📝”For nearly 30 years I’ve been telling my patients that it’s more important to identify and remove the cause of disease than to merely “diagnose” it and give it a name... and if we do not live to our genetic capability, which is well over 120 years, there must be some obvious cause or reason for this -Dr. Eugene Pontius, N.M.D.
🔹Dr. Pontius points out that the true answer to why we have such dismal statistics for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthiritis, obesity etc., is that the poor health of this nation, or any for that matter, is caused by the systematic overcropping, overuse of chemicals and depletion of the MINERALS from our nations soils! This might be a good explanation for why he says in 1903 cancer only accounted for 3% of TOTAL U.S deaths!! While in 1990 it was responsible for 22% of total deaths.
🔹In 1950 Dr. Royal Lee said that trace mineral deficiency [evidently] can also act to impair hereditary transmission. As these trace minerals are combined into protein linkages, we can see how the nature of these foods are of vital importance.. compost gardening (organic gardening) in the building up the organic mineral levels of soil is here justified and the results explained” -Dr. Lee. 🔹if you didn’t catch that, nutrition may determine genetics!! And apparently this 50+ year old information has been ignored by the majority of farmers, politicians, bureaucrats and the medical industry.. for whatever reasons. What we put in our bodies DO matter. If the soil that our food is grown in is of poor quality, then more than likely the food will be as well, leading us to depend on mineral and vitamin supplementation for the best health.

Easily remove body toxins & various pollutants (radiation, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) with Primordial Plant Minerals!

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The customer reviews speaks for the product! #MINERALFATBURNER #WEIGHTLOSS #JOINTSUPPORT #MINERALSUPPLEMENT #HERBAL #HEALING #FIT #FITNESS visit iamwellholistics.com $20.00 + 7.00 shipping 💜💚💛💛💛💛💛

SuperMag makes a fast-absorbing magnesium beverage.

Magnesium is important for the contraction and relaxation of muscles. It also plays a role in the production and transport of energy.

Overall, magnesium is a vital component of a healthy diet. Deficiency has been implicated in a number of human diseases.

As a supplement, magnesium gluconate has the best bio-availability of all magnesium supplements. Used as an antacid, it reacts with stomach acid to increases gastric pH for relief of indigestion and heartburn. Magnesium gluconate may be used as an electrolyte replacement and laxative. In large doses, magnesium gluconate taken as an antacid or laxative can lead to elevated levels of magnesium. Mobey’s Medical Dictionary gives a high-alert drug warning for pregnant women taking magnesium gluconate. The supplement can create an osmosis effect by drawing water into intestines and causing distension and diarrhea.
Cardiovascular Benefits
Supplements of magnesium gluconate may help regulate normal blood pressure, preventing hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. The “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” reported the results of The Honolulu Heart Study stating magnesium had a strong association with blood pressure, although it was difficult to separate the exact effects from other variables.
Lower risk of Diabetes
Diabetics suffering from hyperglycemia may need to increase their magnesium intake. Magnesium helps regulate glucose and synthesize protein and fat. Findings by the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health suggest a significant inverse association between magnesium intake and diabetes risk and recommended increased consumption of magnesium-rich food. .
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❓Why is gold stake more compatible and available to cells and what makes it different from other mineral supplements? ➡️the #goldstake dietary #mineralsupplement is in the #crystalloid form. Crystalloid minerals are best because they provide powerful #electrolytes to the cells. ➡️Gold stake minerals are crystalloid vs being #colloidal .. colloidal minerals are suspended in water solutions and their particles are too large to pass through animal cell membranes, so your cells aren’t able to receive any of the benefits from a colloidal mineral. While gold stake’s crystalloid formed minerals, on the other hand, can be directly absorbed into cells bypassing the digestive process. ➡️our minerals are 83% water soluble and this is what separates gold stake from other mineral supplements. Most other supplements are only 5-10% water soluble.

