Whose up for some White Lion armor?! It's been a while since we've shown off some Kingdom Death survivors and the first we've done at Epic.

All the hands were magnetized to give flexibility between all the armor kits. There are quite a lot of options and we were up to our ears in magnets. Still a lot more armor kits to do!

Painted to Epic quality.

It's everyone's favorite Necron hating Aeldari, Illic Nightspear!

Rumor has it that he once owned a toaster that consistently burned his toast. Ever since, he's had a deep seated hatred for those mechanical monsters.

Props to anyone who can find that comic strip and post it below.

Raise your banners and pledge yourself to "The Great Shark!" Always love getting the opportunity to paint free hand banners especially for unique chapters like the Charcharodons.

If you're interested in getting a custom banner for your army shoot us a message or email us at contact@darkbunnycreatives.com.

dah dum......... dah dum...... Dah Dum, DAh DUm, DAH DUM
DAH - Happy Shark Week Friday everyone!

The Dark Bunnies are big fans of Shark week and to celebrate we filling our weekend up with the most bad ass sharks of all.

First up is the Lieutenant with free hand designs on his armor and tattooed face along with a nasty squad of Aggressors.

Got some Gears of War Kantus and Theron Guard for you all today!

Next up, the Berserker!

Who all here enjoys a good ol' burninating? We know this Avatar does!
We added cracks in the ground and snow to the edges of the base to give the impression of heat radiating from his body.

Painted to Epic (level 2) quality.

Last week you met Bumble Bee Castelan. This week we have a Castelan inspired by Dinobots!
It was tough to figure out which accents to bring out. The old photos of the Dinobots had a lot of very bright colored golds and pinks. We decided to have the Magenta be the primary color and keep the other colors a bit more muted.

Painted to Adept (tabletop) quality.

The last WIP Monday for July projects is here! Had a few characters and Knights sneak in at the last second.
With the Warlord complete everything seems so small now 😄. What are you working on this week?

Even though Kingdom Death 's Lion God loves painting miniatures... he remembers to go outside and catch that summer glow ☀️✨

Dark Bunnies get hyped, Easter is coming early! Spoke with Rob at Spikey Bits and looks like he's coming today to pick up the Warlord!

Here are some of the final WIP shots. Stay tuned for final photos soon!

Just need to figure out what name to give him. I'm still rooting for Tobias.

Titan Friday strikes again! We were contemplating auditioning for the blue man group after painting all this blue. After all, once you get that paint on it take forever to get off.

I think we'll name this Warlord, Tobias... Next week we'll start putting everything together and get ready for final photos. Get hyped!

Got some Rebel scum for you all today!

Painted to Adept (level 1) quality.

Looks like Bumble Bee is still kicking ass even in the 41st millenium!
Next week we'll have another transformer themed Knight to show you all. Any guesses as to which one it'll be?

Painted to our Adept (level 1) quality.
Grass tufts provided by Shadow's Edge Miniatures​

It's Tank Tuesday and with the end of our Knight special it's time to show off what we did!

First off we have some sweet Helverins! These were done for a custom house hold "Ebon Rust." Painted to Adept Quality (level 1)
Tufts from Shadow's Edge Miniatures

Star Wars has visited the Dark Bunny studio and you know which side we're on!

Painted to our Adept quality for TABLEWAR. Be sure to check out their booth at NOVA as I hear these models may be making an appearance.

Also, for those of you going to ATC be sure to look for Phil and Cory and say hi. They'll be wearing the t-shirts with the scary bunny on the front!

CALM YOUR BLOODLUST!!! its Wednesday... you're half way through the week.

However, Konrad Curze is here flay away your troubles! Look at him in his gory splendor! :D

WIP Monday and the Bunnies have been quite busy! Finished a few projects and started a few new ones.
Also getting ready for the ATC and we'll be showing off a new army with some sick conversions. How to see you there!

Kingdom Death has taught us how to butcher a lot of stuff... but we simply can't butcher the paint job on this guy.

What environment will he bring pain and suffering to next?? 😮

Nagash fun fact number 8: He's a huge Kelis fan.

Catch him singing like; "My spells be bringing all the Undead back to life,
and their like, they're better than ours,
Damn right, they're better than yours
I can teach you, but I have to charge." How would you finish this song?

Every Friday for the month of July is now... TITAN FRIDAY!!! That's right! The Dark Bunnies finally got their hands on a Warlord Titan and it's awesome!!! Have I used enough exclamation points yet? Not nearly enough!!!! Check out our page every Friday and see the progress we make. On the 28th we'll be showing off final photos and maybe even have a live stream for you!

In the meantime check out these WIP shots and lets us know what you think. Comments that include Russian painting memes will be much appreciated. Bonus points if you include bears.

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