End of a lovely weekend...if you fancy a bit of Sunday evening scrolling the Minford shops have been updated. I promise to do the ‘mini’ ones next week. Link in bio

Saturday morning. Be so nice to stay in bed and stare at this view a bit longer but I’m shooting again today. Sunday is going to be all about the 😴

Texture overload. Oh and I want that lamp.
Interior for @thegreenwichhotel by @axelvervoordt

Everything about this is wonderful.

Vintage glassware

Last of the party spam. Those peonies though...

One day it will get decorated. Just not any time soon. Still the best bit of the building project though.

These bird candlesticks were hired. I’ve basically broken the internet trying to locate them ever since I reluctantly handed them back yesterday afternoon. Anyone who knows where I can get my hands on a pair do tell. And, if you want to know more about the table setting check out the journal now for the full down low.

We laughed ALOT and the sun shone. Happiness lies therein for me.

Although my actual birthday was over two weeks ago I’m still managing to eek out the celebrations...

Our neighbour threw some apple branches over our fence that had been overhanging into her garden. Well, her loss is our gain as I had a brainwave and decided to put them in a big pickling jar as an arrangement. Dinner for 18 this evening and I’m cooking. No big deal 🤥


Team - Friends - Group Fitness - Accountability- Fun


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I wish I knew where this was...if I did I’d be getting on a plane and lounging about on those stripy cushions in no time. In other exciting news I’ve rounded up my top 10 summer shoes over on the journal 👡

Can’t believe you’re 5 my darling Clementine 💕

Anyone heading to the beach this summer might want to check out the discovery I’ve made over on the journal. Link in bio as per usual blah blah.

A house is not a home unless it’s got a mirror ball stashed somewhere. Current conundrum - am I going the whole way and having it hanging from the ceiling? 🤔🤩

After awards ceremony Dairy Bar run!! ☀️😁🍉🍦 #MinfordDairyBar #Minford #SummerBreak #IceCream

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🔥Attention 🔥

🛥DreamboatFitness proudly presents Summer Camp - "DREAM CHASERS"

🤷‍♀️ Who - Ages 7 - 12 years old male and female.

❓ What - 1 hr fun, strength and conditioning class mixed in with functional movements, team games, and a Lesson of the Day.

📆When - Monday June 4th - August 10th Monday-Wednesday - Friday 10am

❓ How long - 10 weeks until Aug 10th - 3x a week!

⚓️ Where - Dreamboatfitness 6044 State Route 139 Lucasville, Ohio.

💰 Cost - $150 per child - 2nd child $100.

✅ Questions contact coach Matt Keeney @740- 646-6082

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Awards Ceremony Day for Second Grade!! 🎒📚🏫🎓 #Minford #SecondGrade #AwardsCeremony #SummerVibes

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