Fun things are happening over at the tiny house 🙌🏻 let the decorating begin ❤️

Thank you @paperwhitesinteriors for making my dining room, Oh so much happier! 💙💚💙 light: @visualcomfortco | chairs: @ballarddesigns | lamps: @shopthemine | mirror: @potterybarn | table and sideboard are vintage | wallpaper: @thibaut_1886
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“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way” Edward De Bono. Discovered this northwest furniture line while creating a pop-up shop space for @styled_seattle & @shopthemine awhile back. #lovewhereyoulive*
PC: Krogstad Photography*
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Home - what does it mean to you ?? When we built our first home we were 3 years into our relationship {22 years old } with a TON to learn.
We had rented and lived together- but when we started building we knew we needed to be on site to supervise the project so we moved into a Travel trailer {27 feet long} with all sorts of issues <but hey it was free and we had our first real loan> we lived in the trailer from September - February and saying it was awful is an understatement. We talked about selling the house and splitting up. —in the end remembering/getting away and taking time for each other was what got us through {thank you mom for the ocean weekend}
Once we finally got in the house in quickly became HOME — it was ours, our hard work, our blood, sweat and a whole lotta tears made it into what is is today.
We grew as a couple — we grew as a family — we grew our skills, our patience, our ideas and dreams.
Today when I think about getting ready to sell our first HOME the meaning behind home is different —
HOME can be anywhere as long as you are with the ones you LOVE, you feel that calm welcoming feeling when you get there and somewhere deep inside you know this is it ❤️ I’m at HOME.
So as you quickly approach the move into our new HOME {the tiny house } all the lessons we have learned along the way I will reflect on and be sure to remember that will any dream/goal — the struggles and hard work may be difficult but the reward is oh so sweet !!

I’ve been rethinking the idea that we should own “complete” sets of china. Who says? The only things we really use are plates (and sometimes bowls). So why not buy a few sets of plates and go crazy with dinners? Variety over quantity? Yes please. So I bought these beauties for a song, came home and put them on my $3 thrift store tablecloth and felt like I was channeling @eddieross a tiny bit. The weather turned cold again, but it’s springtime on our table. 🤗🌷#minefinds

Somewhat of a productive Sunday AND had a good nap. Trying to get this house back together after a month in the hospital. And with a million new baby things, it’s proving harder than ever. But I wouldn’t change it for a thing. ☺️💕
Shop my photos by following me in the @liketoknow.it app. http://liketk.it/2voop #liketkit #LTKhome

When you match your door.... ☺️ 💕 Happy Sunday!
http://liketk.it/2vhuh @liketoknow.it #liketkit

Counting down the days 💕👶🏼🌿. .
Thank you @laurenmichellestudios for capturing this moment so beautifully. #37weeks

Turquoise finds ! Here are some nice pics and the cuff sold already !! #nativejewelry #turquoise #jayking #minefinds #sterlingandturquoise #coraljewelry #etsy

I spy some noisy neighbors watching us as we worked on the #tinyhouse tonight —— 5 of the big family were standing and staring 😂👀👀🦌 #mapleberryfarms

First barn door boe ever built, - milled from trees from our property ❤️made with love + also the first wall that we shiplapped in this house.

What’s on your to-do list this weekend? We are here to help you get your home spring ready and we are prepared with tons of planters to bring a little life inside! 🌿💙 Or grab a pre-planted one from @thecoastalsucculent #gatheredgroup

Gathering some morning inspo from @voguemagazine ✌🏻 no joke, this is where I really spend most of my day working, PJs and all! ❤️ Is anyone else weird like me and enjoy working from bed?? 😂 (click on photo for my home decor details) @shopthemine #minefinds #bedroominspo #styleonedge #spon

Raise your hand if you want to pull up a stool to this kitchen 🙋🏼‍♀️ #gatheredgroup #gatheredinteriors #clientstationone

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Genuine #8 turquoise and Sterling silver adjustable ring, cuff bracelet and Pendent set https://etsy.me/2ItRx2T or click link on my Bio . #pendent #minefinds #sterlingsilver ##8 #jewelery

The sun is out and it’s time to lighten up your home! 🌼 Shop #minefinds linked in our bio for a warm weather update.

When you have friends that are literally dream makers — and make you the most beautiful planters for your birthday {that you have been dreaming of making and had on the “todo” list for like the last 8months} @kyky003 you and Rick are amazing thank you !!! #obsessed #inlove

Hello gorgeous Easter flowers 💕 If you’d like to keep yours looking fresh, try out these simple tips I learned while taking a floral class: - Remove all the leaves from the flowers - Trim the stems at an angle daily -Replace the water (and add a flower food packet) every two days
Ever since I started doing this, I’ve noticed my flowers lasting at least two weeks! Happy Saturday, guys! 🌸 .
Room details linked through @liketoknow.it : http://liketk.it/2vcK0 #liketkit

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