Little Nepalese Piece Of Art That Contributes To Create The Art Of Music 🎵 🎶 🎼. Magal.

I prefer posting photos of me in the warmer months 🌞 currently i look like a ⛄️ with wayyy too many layers on

New arrivals for new clients in USA ✨

Goedemorgen Fietser..

enjoying this slow day 😻💫

Semacam power bank besar.
Genset, 2018.
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We all chase the new cars 🚙 and phones 📱, work our asses off to splurge on some new kicks 👟. Yet most people won't realize that happiness doesn't require a lot of material possessions.

This was my apartment in Taiwan 🇹🇼 for 1 year, just over 30m square in total. All I owned was 1 suitcase worth of clothes and it was enough.
Some of the best periods of my life thus far have been living in a tiny apartment with just the basics. Very few worldly posessions. The 1st time I ever went abroad to live by myself 🇹🇭, I realized I didn't need much to survive.
I came back home after 6 month angry at my parents for living in a big house 🏡 , collecting shit they don't REALLY need, spending money on decorations and wasting time every week cleaning rooms no one even steps in.

Take a look at your things this weekend:
What have you not worn for months?
What's something that's been collecting dust in your closet?

Toss out the junk, give away they shit you don't need. Sell the things you don't like anymore.
You will fill lighter - I promise. Want to buy a new bag? Throw out your old one. Need a new sweater? Make sure the one you have goes in the donation box.


Un certain regard. (Portrait of Elvira the Whippet.(

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