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Time to show off the big boys! We put the hobby muscles to work, literally, trying to get that vampire painted. Primary color stage is almost complete!

WIP of Ghost Miniature Seer Council. Next photos of these guys should have them done.
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Wicked Wednesday is here and we've got the new, big nasty, Great Unclean One to show you all!

Bow, or more likely keel over, before this gift of Nurgle.

Got some more color blocked in on the guardians and Wraithlords along with the Seer Council by Ghost Miniatures.

There seems to be a lot of cold weather rolling around lately, but don't let that get your goat! Come forth to these cuddly little furballs and curl up!

How do you feel about the green atmospheric and green lighting effect?

Mymeara army is nearly built! Next step will be to start putting down color.

Twilight fans rejoice the vampire of your dreams is here....To ruin your day!

This model was a real treat for us to get. Surprisingly few parts but unsurprisingly a pain in the ass to build. We took extra precautions and pinned it in several areas to the main body as well as getting a foot long acrylic rod to support the weight. Added the destroyed Rhino to help visualize the scale and add some cool factor.

It's Wicked Wednesday, and we're sure you're all looking for a good time! Do you enjoy being dismembered by crab claws while some weird seahorse-lookin' ostrich tickles your feet with it's serpentine tongue?? Me neither!

In that case we recommend you have your fun time a safe distance from these Seekers of Slaanesh. 😅

Looking for a new cruelty-free fur coat this winter?? Well come on down to Kingdom Death and let our Lion Survivors get you pimped out!

Lions are gently put to sleep with the soft playing of harp music, and then our shaving crew gives them a snazzy new haircut! The lions feel no pain and only eat 1 to 2 of our crew members upon waking 😊

The Dark Bunnies received a little present from Artel "W" miniatures!
Check out that packaging sealed with a wax seal! 
We'll be painting up Macha from the Dawn of War video game for our Eldar Client. 
More WIP's to come!

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The Dark Bunnies are starting this year with a bang!
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Big bird has come a long way. From teaching us the ABC's to teaching us the ways of change. How excited are you for the new Daemon codex?

The Demon Codex is coming soon and if you didn't know already, we're big fans of painting Demons! Here is an Ogroid Thaumaturge for a Tzeentch commission we did last year.
Adept Level

It's the first Wicked Wednesday of the new year and today we've got... umm... whips and chains?!? 😳
This Greater Demon is from Mierce Miniatures, and in an effort to keep things PG, let's just say..
Here's to a more confident, sexy, and multi-armed new you in 2018! 😉

"The Awakening"
We have always found it quite romantic that Titans in the Warhammer 40k universe are referred to by the Mechanicum as GOD-Machines. What could be more romantic in theme than and ancient Titan awakening after eons of slumber? Shaking off the layers of overgrown vegetation and fauna. Activating for the first time in ages and the first thing it locks on too is a raven, fleeing the disturbance, abandoning its nest with its young in self preservation. The machine seemingly unaware of the marines it's crushing below.

This was a unique instance where a client commissioned a large war machine for his collection along with a budget that allowed us to push the boundaries of artistic vision and provide new perspective on miniatures as an artistic medium. In a sense it was our awakening as artists, exploring what art is about.

Part 2! We add a base to the pillar with some more epoxy putty and a bit of texturing to the ground with some dirt.

Here’s a quick look at how we made some of our Kingdom Death bases!
The pillar is a wooden dowel that we coated in surfacer to give it a smoother finish. Then the stone work was done by laying down some epoxy putty (magic sculpt + green stuff) and then carving in the separations and adding some damage 😛
Comment if you’d like to see more of these and let us know what you’d like to see us cover!

On this freezing New Years Eve, we're dreaming of sunny lions!
Here's our not so white White Lion from Kingdom Death. We heard these guys have fur that shimmers gold in the sunlight, and if you look closely you might just see a little sparkle.

Unlike this sad lion, we wish you a Happy New Year!
.. and if you do any crying in 2018, make sure they're tears of gold 😉

Imperial Knight Warden ready to go! Never could quite figure out what house it belonged too. Any guesses/suggestions?

Sss..Ss.. Santa? Is that you? 😧
I guess all those trip around the world take their toll 😅
Here's our take on the Grand Papi Nurgle from Forge World!

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