Guys😍, I’m starting up another round of 🌸@flattummyco ’s Shake program💪. Its packed with 50+ fruits🍎 and vegetables 🌱, 22 vitamins 🍍and minerals 🍋 and 20 grams of plant based protein🌿, I’m so much more ENERGIZED ☇ throughout the day when I’m using them. You really should check them out, and try this for yourself. 👌✔

«Vitamin and mineral supplements: fact or fiction?»
Most popular supplements showed no benefit in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, strokes or premature deaths.
«مکمل های ویتامینی و معدنی: واقعیت یا تبلیغ؟»
اغلب مكمل هاي معدنی و ويتامين ها كه بطور شايع تجويز می شوند، تاثير چندانی بر وضعيت سلامتی ندارند. محققان دانشگاه تورنتو در يك مطالعه سيستماتيك با بررسی مقالات مرتبط در فاصله سالهای 2012 تا 2017 نشان داده اند مصرف مكمل های شايع (مولتی ويتامين، ويتامين D، ويتامينC و كلسيم) تاثير چنداني در پيشگيری از بيماري های قلبي عروقی از جمله سكته های قلبی، مغزی و مرگ زودرس ندارند. مصرف اسيدفوليک (به تنهايي يا همراه با ويتامين B) در اين خصوص موثر می باشد. مقاله مذبور در مجله Journal of the American College of Cardiology به چاپ رسيده است.
#Reference :
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I worked SO hard yesterday on keeping my kids out of the way of the move for my mother in law. I kept them at the pool all day swimming 🏊‍♀️! My body was so drained by the☀️ last night and I knew I’d be wiped out today!

To my surprise I’m up and ready for another day in the sun! This mineral supplement gets me through those days where my whole body wants to drag. 60+ trace minerals to fill the gaps? Yes!!! #mineralsupplement #sundancesea #traceminerals #alwaysthebabysitter #waitimthemom #momlife #chaoscoordinator #hotmessexpress #thehottestcoolesttimeintexas #weregoingtoschlitterbahn #momrecharged

Magnesium Oil spray supplement all stocked up @the_rusted_tulip !
. This “spray vitamin” + vitamin D supplements have made a huge difference in my mood and energy levels! It helps SO many things!

⚡️Super Conductive Ionic Minerals, 🏔Nature’s perfect Fulvic blend for the Continued Charge & Conductivity the Body needs ⚡️Ambaya Gold's liquid trace mineral solution provides 78 essential natural earth nutrients to remineralize & recharge your body and mind. Minerals hold the electrical ground⚡️S T A Y CONNECTED 💧🌎Benefits may include:* 🌱Increased core health 🌱Greater energy 🌱Enhanced mental clarity 🌱Improved muscle relaxation & contraction activity 🌱Enhanced conductivity necessary for DNA & cell to cell communication 🌱Greater metabolic functioning 🌱Increased cellular absorption 👌EnJOY 8 drops of these ancient bioavailable & balanced minerals into any food or beverage of your choice! Great for keeping any deficiencies nourished & your hormones in harmonized🌀where salt goes water flows💧☀️ Stay Connected to your BEST Self!
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🌊Happy World Ocean Day 🌊
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Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that can be used to detoxify the body from heavy metals like mercury and lead.
It also neutralises acidity in the intestines and stomach because it is naturally alkaline.
As a skincare treatment it removes toxins and irritants (for example excess oil and smog) helping to alleviate acne.
Heavy metal detox: buy Zeolite powder (not capsules or pills as they are not absorbed as well) and take 1/2 tsp with a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning.
Skincare: Mix 2 tsp of Zeolite powder with a tiny bit of water to form a creamy mud-like mixture. Apply to face. Wait for the mask to dry (around 2 minutes). Wash it off. ~Keep in mind that you need to get high quality pure Zeolite powder to get the best result.~
I really hope this will be helpful to you guys! Stay healthy and happy xx

June is #MensHealthMonth so let’s celebrate with healthy tips for our men! #TodaysHealthTip from #Allniteradio
#TakeADailyMultivitamin & #MineralSupplement. Although there is no substitute for a good diet, you should take a high-potency multivitamin & mineral supplement. Even if you are eating right, it’s unlikely that your food contains all the nutrients you need. Taking a high quality daily supplement is “health insurance” against possible deficiencies.

