The Dark Bunnies are here! Come check us out in the 40k tournament room.

Eldrad Ulthwe! Who doesn't just love this guy? Other then the Imperium, or Chaos, or even his own people. I mean this guy has plotted and schemed his way across the galaxy for tens of thousands of years. Guess you're bound to piss off a lot of people after all that time...

Whose up for some White Lion armor?! It's been a while since we've shown off some Kingdom Death survivors and the first we've done at Epic.

All the hands were magnetized to give flexibility between all the armor kits. There are quite a lot of options and we were up to our ears in magnets. Still a lot more armor kits to do!

Painted to Epic quality.

It's everyone's favorite Necron hating Aeldari, Illic Nightspear!

Rumor has it that he once owned a toaster that consistently burned his toast. Ever since, he's had a deep seated hatred for those mechanical monsters.

Props to anyone who can find that comic strip and post it below.

Raise your banners and pledge yourself to "The Great Shark!" Always love getting the opportunity to paint free hand banners especially for unique chapters like the Charcharodons.

If you're interested in getting a custom banner for your army shoot us a message or email us at contact@darkbunnycreatives.com.

dah dum......... dah dum...... Dah Dum, DAh DUm, DAH DUM
DAH - Happy Shark Week Friday everyone!

The Dark Bunnies are big fans of Shark week and to celebrate we filling our weekend up with the most bad ass sharks of all.

First up is the Lieutenant with free hand designs on his armor and tattooed face along with a nasty squad of Aggressors.

Got some Gears of War Kantus and Theron Guard for you all today!

Next up, the Berserker!

Who all here enjoys a good ol' burninating? We know this Avatar does!
We added cracks in the ground and snow to the edges of the base to give the impression of heat radiating from his body.

Painted to Epic (level 2) quality.

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