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Ollie is Getting big! 😳👶🏼🐳 #babybump #20weekspregnant #minisam #mamasboy💙

Arranca el frio y vos tipo #minisam

Right after she learned the phrase "nailed it" #minisam

Mini-SAM d'après le tuto de @mercigiroflee en simili et vinyle laqué perforé #etpuislaneigeelleesttropmolle #minisam #mercigiroflee #nonalamortdesblogs

15.11.2016 🖤 #minisam

Get your pink leathers out. 👭❤️ #elfhouse #minisam 😂

Couture du matin. Il me fallait un sac. J'ai fait un mini sam de @mercigiroflee mais pour moi pas de simili cuir comme préconisé dans le patron mais un jacquard trouvé à @eurodif et un passepoil trouvé à Mod'tissus. J'adore le rendu. Merci Giroflée , ce tutoriel est parfait ! #minisam #mercigiroflee #eurodif

about saturday night🙊🎉💚
#bday #miniSam


• You are my sunshine,
my only 🔅shine

Cousette du jour terminée ! Ricard mérité
#minisam #sewing

The reunion was sweet!!) when I decided to sell it I couldn't stop thinking about my miniSam, another girl driving my mini and my new life without it. Someone says it's stupid to miss a car and have feelings to it, but I do. And to be honest mini is the best car ever! And you know it's even more then just a car. It's the whole world with its mini people! And it's a kind of honour for me to be a part of it. And last Monday morning I woke up and realised I couldn't sell my Sam. He is mine) And sometimes you'd better fix the problem instead of escape from the trouble spot. And that's not only about the car..it's about the life!


Mon #minisam oversize tout juste terminé ! ! Je l'aime d'amour !! ❤❤ @mercigiroflee un grand merci pour votre patron et le pas à pas ! #jecoudspourmapomme #jecoudsdoncjesuis #jecoudsmesaccessoires

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