What you need for Winter to feel great!
Magnesium helps aches and pains, cramping, fatigue and low immunity.
Thanks Sheer perfection Carlingford, an awesome display 😘
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I have a little secret that I want to share. I suffer from really bad cramps with my monthly cycle. I was visiting my mom a few months ago and it was so bad one morning I was lying in bed in the fetal position just crying. It had been 3 days of trying to deal with these cramps. I used heating pads, yoga positions, midol, crystals, massage, nothing worked. I decided to just go sit outside - best decision I ever made. My mom's friend and neighbor saw me outside and come over. She said, "Honey what's the matter? You don't look good at all.". I told her about what was going on. She said, "I can help you if you want." "Sure. I'll give anything a try right now." So I followed her to her house. She pulled out this bottle and said "Now, you won't like the taste of this, but you only need a little (1/2 an ounce). I've taken this for the last 30 yrs of my life and trust me, it helps.". She poured me a half of a shot glass and out comes this brownish black liquid with crystals in it. I smelled it. I smelt wildflowers. I smelled it again, I smelt licorice. "Ah, what the hell? If it works....."🤷. About 30 mins later I felt my cramps slowly melting away. As the day went on, I felt increasingly better, EVERYWHERE! After a couple hours my cramps were 100% completely gone! I felt energized. I felt focused like I could think clearer. It was so amazing, that night I laid in bed and cried. I spent 3 days with agonizing pain. I was so exhausted from pain and not being able to sleep because of that pain. The flood of relief was overwhelming. Now, I can't say this is YOUR miracle in a bottle, but I certainly is mine! I now take a 1/2 ounce every morning and have gone through 3 cycles since this and have not had one single cramp. So, if you're looking to try something new, cramps or not, here's a suggestion. #km #univera #mineralsupplement #karljurak #plantbased #organic #herbs #cleanliving #menstrualcycle #menses #cramps #painrelief #allnatural

Here is one way to use Bentonite Clay ☝️☝️☝️. This clay can be used in a variety of ways externally and internally detoxing your body of toxins, pesticides and free radicals. Click link in bio for other ways to use Bentonite Clay 🤗 #nourishnurtureinspire #earthproducts #naturalbeautyhacks #diypampering #bentoniteclay #bentoniteclaymask #naturalmudmask #hairmask #claybath #bentonitebenefits #mineralsupplement #detox #healingaid #selfhealing #bodymindsoul

My morning regimen of #CleanLivingProducts that has helped me feel my best and perform at the top level. ❎ My #SportBiocell is used for many reasons. ✔ Promotes healthy tendons, joints, and reduces joint discomfort. ✔ fuels physical and mental focus in or out of the gym. ✔ Enhances muscle tone. ✔ Supports energy, stamina and mental focus.
My favorite thing about #SportBiocell is NSF certified for sport. Meaning, the formula manufacturing process and facility have been cleared for over 150 banned substances. It's also recognized by the #NFL #MLB #PGA #NCAA and much more. ❎ My #Trim has many benefits. ✔ Supports fat metabolism, ✔ inhibits cellular fat storage. ✔ Restores youthful skin. ✔ Supports healthy haor6, nails, gums and eyes. ✔ zero sugar.
The best part about this product is it includes a multi-Patented, award winning collagen/ha matrix technology to promote youthful skin and flexible joints. ❎ the #BestTasting supplement you will ever have is #AloeVeraSupport. ✔ contains naturally occurring electrolytes. ✔ natural honey to aid digestive regularity and provides digestive support. ✔ made with pure organic aloe Vera.
We all know what this product does on the outside of our bodies. Imagine the amazinness it does on the inside now. All while promoting good digestion, healthy cellular functioning and a clean intestinal track. ❎ This #MineralSupplement fills important nutritional gaps because modere diets can lack keg nutrients. It provides our body with essential amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals harvested from ancient Sundance sea salt mines. 😲
Instead of taking a vitamin pack everyday and forcing them down, here is your alternative. In a bottle. ✔ over 30 million bottles sold around the world. ✔ 60 plus trace minerals to round out your diet. ✔ vegetarian and gluten free. ✔ antioxidants to help guard against minor inflammation. ❎ This #HawaiianNoni is packed full of blueberries, raspberries and momordica fruit for a taste you won't believe. 🤔 for thousands of years, Polynesians have used noni to benefit nearly every part of the body. Made with pure noni fruit from Hawaii. Providing an incredible array of phytonutrients.

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