Just getting inspired to finally decorate my house. Thank goodness for Pinterest. 😂😅
I am not an interior designer, so channeling my inner #joannagaines isn’t easy to do!! But I’m ready to figure out my own design style. Maybe I’m finally #adulting. 🤷‍♀️


Just the silicone & flooring to do!! I love it ✨ ————————————————————————
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Wednesday wisdom 🌱🌻

Evinizi; el alem ne der, beğenir mi, aman da hiç bir şeyi yokmuş muymuş, parası mı yok muş ki, cimrimiymiş neymiş efendim in ötesine taşıyıp başkaları için değil kendiniz için yaşamaya başladığınızda bence sadeleşmenin ilk adımını atmış bulunuyorsunuz tebrik ederim derim 👍🏻👏 E peki kazanıyoruz eşya almıycaz da bu parayı ne yapacağız diyenlere de önerilerim : 🌿Yakınınızda bir öğrenci varsa burs verebilirsiniz 🌿 kurslara katılıp kendinizi geliştirebilirsiniz 🌿 yeni yerler görmek için gezilere katılabilirsiniz 🌿 seviyorsanız sinema tiyatro olur 🌿 çocuklarınızın eğitiminde kullanabilirsiniz 🌿 belki bir yurtdışı seyahati olabilir 👍🏻 @vassalam.zanzibar gibi gönüllülük turizminde yer alabilirsiniz ( en çok gitmek istediğim yerdir ) 🌿örnekler çoğaltılabilir 😜 iyi geceler efendim #minimalizm #minimalisthome #minimalistlifestyle #minimalistlife #minimalistdecor #sadeyaşam #sadehayatım #basityaşam #lessismore #azçoktur #sadehayat

Day 6 of the decluttering challenge... the kids rooms. Oh this room has been the biggest challenge. 😂 Trying to keep toys and stuff at a minimum but still honoring the fact that kids are kids. What’s worked well for us is quarterly purges of stuff we don’t use or need, and anytime something new comes in this room we find something old to purge. Books have been hard to minimize too but with books on Kindle and Audible... and borrowing from the library... we’ve been able to downsize just to the books they read again and again. Those bins contain toys and games for 2 boys. It’s taken years to get to this but feels so good to keep only what the boys love and use regularly. What’s your struggle when it comes to the kids room? Be sure to sign up for my FREE 7-day decluttering course for all the tips + tricks to declutter the kids rooms. I’ve got a workbook you can download too. Click my link in profile to sign up. ✌🏻 #declutter #decluttering #declutterchallenge #declutteryourlife #minimalism #minimalist #minimalista #minimalistliving #minimalistlifestyle #minimalistlife #simplicity #simplify #simplifyyourlife #healthymoms #healthyfamilies #instahome #decluttermadesimple

I know Sacramento doesn’t get a quintessential fall but I love these days anyway. After letting a bunch of little things ruin my mood yesterday, I was happy to enjoy the autumn breeze and walk by the farmer’s market down the block while wearing Izzy in the sling. I still feel that enneagram type 4 melancholy but honestly that might be because I’ve had the blinds closed for too long 😐 a girl needs her sunshine. #dizzyporizzy

You can create your own 'My Empower Project.' Think of something you really want to get a handle on. DM me to ask how to join me & let's get started together late fall!

Item # 4638 decluttered this year 😱
And this item makes our total count now 400 for the household 🖤
I got this item 4 years ago when we went to the Santa Monica pier. I was so excited and it was my first time seeing the ocean.
I’ve kept this item that many years as a result BUT I always thought it looked cheapie and it’s obvious those shells weren’t pulled there. It’s more the memory I care about, than the actual item🖤 .
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Если выйти из дома в мягком и тёплом халате очень хочется, но что-то всё-таки останавливает, то выйти из дома в мягком и тёплом пальто-халате fine. очень даже можно! Более того, нужно. Оно ведь как раз для того и создано 👌🏿👌🏿
Во-первых, оно на 30% шерстяное, что делает его по-настоящему осенним.
Во-вторых, оно очень крутое. Но ты и так это заметила! 😉
В-третьих, уютное, красивое, стильное, имеет просто идеальный силуэт, да и вообще оно просто идеальное! 🖤
Ох, захвалили, так захвалили. Лучше пиши нам и забирай, пока есть в наличии!
2030 грн.
Единый размер (от XS до L).
Рост Ани: 168 см.

Больше фото – #fine_wool_cardigan

Ph: @bogdanbabanin
MUAH: @ira_sushchenko
Md: @annahaleta
Style: @devochka_ale

Saturday and Sunday I truly unplugged with no reception while I was at Yellowstone National Park. It was amazing with canyons, falls, hot springs, mountains, and wildlife. The first day we went Mammoth Hot Springs and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We saw an abundance of elk and bison!

Can we talk about imposter syndrome for a sec?
I realized something about myself today. I need to hear a compliment at least 5 times before I believe it. 5… Times… At minimum.
Why is that? What is my inner voice saying most of the time that makes it so hard for me to receive a compliment?
Who are you? What makes you think you can call your self that? People are going to figure you out. They’re going to see that amateur shining through. They’re going to see that you have no freaking idea what you’re doing.
Really?? When will it be enough when someone will pay me a compliment and I’ll just believe them? Or better yet, when will I compliment myself? When will I see my own gifts and talents as unique and special and something worthy of sharing?
I speak on here a lot about treating ourselves and talking to ourselves the same way we’d treat and talk to our best friends. Most of the time I’m saying it to myself, because it’s a message that I really need to hear. But how many of us need to pause sometimes, look in the mirror, and tell ourselves that we are amazing, talented, worthy, enough, exceptional human beings and that we are here at this exact time, because the world needs exactly what we have to offer?
When will you believe it? I’m really trying to hear this over here.
So, here’s the challenge folks… Here’s what I’m striving to do henceforth. When a random person at a show, or a gig, or in life takes the time to tell me that they they I’m alright, I’m going to try my damndest to BELIEVE them. Right then and there. The first time. No questions asked. Inner critic be damned.
Whose with me?

Gimme the deets

Charity shopping❤️ I said yesterday I needed some new clothes for winter and also because I’m starting my apprenticeship soon I hope! I thought I would have to get some things new which I really didn’t want to (1. The environment 2. The price!) but luckily I got most things in the charity shop. Only things I bought new was underwear etc because well Hygiene yano🛁 I’ve wanted a big patterned cardie for ages and this one is perfect! (Swipe to see the patter better) and I didn’t need the shirt really but I thought it was beautiful so😊 I also got some trousers and some more jumpers, I did pop into primark for tights and tried some stuff on but really just don’t enjoy the big shops anymore which I used to be obsessed with, strange realisation but definitely a good one. I wasn’t even in Topshop for 30 seconds because I just felt out of place. Charity shops for the win🙌🏼 what’s your best charity find?💚 #declutter #simpleliving #minimalistlifestyle #minimalroom #roomtour #minimalistliving #minsgame #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastelife #zerowasteuk #minimalism #minimalist #minimalistic #vegan #veganism #yayforearth #minimalisthome #lowwasteliving #lowimpactmovement #lowimpact30 #lowwaste #plasticfree #wastefree #reducewhatyouproduce

Two years ago this beautiful blessing and miracle entered this world! 💞 My niece was 6 weeks early and I never held a tinier baby! Now she is thriving and is the sweetest thing! I’m so grateful for Gods hand in rescuing my sister and her from what could have been a huge loss for our family. God is Good and we are grateful to spend moments like this celebrating birthdays together! ——————————————
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