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Want an original Aussie 👕? Shop it via the link in my bio👉 @australianshepherdworld
📸 Credit: @chesapeakecharlie - Woohoo!! Road trip with Mom and Dad & he’s letting me drive

When your mancave game is on point 👌🏼 he literally rolled off the teat, waddled to his mancave and assumed the position 🤣 #miniaussie #miniaustralianshepherd #miniaussiesofinstagram #workingdog #herdingdog #agilitydog

I have to show you this little cutie😍😍
This is my best friends dog Watson. Watson is three weeks old and an miniature Australian Shepherd!😍
You should take a look at his Instagram page!🙈

Little miss wiggle butt! 😊💕 #tbt to before I came home to live with my new pawrents 🏡👫❤️

Came for the beer, stayed for @chrisyoungmusic
#Repost @chrisyoungmusic (@get_repost)
It's a puppy!!!!!! How cute is @bellapit.carteraussie right now??? #notamusicpost Not my dog!

#skaterboy 😎
Dear Diary,
the human is packing our things ... AGAIN. It feels like we got home only three days ago. Tomorrow we will go and visit Anni 💛 I have a vague idea about a pretty and pretty awesome Border Collie girl, the worlds best #hütegang and an endless forest 🌲🍁 maybe going on vacation isn’t so bad after all 😉 I am sure the humans will annoy us with lots of pictures. Well, we ARE adorable... so who can blame them. Love, Cody 🐾


Almost five weeks since my beautiful babies have been born!💕
Makeup is not a daily occurrence for me anymore... neither is showering 😂 my hair desperately needs washed. Sleep is really rough... I drink way more coffee than I would like to admit to you all. BUT I'm a big happy tired mess all wrapped up into one!

Really the only thing that has not changed is my determination to eat healthy food and not fuel my body with crap. Trust me, it is so hard to not stress eat. I totally can see how weight gain can happen after post partum. Being up at crazy hours of the night (sometimes the entire night) and being sleep deprived makes it even easier to eat terrible. Being stressed about being a new parent can also lead to binge eating. To all my mom followers, I 100% get it and I see how it can happen so easily.
I've had a few people tell me to relax and enjoy eating what I want since I'm breastfeeding twins. I'll be real, that just annoys me 🤣 for starters, whatever I'm eating they are eating so it does matter what I am consuming. Also, I want to feel good about myself. Point blank. I know that if I completely let myself go it won't just affect me but it will trickle into how I am in my other relationships. I am the best version of myself when I eat healthy foods and workout consistently. I'm a nicer person... hahaha seriously!
No, I will not eat whatever I want because I have goals and they aren't leaving just because I had babies!
#twinmommy #postbabybody #postpartumbody #mypostbabyfitnessjourney


Why are you making me look at you if you aren’t giving me a snack in return?

Lexie’s sniffing the weekend and fall is finally on its way😍🍁

Silly Zoey playing with leaves in her fur #fall #seasons #fallishere #leaves #fallingleaves #playingintheleaves

Throwback to the first time I went swimming! 🐶💦🌊

When babe isn’t giving enough attention to you 🙄

Does my rain jacket make me look silly??? Mom says it’s cute and keeps the office from smelling like a wet dog...but I’m not convinced🤔

Träningarna går bara bättre för var gång, nu har hon lärt sig så mycket och vi börjar vi sätta ihop det! Och när hon vet vad hon ska göra går det snabbt också 💨 Det är bara bakombytena som vi behöver träna lite 😁 Men oj vad kul det är, hoppas kunna filma lite nån gång.
Jag är så stolt över min tjej 💖

Just because I love my little dog more than the fall colors😍😍 #tinydoge #babybelles #spoiledpup #miniaussie

#Howloween treats stuck in my teeth for #TOT & #pumpkins as big as me!_________________________________________________________ 10.07.17 📷: @mayaxkiwi | #mylilanimal #BrodieK #puppy #miniaussie #jester #tbt #TongueOutThursday

All tuckered out... #miniaussie #sotired #mycouch

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