Back from vacation... it was definitely a time for me to reflect on my life, recharge and spend time with some amazing people. Something I can recommend is if you feel down,drained,stuck etc, take a small trip go somewhere to just recharge even if it’s for a day or weekend or weeks. Waking up to this every morning was a highlight of my day. The feeling of cool air, warm sun on your face.. it was absolutely calming and relaxing. I’m ready to work, ready to finish this year and welcome 2019. Fall is coming! Double tap if you are ready to follow me this next few months.
I’ll be posting about self preservation, mindfulness, and strengthening mind body and soul. I’ll be sharing some strategies and thoughts for the day to keep spirits awake ready and happy.
My passion is happiness, animal conservation and photography! I am so happy and ready to start this new journey! Double tap if you are ready to follow me on that journey! Stay tuned more to come!!

er GRESSET faktisk GRØNNERE på den andre SIDEN ?

Serra de Queralt

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