effort that goes in to making VBS special for our Cross Kidz. So this week, we would like to say a HUGE Thank You to every single VBS volunteer pictured and not pictured who helped us make VBS possible, fun and exciting! You are all rockstars! .
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Likewise, how you feel about yourself is reflected in how you treat others. 👉🏼 The two are inseparable. 〰️ Genuine, Free Flowing love for others flows out of the person who knows they are worthy of love and does not question their own lovability 〰️Measured, tactful and guarded love comes from the person who questions their own lovability and feels they must hustle for their worthiness. 〰️ Are you building up or breaking down those around you? Are you building up or breaking down yourself?

Why do we settle for less than God’s best for our lives when He came that we may have a full, blessed, and abundant life 🤔?
Let’s make today the last day we walk purposelessly and without hope!
Embrace the process and the journey 💕💪🏽.
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You see it, don’t you? I remember having friends text me after I posted this picture last year and telling me they saw the sadness in our faces. We were grasping for anything that would give us peace. I’m glad I still documented these moments. It’s a reminder for us.

The new blog post on forgiveness went live yesterday! I cannot tell you what the messages and emails have meant to me as we share our heart. I’m glad God is always faithful to use the hurt for healing. #thesullinsspotblog

Day 16 catch a glimpse of what I work on with ministry leaders. This month we been discussing the speaking gifts. In this livestream one of our leaders discuss the mindset change she embraced to move forward in serving others through the gifts of the spirit. #heavenly #spiritualgifts #ministrylife #courageous #tuesdaytransformation #tuesdaymood #leadershipdevelopment #socialmedialifestyle

{Testimony Tuesday} Thank you, @lindseydoom for sharing your testimony.
After suffering from an unexplained miscarriage in November 2016 at 9 weeks, we tried to conceive for another 6 months to no avail. We were told by our new fertility dr that my ovaries were much older and than I was and I had one tube closed or very narrow at the least. Also my age of 38 wasn’t helping matters. His recommendation was to jump straight to IVF for our best chances. We proceeded to go through 2 mini IVF treatments to recruit quality embryos. We were about to go through our third and final mini IVF treatment and my follicles were not cooperating. One was large and 2 were small so my dr decided we should wait until the following month and try again.
I cannot tell you how frustrated we were. We had already taken the month before off to relax and take a trip to Hawaii after our second cycle! Lord why would you let this happen?! Another month, another wasted month, another month waiting and waiting. So we waited for my cycle to begin in November. I can’t tell how anxious I was to start my period. The sooner I started the sooner we could complete the last cycle and the sooner we could implant in January
This was MY plan. But it never came. I had a positive pregnancy test the morning of November 27. God had other plans. He naturally allowed me to get pregnant with our son Elijah due on July 26! Praise God for His timing. Praise His Name that He knew what He was doing all along. What a wonderful promise fulfilled. He is faithful to complete what He has started!!! I am proof that at 39 with old ovaries and one tube that HE IS THE ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN. HE says when and where and can breathe ANYTHING into life if it is His Will. Be encouraged ladies, we serve a mighty God🙌
The daily Moms in the Making encouragements and the testimonies were KEY to keep the discouragement away during my journey. I will never stop encouraging women that are going through things that I have gone through. I will not allow my trials and heartaches to go unwasted! Lord use them them for Your Glory! Anything to point back to You and Your Provision! #mitmtestimonytuesday

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Search: Prolific Fire With Prophetess Stacy
The FULL message from last night was entitled, "When Your Head Is In A Hard Place"
I pray all who hear, will be blessed.

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No fancy office or computer for this guy. And yet, week after week he brings God’s word in a clear and concise way that touches hearts. #oldschool #preachinggodsword #lovemyhusband #ministrylife

Make sure your tank is full. People will suck you dry and move on to the next person the minute you stop serving them. Be mindful of your own fuel level. The moment you start feeling used, unappreciated or under-valued, is the moment you should drop that load off and keep on moving. God never allows anything or anyone to TAKE from you without GIVING you something spiritual in return.
You have so much to offer, to give and to experience to be walking through life on empty. Take care and make sure your tank remains full.

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