My Saturday: lunch made by my bro: quinoa cilantro sauce with side of veggies and tofu. Then leg, arm and core workout with my personal trainer: my bro! Thanks @greentinman for babysitting. What a treat :) #plantbased #healthyeating #stayhealthy #veganlife #plantpowered #plantbaseddiet #plantstrong #plantprotein #veganpower #homemade #mealprep #foodprep #zerowastemom #veganmom #veganfitmom #minimalistmom #ecofriendlymom #organicmom #letscookvegan #wholefoodplantbased #closeyourrings #applewatch

This year I committed to saving money. Every dollar adds up. I save coins at home and deposit them at the end of the year and I save the rest in my savings. I’m all about paying my debt off but saving is critical for me with two small kids. I’m saving mostly for a big bear trip this year. This Christmas we won’t be buying a ridiculous amount of toys because we are becoming minimalists and we live in an apartment. We are trying to instill good habits before we get our house and also instill good values in our kids to just be content with what you have and the people in the house. My heart is so full of ❤️ #debtfreecommunity #momlife #minimalism #minimalistmom #savings #travel #debtfree #financialpeace #love

I’m now the person you dont want to stand behind at the grocery store 😂🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🍎 #sorry😬 #packagefree #groceryhaul #groceryshopping #zerowastejourney #yum #zerowaste #plasticfree #minimalistmom #mininalistamom

I’m so excited!! My husband’s ties had stains on them and I didn’t want to take them to the dry cleaner (💸 and toxic chemicals 💀) so I decided to try to wash a couple of them. They turned out great! I hand washed them separately in a sink with gentle detergent, rinsed, and then rolled up to get some of the water out. I laid them flat on a towel to dry. I ran the iron over them on the “silk” setting while they were damp, and they kept their form! 🎉 good as new! ☺️
#debtfreecommunity #debtfree #daveramsey #daveramseybabysteps #money #savemoney #greenliving #green #instagood #tips #moneysaver #crunchymama #minimalist #minimalism #minimalistmom #intentional #intentionalliving #intentionallife #frugal #frugalliving #frugallife #sahm #momlife #ties #diy

A lot has changed since I first became the Boss of my own life aka. a business owner (last picture).... I feel it's time I reintroduce myself and what Feel Free Club really means. .
I'm Melissa. I care deeply about freedom.
Freedom over my time..
How I live my ONE and ONLY life..
How I think..
How I parent..
Over who I am.
And although we live in a world that fights everyday to take our freedom...
I. Fight. That. Much. Harder.
to take it all back. .
And I know I'm not alone. MANY of us REFUSE to spend our precious 🕛 simply moving from one mundane task to the next, overextending ourselves in ways we never imagined only to survive this life instead of actually living it. .
I hope many of you will join us as we 🚫PAY ATTENTION 🚫
1. How we spend our money
2. What we choose to surround ourselves with
3. And what we allow into the 🌎 we create for ourselves. ❤,
Your Professional Organizer 📷@kelleyraye_

I am not sure if I would be ashamed or proud (I guess none of those though) but today is the first day that boys wore matching outfits. I think if I would have had girls it would have happened earlier but I didn't realize how much cuter they look to me when they are matching ❤️. And now as Will will be growing into the next size (actually boys' clothing) it will be harder to find matching outfits 😭. The good thing? Misha is growing so fast that very soon they will just wear the same size 😂

Happy 3rd Birthday Addie girl! Such a fun Frozen birthday party. Love you!

