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| in my place in my place |

one of the most beautiful corners in the apartment we stayed at in portland 🖤

i miss it already, but at the same time... it's so fucking good to be home 💋

He doesn't want to be held, talked to, or even looked at by anyone other than me. He's taking clingy to a whole new level 😂 I feel like I should be a little annoyed that I've had to rock him to sleep every nap and night time for the past few days but I love it. Teeth cutting has turned him into the cuddliest baby and I'm secretly hoping it takes a few more days for them to poke through. I know when he's not in pain anymore it'll be all about dad again 🙄😂😂

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Hot iceberg • An abandoned mine is now one of the worlds most famous beaches. It's main characteristic is the white volcanic rock, shaped by wind and wave. A secret place until recently it is now a must see destination. #reasonstovisitgreece #beautifuldestinations #sarakiniko #sarakinikobeach #milos #skinopilodge #greece #🇬🇷
w/ @nausika.milos + @dormina

. ✏🖋WRITING. . .pt1 🔹How often do you write? Do you write at all or just type on computer/phone/tablet?
🔹Scientific studies had showed writing down helps developing brain, memory and cognitive abilities. Writing down things does not just help memorize it but improving overall brain functioning and feeling better. It improves motor skills.
🔹Not to mention how your handwriting will improve. Kids nowadays does not know how to write letters thanks to uncontrolled playing with new technology. Did you know that kids are receptive to new techologies? This is no joke. I was lucky smartphones appeared here on markets when I was 18-19years old 😅
🔹Start doing it today. Even just one word. Let it be one word. Just for the sake of writing 🐝
💗---------------Inspired by:------------------💗
| Notebooks | Pink | Cyan | School supply | Writing | Thoughts |
1. Bramão I., Mendonça A., Faísca L., Ingvar M., Magnus Peterson K., Reis A.(2007): The impact of reading and writing skills on a visuo-motor integration task: A comparison between olliterate and literate subjects. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society; 13(2); 359-364
2. Kellogg R.T., Rauletson B.A.(2007): Improving the writing skills of college students. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. 14(2); 237-242
3. Limpo T., Alves R.A., Fidalgo R.(2013): Children's high-level writing skills: Development of planning and revising and their contribution to writing quality. British Journal of Educational Psychology. 84(2); 177-193
4. McCarthy P., Bethune C., Asghari S., Graham W., Fitzgerald S.(2014): Awakening the right brain and hushing the left brain: Enhacement of scholarly writing skills in an academic setting. Medical Education Scolarship Forum Peoceedings. 2; 1206
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La modelo y Miss México @anagirault estuvo en el front row del show de @ziutika durante @fashionweekmx#mbfwmx #bestdressed

Silly smooth

Extra colors for a gray day 🌈

best on-the-go snack 👌🏼

I freaking love this outfit! Anw i wrote an Exam today and i think i didnt do that well! Well thank God i had a good note this semester! But i still hate bad results! What about you guys?

T-Shirt: @primark
Hat: @hm
Jeans: @pullandbear
Glasses: @versace_official (took them from my Dad😅)

🎴 M I N I M A L O F T H E D A Y =====================================
P H O T O B Y @spathumpa =====================================
🏆🎉 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 🎉🏆
D A T E 26/04/2017
C H O S E N B Y Chara @hara_kalatzi .
I D T A G #mpt_spathumpa
F O L L O W @minimal_phototrip
T A G #minimal_phototrip
🔵 Member of @phototrip_hubs_team
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Bugünler güzel günler ..güzel akşamlar 😎

Minimal Rambo 🐶🍑👀
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