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Last night as I was sitting down to prepare and pray over what God would have me to share today, the depth of pain and grief that I've walked through hit me like a ton of bricks. This month brings the last memories of my husband Patrick fresh to mind and the reality of the sting of death can be so great. •

It's amazing how grief can either fog your mind and perspective through the lens of pain or it can clear the clouds of life so that you can see the sun in a greater light. For me it strips away the things of this world and reminds me of what truly matters-Jesus. •

So often we spend our time energy and emotions on the comfort of this world instead of the things that truly last forever. We get so bogged down on what we look like, feel like, how others should treat us, if we measure up etc. I find when I am overwhelmed it's because I've been caring to much what this world says about me rather than what the Word of God says about me (just being real here.) It's when I fix my eyes on Jesus and lose the distractions and sins that can weigh me down that I can run the lane in life God has called me too, and not just run it but do it with endurance that God creates through suffering. •

Today I shared from a vulnerable and raw place, felt like God told me to throw the notes aside and shared from my heart. My life is woven with much joy and much sorrow but the greatest thing I pray people see are not those things but the Jesus who is the Author of it all. He has shown me His faithfulness and goodness in every season of life and He isn't stopping now. What a faithful Savior and I pray our lives always reflect that HE is the greatest treasure. •

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We just got to LA this morning and decided to walk around. When I looked up and saw a sign for Yayoi Kusama's infinity mirrored room at the Broad Museum. I have ALWAYS wanted to see this exhibit, and missed it when it came to Texas. It felt like I was in space. Such a blessing to stumble upon this!!

🙌🏻🙌🏻 This song is SO GOOD!! 🔥🔥🔥 TAG somebody!! @bethelmusic #lionandthelamb #thelionandthelamb #churchflow #churchservice #amen 🦁 🐑

Progress of a new return visit book cover! I've been brainstorming new ideas for different products that might be useful to you - what would you like to see in the shop?

Дорогие братья и сестры, проживающие в Израиле, а также гости столицы, в эти предпраздничные дни, мир вам всем!

Прежде всего я благодарен Богу, а также Международному Христианскому Посольству в Иерусалиме, в лице Юргана Бюллера за приглашение на «Feast of Tabernacle 2017» который пройдет в Иерусалиме с 6 по 11 октября. Для меня это большая честь от Господа и знак вашего доверия, которое я искренне надеюсь оправдать пред Богом. В эти дни я молюсь, и прошу вас молиться обо мне, чтобы я смог передать сердце Господа, и сказать то, что бы Он сказал на моем месте.

Тема конференции в этом году: «Иерусалим - город Бога» не случайна. Этот необычный город был вожделенной мечтой многих царей на протяжении истории, и потому часто переходил из рук в руки. Ценность этого уникального города в том, что он «Город Великого Царя» (Мф.5:35), как я верю, нашего Господа и Спасителя, Иисуса Христа! Как тело без духа мертво, так и этот славный город, а точнее сказать народ Израиля, не может войти в свою полноту доколе не воскликнет «Благословен Грядущий во имя Господне» (Мр.11:9). Об этом молитва всех верующих в Иисуса, об Израиле.

Я очень надеюсь что Дух Святой употребит меня чтобы я смог передать вам это послание.

Нельзя не упомянуть и того, что Международное Христианское Посольство в Иерусалиме выражает особое уважение к русскоязычным общинам Израиля в том, что позволяет бесплатно посетить все мои выступления на конференции, 8 и 9 октября. Поэтому от имени Посольства и от себя лично, я приглашаю всех вас для участия в этом большом событии.

С уважением и надеждой на скорую встречу, Александр Шевченко.

Расписание семинаров и всю информацию вы сможете найти на нашей страничке.


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Same place, same person, same pose
Part 1
Part 2 nyusul ntar kapan2😂
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Still hot in September!

800 foot elevation. No where near what this Saturday's will be... 😜

I am packing snacks!

When our faith is in the Almighty God then we have spiritual strength to uphold us. The supreme being that the Lord is gives the spirit strength in our misunderstandings, our weaknesses, our powerlessness, and our exhaustion. We can have MIGHT because of the ALMIGHTY.

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Please PRAY for our friend Leontina. •
She has been very ill and is currently bedridden. Please pray she is able to recover and gain her strength. .

Also, pray for her daughters as they care for her and for Mum Bernah as she cares for the elderly in our Suubi community.
#pray #elderly #widow #love #hope #ministry #TheSuubiProject #LoveDoes #ChangeLives

*HALELUYAH*, para Kekasih.. *"J.u.m.a.t"* wajib kita titi dan jalani kembali di pagi ini.. *Namun, ingat:* Jangan pernah takut atau gentar ya, sebab ada *FIRMAN ALLAH* bagi kita yang merasa lemah & tak berani berjalan sendiri.. Hayati & Lakukan itu, and have a *Wonderful Friday, Amen!*
🙏 💪 🌈 👏 *" J U M A T "* :
(Tiada Lagi Nasib Malang Padaku!) *J* - Janji Allah adalah murni dan JalanNya Sempurna! Ini menjadi Perisai bagi orang yang berlindung kepadaNya (Maz. 18:31 / Rom. 4:20-22)! *U* - Ulurkan TanganMu ya Tuhan, ya Tangan kananMu untuk Selamatkan aku dari kesesakanku! Kau-lah yang mempertahankan hidupku (Maz. 138:7)! *M* - Malam gelap duniawi semakin pekat. Ayo, tanggalkan perbuatan-perbuatan gelap dan segera kenakan perlengkapan Senjata Terang (Rom. 13:12-14)! *A* - Aturlah apa yang kau mau Persembahkan kepada Tuhan dari sejak pagi, maka di pagi hari pula kau boleh menantikan Jawaban Doamu (Maz. 5:4).. *T* - Tuhan membalik semua rekayasa jahat terhadapmu menjadikan Kebaikan bagimu, demi Amanat yang lebih besar di sisa hidupmu (Kejadian 50:20)! *"JUMAT INI ALLAH MEMPERTAHANKAN DAN MEMENANGKAN HIDUPKU !"..* *"THIS FRIDAY GOD PRESERVES AND CARRIES THE DAY FOR ME !"..* 🙏 💪 🌈 👏

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Meet Lynesa: A self-love coach & author who helps women identify root caused issues that would prevent cultivating a health mind, body & soul.

She joined our agency to receive a total business revamp that will help take her brand to the next level by creating coaching programs and live events.

Be on the look out for up and coming projects as we help increase brand visibility and get this creative boss launched quickly into the marketplace.

Welcome to the tribe, @thebellabody!

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I've been following this gentleman's journey since i was a teenager, listening to his voice, his songs and his insight on praise & worship, and until today he is still serving the Lord with his passion! God is so amazing.
A humble and fun-loving person @sidmohede . Keep in touch kakak.
Istriku kamu fans beratnya kan @meivysarasta hahaha. Wes ya, iki photone dan kemarin wes videocall bareng2, masa mudamu lengkap dan bahagia 😂.
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