#purposefulliving #mommyloves #bossbabegoals #minimalistmom #holisticmomma #christianfamily #healthyfamilylife

Happy 🌎 #EarthDay to you! We spent the day playing outside almost all day because it is so gloriously warm *finally* and in a renewed commitment to minimalism we did something a little drastic and pro-planet today...WE QUIT COSTCO! Yup. I have my last haul and more on that coming up later this week on my channel. Tonight I have a “how to host Shabbat” video going up in case you’re thinking about what to do next Friday night! And speaking of earth this little boy is the WORLD to me! 💙❤️💙 and yes he insisted on wearing his fire truck 🚒 pjs all day today, I just wish I had a pair of my own to match.
#jewishmom #nochildleftinside #littlethings #gooutside #explorethegreatoutdoors #earthday2018 #earthdayeveryday #minimalism #saveourplanet #minimalistmom #minimalistmoms #minimalistkids

The facts aren't pretty. According to BBC the average child ages 5-16 spend 6 and a half hours in front of a screen every day! If they are already in school 8 hours a day, this means the majority of their time at home is on a phone, tablet, computer, or television. As a fifth grade teacher, I am already seeing the negative impact this is having on our children. As a mom, it's woken me up to realize that this is no small issue.
Some solutions that have helped our family:
*Switch between music and television. For instance, after one episode of Sophia the First, we switch our daughter to country or toddler music on Pandora on our tv. It still gives her something to glance at, but it is much healthier. *Get outside! Walk around the block, go to a public park, it doesn't have to cost any money. But feel the sunshine.
*Play a game-magnets, tea parties, baby dolls, those are toddler's favorite. *Read, read, read. Only good things come to children who read. Even looking at pictures and creating a story of their own is a way of learning inferencing and observation skills that will benefit them later on.
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I say it often.....
Beauty is everywhere. .
It is impossible to compare the oceans to the mountains, the plains to the desert. They all have their own beauty and hardships.
Kinda like you and me. We are incomparible. Each of us has our own story, our own giftings and struggles. .
What if the ocean lived its life wishing it were the mountains? I hope today you can appreciate your unique self! Don't you dare waste this life wishing you were someone else. Embrace your journey!
#beautyiseverywhere #truebeauty #createdbyamasterdesigner

Fresh air surrounded by gators on this earth day.🐊🦎🐢🐟

Don't be deceived; I may be baking allergen-free scones from scratch, collecting my chickens eggs, watching our vegetable starts grow and deep cleaning the kitchen, but my laundry is in the DRYER on his beautiful warm and sunny spring day. You win some, you chose to lose some 😅 #pickyourbattles #unsensored #cultivatedlife #momlife #homestead #cabinlife #wetooktothrwoods #naturalliving #minimalistmom #minimalistfamily #smallhome

Just welcoming spring🍃 we decided to change up some things in our house, to create a more positive living environment for the spring. We have quite a mess on our hands right now, and I honestly don’t know where to start🙂 so I put Deni to nap and sent Hessi to the park, and decided going on instagram was the best place to start🙈 ———————Yazi garshiliyarken🍃 Gerar verdiyki evimizin daha positive olmayi icin bezi deyishiyliyler elemeliyiy yaz icin. Evde alemi bir birine gatmishiy ve hardan duzeltmeye bashliyacayimi bilmirem🙂 Ona gorede Denini yatizdirdim, Hessini parka gonderdim, ve fikirleshdimki instagrama girmey bashlamay icin yahshidi 🙈

Why do pictures make me happy? I have no idea! Maybe because days and weeks can sometimes be far from perfect, and exhausting, and not what we expected. And with the picture (if you choose the right one of course 😂), everything is perfect and even weather can cooperate once in a while. #iloveus #sunday

There is just something so special about being a part of a team. About belonging to a community. About being encouraged, and understood, and inspired by other women everyday. About traveling the world with girlfriends. About pushing each other to be better. There is just something so special about COACHING. Follow me to learn more about what we do and DM at any time to join us. When we link arms we can make a bigger impact and create a greater legacy👭👭 #weareteambeachbody

🍃G O I N G-G R E E N for Spring🍃 •
After watching the Minimalism documentary - we’ve become more appreciative, grateful, and have adopted a whole new mindset.
Thanks to these awesome guys @theminimalists for redefining the meaning of happiness and sharing the ultimate secret to success. For the past few years we’ve been focusing on personal development | self growth — mainly living life with intent. I’ve been purging for almost 2 years now - detoxifying - removing waste from what’s not adding value to my health - so I can replenish every breath with purified air. HAPPY EARTH DAY! •

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ♻️

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