Me: Remember when you turned 25, I woke up and started yelling "noooooooo!"
Chris: yes...
#minhtychai #twoyearstill30

Couldn't make it to his birthday run (aka the Yosemite half marathon) because of work. To make up for it, we spent today back in the park for a mellow hike

Trynna harness #theforce today but I'm caught wondering if I should return to Jakku

#maythefourthbewithyou! Here's a throwback to mine and @chrissnguyen's photoshoot of #airforceones I painted inspired by #starwars

Photos by @chrissnguyen #minhtychai

Yesterday, I did one of the bravest things I've done this year so far: I ran a 5k with my hella daldal, extroverted af, hyperactive fiancé.
Was he annoying the whole time? Yup! But he paced me at my goal and didn't let me give up. Running 3.1 miles with this Phoebe Buffay impersonator was worth it. #minhtychai

We happened to be in Seoul for last year's #airmaxday. Thank you @huhboi for taking us to the #nike celebration! #minhtychai

To infinite years of being all gigil and shit ✨ It's our engagement-versary! #minhtychai

Photos from 2012 to 2017

We’ve officially been engaged for 1 year 💍// #minhtychai

📷: @kellymasumiya

Me in the face of chaos aka wedding planning #minhtychai (@chrissnguyen hold me back bruh)

Photo by @kellymasumiya , makeup by @_katwhoaman

#tbt to Coron, Palawan where @chrissnguyen gave me that 💍 #minhtychai

During mine and @chrissnguyen month-long trip in Asia, I chronicled everyday with watercolor. It's been nearly a year and I'm about ready to share more pages with you 🎨 Coming soon to the @empireintheair blog

Check out our full engagement video shot by @dontcareray 🎥 during our photoshoot with @kellymasumiya 📷 #minhtychai


Last day of vacation before walking back into the work week #minhtychai

Wedding planning all day and reminiscing on our trip back in March. We can’t figure out where to go now for our honeymoon! #minhtychai

🎨: @chichai.empire

Starry skies and shooting stars 🌠 in #JoshuaTree last night // #minhtychai

To more adventures in 2018 // #minhtychai

📸: @chichai.empire

Walking through the desert looking for Joshua’s tree🌵 // #minhtychai

See you later, USA and bae.
Manila, see you soon.

She’s always packing and taking off ✈️ to travel the world 🌎. Bon voyage mon amour❤️// #minhtychai

Morning vibes // #minhtychai

“Something MILKY got in my WAY 😂” - @chichai.empire
Exploring Yosemite at night while avoiding bears 🐻 // #minhtychai

Squeezing in a #minhtychai day trip before I leave for another two weeks 😢

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